1 day ago

I sing the tune of my life alone.
I was born that way, so I do so.
But now that I'm an adult and grown
The melody soars, my breath is slow
The song falters, though I try to sing
The beat of the world goes fast
My voice breaks, and my ears start to ring
With how I let the rhythm fly past.

Through the noise I can see in the crowd
Some partners in crime, catching lost breath
Some others like me, who cannot sing loud
Trying their best to live, not escape death.
So we join hands, and start once again
It gets easier meeting the beat
Different tunes with a common refrain
Different paths within the same fleet.

#life   #music   #choir  

A baby awake
lulled and rocked gently to sleep
by mother's heartbeat

A baby's first song
#first   #mother   #music   #heartbeat   #song   #baby  
Poetic T
Poetic T
1 day ago

Acoustic vibrations release the tethers
of a wanting, the music releases the
inhibitions of oneself to the climax
of melodies awakening.

Then there is just the oscillation upon the
part of ones freed individuality that feels
ever motion that washes over individuality
and a mind tingles, freed of shackled reality.

Rhyme weaves upon the curves of all that
it wonders over, opening the realization of
freedom upon the resonance of awaking.
"A mind is freed with melodies weaving,

have you ever noticed that tingle in your mind when playing a certain song and how it makes you feel happier
#music   #chill   #form   #resonace   #freddom  
Sienna Luna
Sienna Luna
2 days ago

Quiet and gentle

this apparition

of caring about

the wind and how

it howls through

the air at top speeds.

Quiet and gentle

this space inside me

when music isn't playing

when silence calms the mind.

Quiet and gentle

this clean atmospheric

liberation front

canton of rhetoric feelings

theoretically seeming

just in its cause.u

#quiet   #music   #air   #wind   #abstract   #gentle   #apparition  

There's a feeling some music
Gives a person in the morning
Driving to work or grabbing coffee
Early before the sun , naked
In their kitchen, in the mess
Last night was a long one, they whisper
It's the music that makes you feel -
When you close your eyes,
Singing along with your heart,
As if you had just walked into
A room full of old friends & new ones
They cheer as you walk in
Because it's been a while this time
But you haven't skipped a beat
The music plays louder in your head
You start moving them shoulders
The headache isn't so bad anymore
-You take a look of the view outside-
They 're all happy to see you
The music gets even louder now
So you scream aloud, "Oooh OOooh!"
"Oohh ohh ohhh ohhh"
You throw around the stones
And nobody gets hurt, so you dance on
Taking in the misery, glory, and truth
They all hold up their glass in anticipation
She comes up to you with a smile,
"Oh baby why you wait so long?"
You take a look around your place
Realizing how many memories we got
Shit, it ain't gonna hurt too bad

2 days ago

Electric despair
Just a fraction
A hit of desire

Supply and demand
Trading peace for the land
Starting fires

It's nothing of news
It rots and pollutes
It mocks what you do
It's ready to shoot
Doesn't care who was there
Media covered the truth

No mans land

Snuffing the come up
I live for the underhand jobs
I'm a mob boss
I need a cough drop
Choking on the reasons
History repeating stand down

The stench of division
Clouding my vision
So loud indecision
Surrounds my conviction
Rendering me as a corpse
Send all my hobbies up north
Where it's going down
So poised
With a corpse to throw
Self love
Plus more room to grow
Oh so bold
Must be snorting that pale moon glow
Must be chugging that everclear
Must be clutching that heart so dear
What a life
Yet I'm gonna get it right

Oh god
Can you hear me out
From whom did you learn all your lessons
Tested I figured you ad libbed the message
I'm out to find what the silence is betting

So petty
So don't test me
War ready
With the goal on flexing
I run the patience of clocks
Outliving haters a personal hobby
Spited to death
Kill cam is lit fam
Ex lady thinking
Nigga I don't really give a damn
Never made a baby
Always played the run around


Sorry about that
But what am I to do
When that ass so fat
Got me hella in the mood
When you let me see it clap

I got an eigth of shrooms
I'm tryna make it bloom
A blunt to match
Some room to move
Stratosphere blazing as we cloud the room
Last year faded off the ought to do
While I sit here waiting for my star to shoot

Topsy turvy
Match the gloom
In a vile plume as I engage the noose
Hopeful boy taking polaroids
Everlasting days
Never lasting joys

Come on

Just blast away
Growing pains from my defeat
Burned at stakes from past mistakes
Ambition bathed in flames

