I wanna fall into a life of music and despair.

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Why do you do the things you do

You ask.

But I'm stuck
on the beat of your words.
One syllable quips
following one another.
And I
         Pushed aside, you tremble.
My smile doesn't help.
I was a fool to think it ever did,
in circumstances such as these.
But to be fair, I haven't done
anything wrong.
I was only asked why I am...
And to that, I have no answer.
Better to speculate.
Because the heavy lifting
required would be better if
you backed out.
Lest you through your back out.

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Vincent JFA
Vincent JFA
1 day ago

Something of another realm
appeared before me some nights
on a small break to Brooklyn;
he was crooning by the bar
some love songs dragged out
of a wormhole in the cosmos,
and he saved my mind.
and the funny thing about
finding Heaven, is that you never
really do, until one day you catch it
swigging a beer from the corner of your eye,
and the lights in the bar
start to look warmer than they did
when you first walked in.

I wrote this about meeting the lead singer of a band at the Rough Trade in Brooklyn. While we were talking about his music over e-mail a few months prior, he gave me free tickets for the show as a thanks for supporting their music.

My cousin drove out to Brooklyn with me, and when we got there an hour later, we had just found out it was a 21+ show, so he couldn't get in the stage area. My cousin had told me to go see the band, and that he could wait in the car, since he was exhausted from work anyway. So after I went in the stage area, I ordered a beer at the bar, and from the corner of my eye, recognized the lead singer. I was so clumsy talking to him, since I find him attractive and it was my first time meeting a musician, but he was so great and made me feel comfortable with being honest about how much I love his music. His presence was just really sweet and relaxing to be around. He and his bandmates were so kind, genuine and thoughtful. When I told him about my cousin, he felt bad and gave me a copy of their vinyl to give to him, which was heartwarming to me.

Tu'er Shen, also known as The Rabbit God or The Leveret Spirit, is the Chinese deity that safeguards homosexual affections. His name stuck out to me when I was reflecting on the night I met the singer, and the band's music overall; how mercurial and ethereal it is, while being so simple, mellow and tender. That feeling meeting him, watching him sing, there was a comforting air about it all; it was one of those few times in my life where I had a strong fondness for an acquaintance I just met, where it was a nice feeling to just bask in, even if I didn't do anything about it. I just felt somewhere safe and sweet in all the music, all the while feeling this sense of being in touch with my Higher Self, experiencing a higher place right where I was existing for a moment in time.
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Angie S
Angie S
1 day ago

We meek children took the stage like we
borrowed it. I approached the grand piano,
and, asking for its acceptance of my novice hands,
seated myself before it. To my immediate right,
prepared for some unknown challenge,
waited our band, our rhythm and melody. Arms raised,
fingers gently hovering over keys and strings, we
eyed our cue and took it.
Three songs turned us from an uncertain bunch to a
formidable combination. We stole that stage
(as best as any high school combo could do),
and suddenly the stage lights didn’t feel so hot;
those lights shined for us. I left that piano
as a princess leaves a crowd in awe.
We proved superior.

my combo and i went to jazz fest and earned a superior rating. that felt really nice. we were good enough. we are good enough. i am good enough
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Tieran Nickel
Tieran Nickel
1 day ago

Making music, even
Under the hardest circumstances, because
Sound and rhythm are what keeps their universe
In motion. All the possible
Combinations of notes and beats joining
In unison and harmoniously pulsing
And sending electricity through their veins,
Never ceasing to amaze.

Paul Butters
Paul Butters
2 days ago

They’ll be rockin’ in Heaven
Down St. Peter’s Gate Way.
Chuck Berry passed over,
But he still can play.

True King of Rock,
He’ll live for evermore.
And he’ll keep duck walking,
Along that golden shore.

His guitar keeps twanging,
Wah wah tlang tang tang.
Ya want a Showman?
Chuck’s still yer man.

He died at ninety.
It was very sad.
But now he’s up there,
I’m sure that God is glad.

He’ll love that Rock N Roll Music,
Chuck’s sense of humour too.
A touch of Devil also,
When he sings the blues.

So all you Saints and Angels,
You better move and hurry,
For they all want to dance with
That amazing Chuck Berry.

Paul Butters

For my greatest musical Hero. With echoes of "Sweet Little Sixteen"......
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RL Glassman
RL Glassman
2 days ago

A waltz, I dance, delightful
A second or so in song
A duet, I dance in nightfall
The Music plays on and on...

A smiles grows fast, inching
On careful and gentle mouth
Spin me, turning, falling
Oh, dare I say I laugh!

The memory lasts lifetimes
The moment lived just one
Alone I dance a duet
I Waltz with no one!

Hold me nearer, close
Music in my ears
I remember not how long it lasted
Months, minutes, years!

Listen to the voices playing
A skip in my flighty heart
I can't, I can't, I am unable
To leave, to be apart

I live within and stay
Here for however long
Days may pass by the moon
But the music still plays on!

A dancing hand touches,
Moves like a bird
In flight it bats it's wings
Dancing like spoken word

It casts a shadow on my face
Where hidden answers lie
I dance a duet with none by me
As days and lifes go by

In this moment, an eternity
Somewhere the music plays on,
And I am still dancing, happy

One of my favourites from 2017. So far.

Written Feb 2nd 2017
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Alyssa knight
Alyssa knight
2 days ago

There's a song
I can't listen to it now
It was my favorite
I remember
That night
I heard you sing it
I looked at you
And at that moment
I realized I was in love with you
That same night you told me
You loved me
And now....
You left yesterday
You told me sorry so many times
You feel bad
But don't
But yesterday...
I was crying
I calmed down a little after
That's when I saw the stuffed animal
you gave me
For Valentine's Day
And I started crying again
I was listening to music
Trying to go to sleep
That song
This town-Niall Horan
Started to play
I burst out crying
Music has always been a part of me
But now
I can't listen to it
Cuz every song
Reminded me of you
And it hurts to know
your not mine
I hate the thought
Of you with someone else
It makes me want to kill myself
just knowing
I may not ever be yours again

#love   #heartbreak   #music  
Kelsey Humphrey
Kelsey Humphrey
2 days ago

I want music so loud it hurts and
I want the headphones shoved up against my ear drums and
I want the bass in line with the beat of my heart and
I want you to be honest with me

30 to 100 the stereo is pumping
The lyrics are the only sincere thing in this room
Music doesn’t lie to you

I don’t know you but I know the words to this song
No I never knew you
Turn up the volume if you’re not going to speak

Music doesn’t lie to me

Danielle L Cook
Danielle L Cook
2 days ago

I'm done /writing/
    about you
Instead I'll listen to the songs
That make me /believe/
     they must've met you, too

last one I swear
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