Tyler Owen Cox
Tyler Owen Cox
5 hours ago

Welcome home
From the porch you could see
As you sit next to me
And the jittery dog
One side of the sky with clouds waterlogged
The other with cold beams of Light
Spilling through from a great height
Energy through the air
Going to and coming from nowhere

Welcome home
To this great valley
Where the wind goes through your hair
Like familiar fingers
Tensing along your scalp
Where the slopes are steep
To keep you from leaving
Where the bones of your past
Hold the ground up from falling to the Earth's core
Where the winds of your future
Feel like chilly ghosts
Sapping you of heat
Where the quietness of your current self
Echoes through the people you love most

I see you lying on the grass
Naked and vulnerable
Let me lay my hand upon you
To cover you from this storm
Shake no more in this treeless valley
Between the insurmountable slopes

First poem
Devin Ortiz
Devin Ortiz
1 day ago

I drink deep from the reservoirs beneath her tulips
Soft is my sweet demise,
As I follow her eyes
To the cherry blossoms,
And that babbling brooks
Reassuring me, that I'm far away home.

I smile, with sun kissed cheeks
For when the music drifts away like distance
The tenderness of words on my ears
Rewrite all of this pain into poetry

#words   #home   #sun   #time   #music   #muse   #writers   #block   #distance  

They've given me a new drug that helps me sleep
Because I only got a couple hours this week
My best friend says I shouldn't rely on the dope but
Truly it's the only thing that gives me hope
And I'm sorry if I look like I've been falling apart
But last night I got too drunk at my old boyfriends apartment
And we only broke up cause he's an asshole
And I can't take constant annoying harassment
To be honest I'd rather be on my own
By they say a home alone isn't a fucking home

-E (c) 2017

2 days ago

I'm in a beautiful place,
a place where the wind blows and the people smile,
the trees sway and time flies.

I am where I thought I wanted to be,
then what is this crushing feeling that won't let me breathe?

i wanted to leave home, but now i miss it so dearly
#love   #life   #home   #up   #beautiful   #rhyme   #growing   #sick   #umrika  
Liza Ann Marie
Liza Ann Marie
2 days ago


A single word can fill you
With a thousand feelings
And memories.
Some are warm, happy,
Fuzzy feelings that you enjoy;
Others... not so much.
Yelling, pain, insults;
Dysfunction, blame, guilt.
But "family" is not always
The same thing as home.
Sometimes home is a person,
Who makes you feel loved.
They make you feel wanted
And secure in their embrace.
They give you those happy, fuzzy
Feelings and light thoughts
On your dark days.
And you, my friend...
You are home to me.

February 25, 2017.
Inspired by some of friends that have helped me through my hardest times. Thank you Mer and Will. If you ever see this, know that I love you both so much.
#sad   #home   #happy   #friend   #wanted  
Randy Johnson
Randy Johnson
2 days ago

When my family and I moved into this house in 1977, Dad was our patriarch.
For four decades I have lived in a subdivision that is called Crosby Park.
Today I've lived in this subdivision for forty years.
I was only five years old when I moved here.
When a person lives at a place for that many years, it fits like a glove.
This is where I'll live for the rest of my life and it's a place that I love.
I'll tell you why my place means more to me than it did just ten years ago.
It's because this place is now mine and there's no place like home.

Where is this road taking me ?
Is the end of my journey..

your home ?

#home #love #marriage
#love   #home   #marriage   #hearts  
Tolani Agoro
Tolani Agoro
4 days ago

I love this boy
I really do love this boy
Nothing and no one can tell me I don't
Nothing and no one can tell me I can't
Oh how good it feels to be in love
Not just the begging mushy part
The parts that matter
The happy parts
The sad parts
Just being in your arms is wonderful
It's beautiful
It's home...

#love   #home   #boyfriend   #happy   #mushy  
Alisa Lindley
Alisa Lindley
4 days ago

The world is an ocean.
Beautiful swirling
rip tides of brilliance
That ebb and flow with the graces of the moon,
caressing the ancient sands of time...

White caps spray grit in the wrinkles of the weathered...
...launch young hands from the deck
to brave the battering waves-
yet calm reigns beneath the surface.
Peace eternal;
Serene depths;

Gasping for air, breaching
the Surface.
No longer visible yet tranquility, shrouded, remains
ff you
                                for a moment.
it sings to you.

The world seems like a storm but once buzzing bustle shed,
the lull of Mother's lullaby
can be clearly heard.


kw'ótl'kwa means ocean in the Halqu'eméylem language of the Coast Salish people of Vancouver Island.
#first   #metaphor   #home   #earth   #ocean   #nations  
Keyana Brown
Keyana Brown
5 days ago

Here you go again
getting on about
Talking about
that townhouse.

I felt like a caged mouse
there's a way in, but...
no way out.

Blood stained walls
Cracked floors
Should I say more!?
Creepy neighbors
Meddling bugs
Enough, now hush!

Why the townhouse?!
Why the townhouse?!

Just why?

Thinking about that house
gives me nightmares
don't you want our family safe?
Do you even care?

A townhouse where
a husband and wife
wish for more money
and not enjoying life
where the children
are spoiled rotten
and they cry
all the time.

So stop mentioning
that townhouse
one more word
and you are out
Where we are now
is perfectly fine
don't say it again
don't waste my time.

I'll stay and live here
because I'm nourished
You can go out there
as I watch you...
flourish...back into
the townhouse.

There is a lot things that says about you and it's not just your personality. It's your house and if you don't like where your at don't hesitate to leave.
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