I used to believe in karma and pray to a greater power above.

Then I realized horrendous things happen to the most
beautiful people and the cruel truth about love.

the only angels and demons that exist, are the ones
created within ourself.

I don't need a savior
because I saved myself.

#love   #demons   #devils   #angels   #savior   #karma  

They look at me with pointed sharp eyes,
Tell me it's all in my mind, I must be blind,
I look at the bedroom wall and there is nothing,
Yet my mind every moment is filled with so much activity.
I see this world around me spinning but slowly,
This whole social mirage keeps on changing,
Except when I'm drifting at night at my home,
Good or bad, right or wrong, but never once when
I was alone, was I ever TRULY alone.
They followed me this way and that through
The streets, called to me, scold me or made me laugh,
Vague clay statuesque devils or angels, I could not say,
But in the end you tell me it's all in my mind
When the night becomes day.

You and me, dreams fake, but all in all it's what is the take,
You and me, plain as can be, but we're having fun falling asleep,
Face first into the cake.
You and me, our hopes so free, but we're still stuck where we will
Always be.

So what is real? What is fake? It seems to you there's much at stake,
In daring to dream, daring to fly! Why not just grow old fast,
Whither and die?
So why my grin, why your frown? Could it be that your
Hatred has gotten You down?

It will be a long walk home, trailing turning, all alone,
Over my shoulder I hear your scorn, every day until I'm forlorn.
Every turn I feel their eyes, they never leave, yet it's always been,
Always will be that I'm blind, YOU WIN like you always would,
It's got to be it's all in my mind...

The always-patient man had no longer a capacity to accept, his fists thwacking the gates of hell. He needed in. The icy hinged barrier crushed his knuckles, and the splintering molecules of frozen corpses, which hedged this entrance, fell in fine dust. Their eyes, the only warm flesh within the dead gatekeepers, begged him to back away. It only let him know, he, this man that was once so ever patient, belonged inside. Not wishing to give up, he struck, and struck the cryptic divide screaming, “Devils take me!”  You see, at the moment of his death, the gates of heaven opened up to him, and he being the ever most patient man, his soul rushed into the great light of empyrean. Yet when there, he could not see what he had expected, there was no wondrous feeling of euphoria. Nothing was there to give him that high, he had ignored himself so long, upon that dreaded earth, before his sobriety and solvency to God. That always-patient man had expectations of those feelings, which he felt criminal, and denied himself so long. Yet they were not there, in this heaven he imagined. This soul, that for so long had been a patient man, who had so piously paid his debts, had an epiphany. He was feeling gypped. So his soul swooped to hell. Not looking back he heard the gates of heaven slam. After this the man, patient no more begged Beelzebub, from chained and locked realm, “Satan, give me what I deserve! Stick your stake in me. Give me your pleasured poison!”  Then God and Lucifer appeared to him and morphed into one being. The whirlwind of good and evil they became said, “Life is strife or happiness, you choose. There is nothing here for you.” Suddenly incarnated again, into newborn gasping first breath, his mind went blank, but with an evolved spirit inhaled.

© PJ Poesy

Dec 27, 2016

born with a halo shattered
human afterbirth in dirt
withered wings, feathers tattered
protrusions of pain and hurt

only an angel can be born
held by the devil's hands
flesh becomes hard, when its torn
only an angel understands

I wrote this a few years ago. I don't think I have posted it for a while

I am a beggar who is bound to praise and request
Who  is untiringly, relentlessly opts for his quest
I don't hide myself whatever I am that I manifest
Against my well wishers I just never ever protest

Being beggar of beauty when I ask for the charity
My beloved being blunt never ever show solidarity
Even if there is no one like her in the town or city
But she refuses to be my beloved with more clarity

When I want to see her she becomes seriously blunt
Being full with tricks she remains ever ready for stunt
Since I am claimant of her so I just bear the real brunt
At times being nasty it seems that she is devil's agent

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow

#devils   #agent  
aarvie angelica
aarvie angelica
Jul 13, 2016

It can enrage the angels
Devils it can make serene
Most powerful creation
Anyone has ever seen

Peace in cruel hell
It's rhymes can create
It's emotions can bring
The heavens to hate

Poems are magical
#poem   #hell   #devils   #angels   #powerful   #creation   #magical   #seen   #serene   #enrage  
Liam C Calhoun
Liam C Calhoun
May 30, 2016

The smoke circled halo,
Bent smiles and summoned demons,
Brimstone come a reverent silent
And obeyed sort of way.

I let my left eye avoid.

I’d let my right dream,
As I munched skewered calf,
Innocent, slaughtered, salivated
And my only excuse – Survival.

Toe-to-toe with
Home-field advantage
I nodded from shadows
To the one who scented venom;

Lace tucked slightly thigh,
She’d wink and hours later,
The demon would meet the Devil
And she’d devour –

All I’d known,
All I’d ever know
And all we’d ever be.

Another life, but for some reason, I remembered that smoke filled room under arrogance tonight; maybe it's my obsession with neon.
May 15, 2016

Moving downtown as quick as I can
I'd name myself the Joker, or maybe Funny Man
But they're already taken,
I know I ain't mistaken,
With these names in mind I move as quick as I can

I'm just after a little good time
And maybe a girl that I could make mine
But I know I can't do it,
Never gone through with it
Just after a little good time

Because sometimes I can't stand it
The way the voices make me feel like sh*t
They're yelling at me,
These devils within me
And sometimes I can't stand it

I collapse on to the pavement
These voices hit me like cement
I pull myself up on to the edge and fall over it

Will anyone miss me?

Another depressing poem... I'm too good at these
#man   #life   #funny   #devils   #voices   #problems   #destroyed   #joker  
Leal Knowone
Leal Knowone
Apr 30, 2016

ghost are jamming in the witches house
See dark visions forced to come out
There is a fox in the hen house
What'll we do to bring it down?
You opened the cage and let the monster out
You'r the prey in its mouth
Theres a rat in the dog house
How will we chase it out?
Ghost are jamming in the witches house
What was done to bring them out?
See em run, see them scream and shout
I see it all burning down

Time heals all wounds & it also will leave scars
Old memories fall like dying leaves
Rust metal minds junkyard
Minds masked in a maze, couldnt see that far
Old memories fall like dying trees
Twisted metal minds junkyard

Grotesque faces of pure pain
Empty hearts of unwarrented rain
Souls of the dead called to the purge
Can you feel the weight of this world?
I see deformites of this life
Skulls of the dying, solid is the mind
Feel the air passing by
Holes in happiness lined in social class

Old memories fall like dying leaves
We all fall like dying tree

The dogs of war are on the prowl
Should have escaped, but cant leave now
For there is nothing left of my youth
Nothing left to hold on to

There is a mouse in the walls
The hounds of hell are on the loose
the dogs of war are on the prowl
?Should have escaped but cant leave now
The ghost are jamming in the witches house
See the visions forced to come out
Pick the locks then break it down
Welcome the hardships to this house

#friend   #devils   #house   #creep   #creepy   #creeping   #den   #hen   #jamming   #doghouse  
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