22 hours ago

Fly high!
That's what they'll say,
after you wreck your car
and spill your brains.

They won't know--
or maybe they will.
Heroin tomb,
disguised as "wonderful daughter,
great friend."

Everyone has earplugs,
blindfolds too.
The epidemic is supplying
some for you.

Russian roulette
has some competition.
This ain't some new

Nobody cares--
it's not them.
Nobody cares--
unless it's them.
But it's too late by then.

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Eric Pon
Eric Pon
1 day ago

When its sharp it storms the mind,
swirls of smoke & hate combined-
slither insidiously they entwine,
damage done worse every time.
Clouds to crave- poison waves
seen through white glass & a delirious daze
to dull forever an old sun's rays
light which used to shine out always
now bends inward, refracting in ways
to disguise & confuse in an camouflaged haze.

more & more & more & more
of the curse that never ends,
be it smoke or crystal spore
or snake disguised as friend.
I feel it deep within my core
I desperately pretend
you'll be back to fuel me or
a hand someone will lend.

These kids in the drug scene,
they don't hate you...
..they admire you.

They just hate the policies you represent,
cause they ain't fair to people,
I ain't into drugs because I hate America;
America failed me...

We're depressed...y'all want to fight a real crime?
Can you imagine the network you could have,
in drug addicts and dealers?
You take the weak and make them strong...



2 days ago

Struggling to break free
Knowing, it's the right decision for me
Craving the inhale
Letting my mind sail
With or without
Still just as frail
Not all rocks are solid
That makes me shale
Upon exhale
A symbol of how I've failed

The gateway led to sadness
With manufactured bliss
After devouring
Several bags of chips
Remembering each quip
With each salty crunch
Fuck, I want a blunt!
I belong in the corner


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M Harris
M Harris
2 days ago

A lust so cold
A grip to hold

An Indispensable Addiction,
Rupturing through my discretion.

A life of grey
Fabricating into a global fray

Engulfed in own winter
Creating a hinder

An unknown artery,
To a off beat past, build to last

Addiction taken a toll,
Infinite strolls

A radical high
Accolades pouring a hippie love

Can’t skip her extortion
Caused by her distorted visions,

LSD high,
Raptured capture,

A floating body,
Like a prisoner in her womb

Can’t leave, cuz I was buried eons back
What was meant for fun took its toll all over at once.

#addiction   #life   #drugs   #past   #sorrow   #high   #grey   #visions  
Robbie Gunn
Robbie Gunn
3 days ago

Thanks for giving me access to my unconscious. You've gave me the ability to realize the truth about myself, I am to sensitive. At the beginning you where fun and sociable, seeing you in moderation made me happy. When I heard the news of my father's untimely death you where there for me, the escape you provided was appreciated. However I've grown dependent, I never properly grieved so those emotions of despair and misery still follow me. I have become jaded in my anxiety ridden life.

Did you guess this was about drugs? cannabis to be specific.
Robbie Gunn
Robbie Gunn
3 days ago

Walking across the road
Didn't read the signs
Coast is clear
Unlike my mind
Turn back to see
Cars whizzing past
Time has progressed
I am stressed
Anxiety hits
wish a car did

Exploring darker aspects of myself

Yeah, yeah...
I'm O-k a' a' a' y,
I'm just sittin' round,
It's a 'Sat-tur-day,'
this place still a palace,
little small they say...
...just sittin' round,
And that's O-k a' a' a' y.

yeah, yeah,
O-k a' a' a' y,
WHO-CHACA' -liquor strong,
got my liquor on,
Oh ho sip-sip,
Wearing wing-tips...

Got my liquor on,
it's a 'Sat-tur-day,'
going out to party,
going out to play...
and I'm...I'm O-k a' a' a' y.

Come on mirror-mirror,
Oh ho sip-sip,
lean in a mirror-nearer,
My legacy a ship.
I couldn't make it clearer,
Oh ho sip-sip,
I'm gettin' fu cked-up
And I'm O-k a' a' a' y!

The doors they open up, 'auto-matic-cally'
Now I 'out-about' and they all seeing me,
Raise the liquor glass, uh-huh sip-sippy,
They try-ing to mimic, they all want-to-be-me.
Give me a fuckin' break, I breakin' off a buzz...
You standin' lil too close, back it off now couz'

Got my liquor on,
Diamonds, sparkly-shit,
Suit smooth, mirror,
they can't see my clip,
got my liquor on,
Uh huh sip, sip.
Now break out a mirror,
chopping up some shit.
Got my liquor on...
And I'm O-k a' a' a' y!

Got my liquor on,
it's a 'Sat-tur-day,'
going out to party,
going out to play...
and I'm...I'm O-k a' a' a' y.

Come on mirror-mirror,
Oh ho sip-sip,
lean in a mirror-nearer,
My legacy a ship.
I couldn't make it clearer,
Oh ho sip-sip,
I'm gettin' fu cked-up
And I'm O-k a' a' a' y!

Music Going Crazy!
Music Going Crazy!
Music Going Crazy!

And I'm O-k a' a' a' y!

<musical break>

And I'm O-k a' a' a' y!


Apologies for pleasurable guilt are errors
that place me on trial
for a faulty alibi held over the terror
of you selling my smile.

Lost in the sea of another land
with breathless eyes drowned in mascara cries,
my quest for passion ends as I take your hand.

Drunk lights flicker in the dirty mirror
as polar sins are drowning us nearer.
I hear stolen whispers worship kissers,
especially if they leave the night bitter.

Tonight could end in tragedy: I trust
my lust for strangers eyes more than the touch
of a wise sign. Nights saved by suicidal pills,
I swallowed to ignore the dirty thrills taken
to numb the pain - angular cycle ending in a fall
with a simple end, yet still I don't awaken...
Ecstatic yearning, but an unsteady high kills
me as already I love you too much.
Lovers' verses are brushed away like dust.

Succumbed to liquor, lips blush a livor
mortis maquillage. Faux-life, I'm nearer
death than ever, lipstick made from scissors
cache that I choose to be my murderer.

Long wavy hair will identify
the body snuggling in a tomb of sand.
I will be my own Beachy Head lullaby...

Last stride up this isle,
anchoring my mourned morgue sees all future much brighter
as my psyche is too vile.
Don't say life is worthwhile when death grants saner shelter.

#love   #suicide   #depression   #death   #alcohol   #drugs   #lust   #crying   #suffering   #overdose  
6 days ago

My thoughts are dazed…
Claustrophobic and hazed.
I’m exhausted and unamazed,
Fatigueness of some kind, low from the natural high.
Thoughts in my mind are delusive and unkind.
Dizzy and feeling quite fizzy
Not in the mood for studying, excitement, and fun.
Sitting by my lonesome self just writing what I can process.
Head feels heavy, got me feeling a bit queasy
Zoned out and lost in my thoughts
Sun is out and the wind is harsh…
It’s skin prickling and dissatisfying.
My exhaustion is sickening.
Absolute death and no reason
No fret
But anguished in my enclosed mind
But no threat…

System overkill
Discredit and disregard
Explain but disagree and make it hard
Exhalation and permutation
Loss of existence and clouded perception

Obsessive minds and sniffed up lines
Excessive amounts and numbers you cannot even count.
Broken, ripped, torn, and outwardly worn.
A lost ghoul, selfish, and for more you mourn.
Poor and dead, not yourself, completely blacked out and unconscious in bed.

Overdosed on the fuckin’ pills, suicide attempts never work…
Let the meds pour…
Gone, so gone…
Just let the meds pour...

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