Clementine Eleos
Clementine Eleos
3 hours ago

You were never a cure
Only a distraction
When I felt the need
To fracture my January skin
To see if I was still living
You lit my smokes
And talked about my laugh
How it stopped time and moved glaciers
Even God himself couldn't budge
You weren't what I needed
Late nights, Vicodin off the streets
White sheets and pillow talk
You were only the in between
Never the start or the end
You were not my cure
I don't have one,
Terminal battles
Cut into pieces by the fun
You gave me

Green smoke
I swear that there's green in the air

The color of my lenses
as such of my life

Once broken,
always broken

Who's not broken here?

I fall down where I sleep
come unbound by night
or day
I fall down exhausted
but rest will not come
within reach

I fall down

There's one explanation true
That the easy is done,
best pages are turned
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In a dystopian future where mosquitos have been all but eradicated, manual injections of anti-coagulants are a luxury in which the rich partake. Demand is high and access is highly restricted. On the surface, this is justified through religious ideologies, but at its core it is driven by class discrimination; it is a way for the wealthy to give yet another hearty fuck-you to the poor.

As often happens in the case of substances which are both in demand and restricted, a thriving illegal drug trade has emerged. Low-quality anti-coagulants trickle down to the poor, but are, of course, subject to higher sentencing, for the safety of those taking them.

People share needles. Facilities for safe-injections exist, but mostly people prefer to attend ‘injection orgies' where they literally scratch each other’s backs.

1 day ago

All it took was a glance
And a single choice in time
A moment that would linger
An emerging paradigm

All it took was a taste
Reality crumbled at my feet
I had never known a drug
To be so bitter and so sweet

All it took was a touch
And I forgot my name
Words dissolved on my toungue
With only you to blame

You left a mark
Like a fossil in my soul
For I'm forever changed
Not broken, but not quite whole

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He worships at the shrine of capitalism
prays for a better fiscal quarter
with money spent in shopping malls,
a scrambling search for off-the-rack meaning
through blessèd, holy consumerism.
He gives thanks to this, our daily microwave meal,
while he mutters under his breath,
“What be the will of these, our stock-market Algorithms?"

He listens to sermons from business and econ profs preaching
from the higher-education steeples, teaching
students gathering like stampede sheeples, reaching
for a measure of worth in semester-long bursts
a silent choir scribbling in exam halls to petty praise,
leaving them burned out,
and crying on the bathroom floor,
lights out, itching for a wink
amidst insect hallucinations
adrenaline rushed
from Dexadrine or Adderall
dissociation flushed
from ketamine or alcohol
“What is wrong with me?”

Seeking answers,
he pays weekly penance to shrinks
a confessional of mental disorders from the Gospel of DSM:

“Forgive me, Doctor, for I have sinned.
It has been seven days since my last confession.
I’m obsessive, I’m depressive,
antisocial personality,
I’m poor as I ever was and ever will be,
I’m no service to society,
I'm squandered in sobriety,
but please
keep my hands tied
in these shackles of student debt!”

And his only act of contrition
is a medical prescription
made sweeter to swallow at communion
than the blood and body of Christ.

Welcome, the new order!
Welcome, the New Religion (TM)!

Pray it will be a better one
than what we left behind.

2 days ago

Burn yo castle 2 the ground
When u hear my niggaz coming don't u make a sound
Snitches get stitches but these suckers get fouled
Ah wow
Get down
If u don't
Lay down
Plenty cake

If u try 2 go 2 war then we don't conversate

Niggaz been fuckin bitches while y'all masturbate

Break a swisher
Make her lick it
Blow it in yo face

Smoking haters out the box

Summertime come around
Niggaz acting wild

Cpd hit the block
Sneakers shake the ground

Winter time
Icy roads painted wit the blood

Fuckin wit my Lil niggaz
Meet up wit my snub

Meet up wit my snub
Naw meet up wit yo maker

Buddha Satan
Hera hermes shiva me?
On they
But they ain't praying tho

U ain't even gotta mic so what u speaking 4

U ain't even gotta high so what u fiendin 4

U ain't even gotta lie
Who u sleeping on?

If he ain't getting money don't speak 4 me

If he getting out his body he can't blow 4 free

If a nigga get loud makeem rest in peace

Deuce deuce at yo chest like double Ds

I squeeze them thangs 2 make them squirt
If a nigga acting childish get his just desserts
No Häagen-Dazs nigga
We don't fuck wit lames
Pockets got diabetes cuz we stuffing cake

N that's on me
Remember when the boys n blue tried 2 cuff a g
Remember times got hard
We was hungry
N now the fam eating good no gluttony
So go 2 sleep

Lil nigga go 2 sleep

That's what my cousin use 2 always tell me
Cuz when id wake dollar bills is what id c

On me now we living outta dream

Yea now we living outta dream

Yea now we living outta dream n errthing ain't always what it seem
So don't sleep mf don't sleep

1st time I saw crack was at 7 in my mama business
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The Dybbuk
The Dybbuk
3 days ago

He told her he loved her,
he meant every word.
He swallowed the liquor,
To make love a blur.
His fists and his actions,
no longer his own.
Every interaction,
cut down to the bone.
She thought that she loved Matt,
but realized the facts.
He lived like a rat,
who carried an ax.
He hurt other people,
But damaged her most.
Beneath the church steeple,
Lays their lost love's ghost.
He left marks on her soul,
They were angry and red.
Now Matt's six feet under,
With a hole in his head.

The story of a girl I'm glad I met, and a man wish she'd never met.
#love   #death   #drugs   #abuse   #ballad  
Andrew Kelly
Andrew Kelly
4 days ago

Been riding this catastrophic carousel
For too many years.

I remember I was once happy,
Mother said she loved me,
I never believed her.

Crystal meth smells like cotton candy.
Balloon animals are filled with nitrous.

Everyone seems content here,
The horse on the carousel provides
A surplus of serotonin.

Crazed clowns cashing in
On their crooked version of capitalism.
Their ferris wheel of fear and loathing
Never stops spinning.

I used to berate the carnies,
Now the carnival is a part of me.

Alyce Black
Alyce Black
5 days ago

This is how I like
my bruised skin
And how I like my sin

Pretty lights
across heavy flesh
ripe and warm
and wet
with the waters of

Sometimes I wonder if hell
is just a
fever dreamt
from the disorderly mind
of someone with issues
like mine

#love   #hell   #drugs   #balance   #water   #heaven   #sex   #universe   #spiritual   #damnation  
Marissa Straw
Marissa Straw
Oct 4, 2013

i made a new friend
he's addicted to heroin
he likes to eat pussy real good
and say "yo momma," is it a
mistake to hold and behold
mind's on pillows and sheets,
tickles down beneath. baby
you got brown hair and brown
eyes and i can't mother fuckin’
sleep. we tread water together
pink and blue, spaceships and
the like. your smile rubs off
baby, it rubs off, it does. i got
no sleep, no calls, no
here voice to tell me
there’s no those voice. every-
body is a little, right? a little
high, bi, fly, i made a new

A poem that turned out to be my first spoken word poem.
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