Ascension know my name
Lotus petals
I craft on broken glass
This bastard built to last

Sitting in the drivers seat
Laughing at my lack of drive
The taste of irony
Hinting at my suicide
This right here is do or die
Scared of heights
Grit teeth and fly
Copped me some stolen wings
Deceit no thang to me
Yet I still can't sleep
Relax my mind
Third eye still crooked why
Bad batch of LSD
What the hell you want from me

Lamentations of the soul
Cascading broken notes
Wretched lessons I provoke
The wailings of a lonely ghost

Praying karma takes me home
Been wayward from the start
        Been wayward from the start
Chasing shadows thinking stars were mine to handle
I've learn reality's a gale of sin
And I'm the candle
Now watch as I unravel

Mary Scott
Mary Scott
2 days ago

I got sick of comparing you to drugs
that did no justice to the high I felt each time you held me
and juxtaposing ,
you to a sunset was bullshit
I feared I could not capture all your colors in words
what the fuck do I compare you to?
You swallowed me whole and let me crumble in front of you,
you digested me until you were sick and spit me out like dip,
I got sick of comparing you to songs,
I didn't want you stuck in my head anymore
and juxtaposing you to shattered glass didn't pick up the pieces on the floor from when I could not articulate the hurt in my heart and
threw all the god damn picture frames against the plaster wall,
I got sick of comparing you to a missed phone call,
because at least then you'd give me enough attention to ignore it,
juxtaposing you to the sunset was bullshit because you never stuck around long enough to really sink in

#drugs   #summer   #music   #breakup   #angry   #sunset   #glass   #draft   #random   #freeverse  
Rachel Smith
Rachel Smith
3 days ago

I know this sound,
I’ve heard it before.
As my feet sway to the beat,
It makes my heart sore.

I know this, My brain thinks,
As my feet dance to the beat.
As my ears hear the song.
I am free.

Where? Where?
Where have I heard this glorious tune,
As my feet continue to dance,
as if they were always meant to.

The song sounds familiar,
but I can’t remember.
It bothers me as I feel the beat.

I have a feeling,
a glimpse of a memory,
that I have done this before.

Muscle memory guides me,
as I waltz flawlessly.
All across the ballroom floor.

Thinking back to years prior,
I have come to desire,
the perfect memory and brainpower
others withhold in their head.

It bothers be so,
much more than I show,
as I glide and leap and dance.

I imagine where in my past
Where’ve I had such a blast,
as where I can feel the beat and sore.
Up and around this perfect dancing floor.

I end the dance,
with a nod and a glance,
to where the music if from.
He nods at me as I leave,
his face upholding a look of glee,
as he knows the name of the song I hum.

I forget what song I danced to,
I forget the words I heard,
I forget what beat I danced to,
but tomorrow I dance to it once more.

I remember nothing,
but remember everything.
Like my someone put my memory on mute.

I have no worry and I have no strife,
because I’ve named the mystery song in my head.
It seems only fitting,
to end at the beginning,
and name it what it is.

My Personal Song.
My Glorious Tune.
The Beat that Wakes my Muscles.

My Lovely and Divine,
My Shimmer and Shine,
My Heartbeat that Soars through the sky.

My Sound so Familiar To Me.

Do not Steal Please
I see this as a Dancer who loves a Song, but can't remember any aspect of the song unless the song is playing. Then she dances like a master because her body knows the song better than her mind does.
#dance   #music   #familiar   #sound  
4 days ago

The guitar makes my heart sing in melody,
giving me a remedy of specialty.
Somehow it calls to me desperately,
telling me endlessly its my destiny.

The guitar and I have chemistry,
Somehow the guitar is a legacy.
The music of the guitar makes me breathless,
making me feel weightless.

I feel light-headed to be exact,
its making me relaxed.
This attraction,
this passion,
Its electrifying.
Its what I dreamed for, for so long.


#happiness   #music   #escape   #guitar   #cure  
4 days ago

Mile after mile
I'm tapping with my foot on the rythm of the trafficsigns
But also on the beat of the music coming from the radio
With my eyelids I blink the light away from me
I'm letting the silence get to me
The sound of people talking from the seats in front of me
Disappears in the sound of the rain

I'm a poet under influence
Thinking of the good old days

I wrote this in dutch when i was completely wasted
#drunk   #rain   #music   #driving   #car   #drive  
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