Kelly Ichinose
Kelly Ichinose
18 minutes ago

Spring mornings
In a sunny cemetery
Watching your farmer's hands.
As you talk about the earth
And the music of life
We eat our breakfast.
You will instruct me on
The importance of silence.
That music is the stillness
Between our sounds.
That life is the soft breathing
Between our footsteps.

February 15, 2017
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Jon Po Dom
Jon Po Dom
16 hours ago

Music in the air
Drinking, Dancing
Joyous laughter
Salsa flows
African Beats
Africa in Me

One, Two, Three
We feel free
Four, Five, Six
Moving to the mix
Seven, Eight, Nine
Spin her around
See her smile
Hair spills all over
A twinkle in her;
Eyes, bright
African Beats
African in Me

Love for our roots
A song that unites
All peoples
Everyone is kind
All cultures
No one left behind
We are all one
Thanks to those
African Beats

JM 10/4/16

#dance   #fun   #music   #joy   #drink   #song   #rhythm   #africa   #beat   #salsa  
1 day ago

Everyday her pain is becoming worst.
It's a rolling avalanche, one day ready to explode.
Yet she smiles and choose to live her life.
Forgetting how things beat the shit out of her heart with a pipe.
Still she choose to hope that someday someone will come by with a good playlist at hand.
Music blasting, words that sound promising, filling the hole in her once whole heart.

#love   #music  
1 day ago

It comes on
and he laughs and you laugh nervously along.
(This song saved your life.)
The radio blares the butt of the latest joke, but songs
aren't allowed to save lives any more so you keep quiet.
Music isn't a cure, and The Cure have been long out of style and
it happened
before anyone had ever heard of Twenty One Pilots anyway and
since long before Rose killed herself with a twenty pill crash diet.
it happened
but he laughs and you laugh nervously along.
Those chords saved your life
But "can you believe we
ever listened
to this song?"

The sunset looks beautiful with the windows rolled down
and you wonder how you ever survived this long, anyway.

#music   #song   #radio   #car   #thecure  
1 day ago

lover, love her-
keeper, keep her.

for it won't
come again.

#love   #heart   #pain   #world   #dark   #people   #music   #author  
Grace Jordan
Grace Jordan
2 days ago

When I was 15 I had no real friends, and that was okay. Being shut up alone inside was fine as long as I didn't give myself time to think. I had some laughs, and I had classmates, and I wrote and wrote and wrote and it was alright.

But then the damn boy had to sing.

Not just musically, though god knows he did that wonderfully too. He sang to me with his weirdness and brains and odd duck humor that I relished in.

We even really met in a musical, as poetic as it is.

I spent every afternoon around him, and I thought he just laughed back at me in his confident, beautiful, lyrical way. I was a little in love with him.

One day I found myself shouting at him about being prying, and him at me for being secretive, and somehow it ended with me telling him that he was my secret. That the way I could close my eyes and picture the road map of his heart through the words that he sang was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

It was the first day I ever heard him stutter.

After some awkward verbal fumblings and confused wires, we collided, two insecure children thinking we were artistic adults. We saw ourselves as some grand creative romance when really we were two weird kids finding infatuation under bright stage lights.

After a few weeks more stumbling, and harsh words around, that initial fizzling collision just kept on colliding until our heads were jostled a little too well.

I broke his heart in a high school hallway, only a month after we began.

Like the artist he was, he poetically asked me for a final kiss before letting me go.

Also, poetically, it ended up not being our final kiss at all. But trust me, despite my desperation to try the collisions and passion again, he made sure that second final kiss really was the last.

That was the end of our love story.

#love   #story   #music   #school   #sing   #high   #artist  
2 days ago

If you hear a pang,
and a whiny twang,
a dull thud
and offensive slang
please, don't be afraid;
it's just me,
trying to figure this damn thing out.

In my head, it sounds so good
#music   #struggle   #banjo  
Raquel Butler
Raquel Butler
3 days ago

Ever since you came along
their light has dimmed
you are the sun.

