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naive. used to think that the world meant well and that everyone deserves a second chance. i no longer think this but i would still give you a second- no. i don't know how i feel. i'm falling in love with he who is not you and there's only one thing holding me back. it's the thought of you as i am caught on reverse constantly falling when i'm trying to soar out of this place. i wanted to be ejected into outer space, and i was holding on to my tongue in cheek. oh the irony.
      seconds last lifetimes.
      i'm trying so very hard.
      at last, you will mourn.
2. certain. i'm with someone new, and now i'm so scared. afraid. wary. trust and love and lust are all dangerous i've learned. you grew daisies in my brain and then, you watched them wither. he grows roses where our flowers had died. but now i know nothing. i am unsure of anything but the fact that i am leaveable.
      how easy you changed.
      poisoned. a broken promise.
      twisting in the dark.
3. bold. i remember when i told you that i loved you. or something like that anyway. i threw up the butterflies in my stomach when you called me beautiful, and i couldn't believe you were (almost) mine. i talked to you like you were my everything because you were, now there's someone else and he's almost got me to want to be brave again. i wish i was brave again. for me. for him. but not for you.
      i'll light the candles.
      the glow is surreal and bright.
      blessed be this lady.
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Mar 15

Words that once tasted sweet turn sour and sear their way through my lips no matter how I attempt to swallow them. They come through like hiccups and bring tears to my eyes as I pour my heart out like syrup. My feelings are fizzy like soda pop sweets foaming in my mouth as I choke my way around the sharp edges. No matter what he says or does I always get my sugar rush. I'm hooked on him in his many flavours though I never get to choose them, he's a box of Mike and Ike's and I just have to get through him. He's addicting, he's one more bite and then I swear I'm done, but there's always another after another and I can't resist more when the box is gone. He's a Christmas striped cane sharpened with my tongue, mistaking salt for sugar and apologizing when he's done. He's kids sharing candy, I've always preferred my own. He is the candy shop I wanted to call my home. I am the Pez dispenser, people bite sweetness from my neck. I am offering my liquorice limbs and conversation heart so to pretend. His words are coated with the faintest film of sugar to make swallowing his jaw breaker remarks go down smoothly. I am a red hot lips smile, gagging on his perceptions, distracting him with candy.

take me to the shore
where seagulls cry among rocks
taste the salty air

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There once was a woman
-- a baker, a chef -- claimed by many
to be.. a liv-ing god-dess, but she.. was jus-s-s-st;
however, far---- ...beyond, the rest.  Each one of her morsels...
individual masterpieces... with individual, homemade-auras.

Her pastries, her candies, her honey
-- oh-so sweet -- her cake, with her frosting...
She once-produced.. such irresistible treats.
Those sugar-dusted desserts ...enriched with her cream:
this woman created that which most only dream..

Although, as people do, she started to cry.

Into her mixing-bowl -- falling ...from her eyes --
..tears did travel.  ‘Tis said even deeper...
-- outside of the brim of the bowl --
..tis said they dripped downwards, dampened her soul -
that they tenaciously trickled, rusting her forge..
&.. inner-anvil.

Not-yet fully bitter, yet still bittering-sweet...
Regardless, results, showed that there was nothing honeyed ...left..
baked, or drizzled passionately to a T..

For her sweets no longer edible now, but rather overly salted, instead...
They taste like she sweat & sweat & sweat, & then stood ..upside-down,
& wrung all the sweat into her mixing-bowl from her head.

“I am sorry,”  she cried.  “It is not my fault."

She echoed,  "I am human ....only human.”

What was once~sugared, leaked now:
...nothing, but water & salt.

Haven't gone through and italicized that which should be italicized.  Apologies.
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Jan 6

Being in love with your best friend's partner is like revelling in the destruction of a tsunami.
You watch the waves roll and weave their way through the closing sky and yet you stand boldly on the beach front -
Arms open and eyes closed
The feeling of cracking wide inside you,
but you're a masochist, and the pain is your drug,
the only antidote to the touch of
The forbidden fruit.

Being in love with your best friend's partner is like tearing open all your bandaged wounds, just to let the salt rub them dry
again and again and

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I am trying
but trying doesn't make
deep wounds heal any faster,

and you rubbing salt in them
does not help them to
hurt any less.

~~ From another time, where things seemed much worse without anything being that different. ~~
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i remember the soft sand
that never burnt my feet
because you were with me.

i remember the calm ocean
when the waves were soft
on the shore we got lost.

i remember the salt smell
that had felt so cleansing
you were my best friend
the ocean, you, the sand.

i remember the sun’s reflection
that rippled with the water
and your eyes were never brighter.

i remember the shells we found
waist deep in water or just wandering
with you i had never felt calmer.

but the night was cold
while our hands were warm
as we floated in the starry water.

the wolf and the ocean's love story - innocence (part two)
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Atul Kaushal
Atul Kaushal
Nov 30, 2016

In these youth that only ditch,
There is a thread loosely stitch,
They gave a name for the glitch.

They just feel so entangled,
If I could satiate the deranged,
I would have felt happier & loved.

Not in the slightest her fault,
The fault is in my safety vault,
I can't protect it by adding salt.

She had her personality affected,
On the borderline of love she was,
She might get better when matured.

So I will wait for her to grow up,
Because mangoes are sour unripe,
So she might not repent her flurry.

Even though she is upset now,
I should patiently wait for her,
Us both together, life be wow!

She suffers a borderline personality disorder,
And I suffer its deranged consequences,
But I have not given up yet on her.

Of course, it was a relationship,
And every ship sails in waters,
Salt gets dissolved in water.

So she got bored when the salt subdued.
She is beautiful, young and youthful.
She shows the Borderline Personality Disorder.

It is marked by quick changes in opinions.

In BPD, people have dramatic changes in their interpersonal relationships, self-image, moods, and behaviour. Borderline personality disorder usually becomes evident in adolescence or early adulthood and becomes less common with age.

And her BPD is to be blamed for my loss.

Main poem rhyme scheme:







HP Poem #1287
©Atul Kaushal
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Mary Ab
Mary Ab
Oct 14, 2016

P===>Put everything aside, get away from your worldly problems, let your soul fly in the skies of faith by the starting point of "takbirat elihram" Allah is the Greatest , and everything is just none ...

R===> Relax your soul and refresh your mind , let your every vain of heart be filled with the purest glimpses of light, of pure love and eternal true belief ..

A===> Awaken your soul from its oblivion and remember that every single creature on earth is praying to Allah,  the Almighty ..

Y===> Yearn for paradise, imagine its eternal beauty and enchanting rewards with every move in your prayer ...

E===> Engage in your salât with the deepest concentration and embrace Allah's marvellous bounties on you ! Be a thankful grateful servant !

R===> Repent to your Lord whenever you sin ... Repentance is embedded in your salât, Allah is the most merciful , just be sincere and declare your honest repentance ...

Rule your life the way you want , YOU ARE THE LEADER OF YOUR OWN LIFE.  

أقم صلاتك ... تستقم حياتك !
by : Meriem.A

Salât : Islamic prayer
#love   #prayer   #life   #honest   #salt   #repentance   #allah   #each   #leader  

Be careful
Some times it's hard to tell salt from sugar,
I have found,
People are like that too.

#nice   #salt   #mean   #sugar   #tricks  
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