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Rubi Sandoval
Rubi Sandoval
1 day ago

The devil smiled while he comforted me from his own hell.

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Devin Ortiz
Devin Ortiz
1 day ago

I rarely hear the Trumpets now
The singing bellows of quelling sound
Which tame the Beast, I fear inside
His hypnotic trance, is a Demon's cry

I cannot see the Painter's wrath
Brushstrokes raging down forbidden path
Long forgotten, but forever known
His sinister smile breaks day when shown

I know not the Cinder's smell
The Kindling Madness of an ancient spell
Ash inhaled of perfect ruin,
His incantation of evil is brewing

I dare not taste the Wicked's Cuisine
Dark nectars twist the tongue of Fiends
Bellies full of Nightmare's tears
His fruition comes through pain and jeers

I reach to touch the Devil's Hand
Three of a kind and a master plan
To call the bluff or submit and fold
His reign begins, free will already sold

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2 days ago

an angel for soul
a devil for an heart; you
took me to heaven,
and made me fall my way down,
and it hurt like hell, you see.

a tanka is a form of 5 lined Japanese poem like haiku save for more syllables that goes in the order of: 57577.
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Aaron Lexy
3 days ago

If I ever get the chance to meet the devil
I only want to ask him one thing

"What is it like to suffer immortality?"

The devil resides within us.
That devil is pleasure,
That devil is temptation,
That devil has no cure.
That devil cannot be exorcised,
That devil is angel in disguise
With wings as long as its lies.
Its halo as black as the actions it wishes upon us
For its eyes conceal the gateway to its soul.
A soul created in the depths of hell
With a dash of pity;
Pity allowing the host to remember they are descendants of good,
With the thought process of the devil
And the intentions of God.

Take this how you want.
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Ben Jr
Ben Jr
Jan 10

I'm flying blind,
Into a raging storm,
Its worth if I'd leave you behind,
And in the end find myself home,

I'd beat the thundering clouds,
I'd take on the vast open seas,
Its my chance for a clean out,
"Baby you won't ever see me",

"Mayday mayday"
I'd take the devil instead of you,
I don't want another second in your sight,
That's how much I need to get away from you,

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Jan 7

Not even
the devil himself
can outrun
his own demons.

#sad   #life   #depressed   #demons   #devil   #run  

Finding God in the deepest sins
Hiding the way that devil wins
Humans are allowed to be bad
Humours are allowed to be sad
Losing God time that we are clean
Choosing Devil to forever dream
Angels don't want but betray to God
Strangers love you with your sin squad

Angels say goodbye to the heaven
You'll enter this Hell only as a felon
Angels fell in love with devil and gone bad
Forgot worshiping God forverr and gone mad
Angels are dressed in sins
Not a white dress
Entering hell with devils
With high distress

Bad angels worship
You lost God when you were clean
Found him late in your deepest sins
Bad angels worship
How is hell with devil can you dream?
While devil smiles to God cause he wins....

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I always loved my grandmother
As most young boys do
She held me tight
Singing in her terrible voice
Sharing her world with me
I still recall peeling fresh apples
As we mixed and mashed for pie

When age overcame her,
When her body betrayed her,
When I was not there
When wounds are eternally fresh

Age came for me too,
With it, a swell of dark secrets
Ones of devils, so close to home
I wondered, what person could dwell
With family, in a home, here in hell
A grandafather I never knew, forked tongue
And perversions in the brain
His grave forgotten, while his scars remained

Perhaps she did the best she could
Turning a blind eye against a fiend
But as closed doors reveal themselves
A twisting vine of hate creeps and crawls
Sinking its roots in memories skewed
In rose colored glasses, as I unshaken gaze
Into the endless ripples of repercussions

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