My mind is chock-full of
love and literature
of music recommendations
of sleepless nights
of happiness and admiration,
and you
oh always of you.

don't ask me if this is about you (1/1/17)
#love   #sad   #hate   #anxiety   #sleep   #happy   #music   #you   #ok   #literature  
3 days ago

interpretive dancing is so frowned upon
mostly because we cannot understand why
one would just twist around in a simple stretch
and call it "autumn", and call it "art"
they're not worthy of the meager tips we throw
into the ratty old hat by their feet
why'd they choose to do that?

death metal is so frowned upon
mostly because we cannot understand why
one would just scream loudly into a microphone
and call it "there's a reason you're single", and call it "music"
they're not worthy of the meager shows they put on
in the ratty old bars and backyards in their neighborhoods
why'd they choose to do that?

poetry is so frowned upon
mostly because we cannot understand why
one would bother with frilly words and weird phrases
and call it "social commentary", and call it "good"
they're not worthy of the meager attention they get
in the ratty old clothes they wear, or their ratty old minds
why'd they choose to do that?

the little nub you use to scroll on desktop computers on this computer is broken or something. remember y'all, there's more to success than monetary gain.
#poetry   #art   #beauty   #music   #success   #wealth   #humanities  
Dougie Simps
Dougie Simps
4 days ago

Told myself I'd keep this quite a never speak on it again
But it's way past the point of enemies to friends
I feel the heat of the bullets they shoot at me and forgot to wear my vest
Learned you gotta endure the hate regardless!
Even if you showcase everything that is ya best
Let me start with every woman - I remain distant
Apparently my masculine formula is the receipt of loves strong resistances
And it come with locked bars with 3 shots of pain
1 is my undefined emotions
2 is I'd rather not say their names
3 is everything wrong with my mind
So I guess 4 would be shame
Shame of what it is that i demonstrate as I embrace hate of myself for letting go of the hand of faith
Cause you wanted me to gamble on a hand I didn't wanna play
You grew colder over time and started running away
Dont get to flattered cause with beauty comes disaster
It's how you come out of it that's all that really matters
Tryna survive in a white world while my other half doesn't matter
I've beat down myself for months and months
If I don't come out clean with this I'd f$&kin; erupt
I'm beyond past the point of trying to please my family and friends
I wonder how y'all feel if you seen my mortality abruptly come to an end
Y'all need to think a lil more about when you approach me for discussion
Because a smile could be broken and my brain insanely corrupted
But that's nor here nor that and don't dare ask me questions
Cause unless ya name is god I refuse to give you any confessions
This just a pen of the top and a writing to ease my soul
Feel the condensation from my breath as I  naturally speak real cold
I embrace being a killer and more so undefined
Just after 27 years I finally enjoy my unfinished design
The build up will kill you if you think holding it in is the answer
And the truth will set you free but lies kill ya slow like cancer
Thinking "so many questions"
Never enough answers
Maybe I need clarity from one of my past dancers
Maybe the angels are singing and the melody soothes my heart
Maybe I get off in ripping everyone apart
Maybe I'm a lair and my bad guy act will soon expire
Maybe I'm open minded but misery I just hired
Maybe this is all a front and I command some attention
Maybe I left out her name cause pathetic doesn't deserve a mention
Maybe I'm smarter than you know and I'm 2 steps ahead of ya
Maybe I'm real dumb and can't understand any of ya
Maybe it's a diversion and I'm waiting on my conversion to turn into the moment that no one thought was certain
Well close the curtains
Cause I'm done with this and my pens dried up
I'm tired of pretending to care and give anymore f$&ks;
This isn't a threat nor a warning
That style kinda gets boring
This a piece letting the world know your bullish!t I'll be ignoring
Cause I worked on myself and will continue to do so forever - for me
I just need y'all to stop and let simply do me
Cause I ain't causing any harm and enjoying being alone and keeping to myself
I don't need anyone's concerns nor anyone's help
Hellopoetry hush ya mouth and no need to pay recognition
Most of you write the same thing and can't even pay recognition
To an east who's off the leash and your sorrow
Is what he feast
If you have a problem with me come and test out my teeth
I'll roam and I'll roar I'll swim and I'll soar
I'll listen to the voices in my head who say "you suck and do more!"
And remain to get better
Push on and get stronger
This my last piece for you all
I don't care to write anymore
The pen can't take it any longer

And I'm gone

Good luck - I'm gone
Joe burden - Eminem inspired piece - just showcasing my strong words and punchlines here. Last one.
#truth   #dark   #eminem   #music   #writing   #piece   #last   #angry   #facts  
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