George Krokos
3 days ago

If looks could kill there would be no need to search any further
you would then surely be accused of that first degree murder.
But since you have such a deceptive and changing illusory face
it would be very hard indeed to substantiate and prove the case.

Many would be those who would even defend and plead for you
giving all manner of testimony in saying the evidence isn’t true.
They would also state that in support of their own ignorant belief
nobody could really tell the difference to avail of any other relief.

The allegations against you though would have to be disproved
for all of the suspicions and charges to be thoroughly removed.
There would also need to be absolutely no shadow of a doubt
in respect of your presence which was at the scene thereabout.

It seems that by the evidence available you've had a good run
what some observers would thereby call a damned lot of fun;
for such a long time now you have been getting away with it all
but you have undermined the circumstances leading to your fall.

Sooner or later it may also happen that the table is turned around
and a suspect is apprehended with the accusations that are found.
The term of 'being innocent until proven guilty' then comes into play
a sure reminder that the system of justice is gradually making its way.

For all those who get apprehended for whatever reason and guilty or not. Written in 2014.
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4 days ago

i breathed in the smoke
that charred my lungs
in hopes that you had seen

the smoke that caused
my chords to crack
and left my voice so mean

but you who whispers softly
and you who speaks with care
could not seem to understand
why i chose the poison air.

you said i am
d i s g u s t i n g
you said i should get
h e l p

so yes you maybe scorned me.
and yes you maybe saw.
and that was what i asked for.
wasn't it?

when for you i broke the law

if anything you loved me less
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Obey the law, the law of man,
For it's all that makes us divine.
Obey the law, the law of God,
For it gives society spine.
Obey the laws you make yourself,
Or your soul will weigh thousands of tons.
Obey the law imposed on you,
Or be killed by your neighbors with guns.

#order   #justice   #law   #obey  

Trapped inside this stinking train
People off from work, off from class
Too much crowd, heating arguments
It's not their land, so no trouble here
Step aside, we are the locals here
Give not a chance, a politician barked
Who do you keep your respect for, huh?
Another lane, another sinking ship

Just a drop of whisky will cheer him up
He believed in it, poured a quarter cup
Tasted good, felt better, lightened head
Some dark grapes for a touch, he said
He looked around, saw me staring at him
All this people worried about the whining
Sparked from his friend, just for a seat
He had to cool the heat down for now

Drinking alcohol in a train is against the law in India. This incident happened today (March 9, 2017) when a Keralite passenger began quarreling a Tamilian for a seat and his rude behavior. Meanwhile , this tamilian's friend amid the thick crowd began to drink whisky and stood up between the problem.
#love   #peace   #alcohol   #people   #experience   #train   #crowd   #law   #behavior   #whisky  

Be it legal or against the law do it responsibly.
I am peaceful but First things first this isn't a democracy.
Americans thirst for a social utopian ideology.
But they settle for copious amounts of frozen philosophy.
It isn't regal. Americans Constantly Insisting comradery.

Right now the world is a messed up place and people are very angry at each other. Well some would argue it's always been that way but nonetheless people need to stay positive, have faith, and try to understand why law is there for everyone's benefit. Wether you can see it now or not we need to come together because there is definitely people in the world who want to do us harm.

cut and cloth and clutter
fluttering about, dotted lines,
clotted blots, parking fines,
issues with the lettering of
that gilded sign out front,
quite a stunt he pulled,
prying out a premise
from nothing, man,
that was something.

#lies   #secrets   #rules   #law  

A bit of quandary
let in the laundry
crept for death mausoleum
where she the horror
left he the sheriff
and came her kingdom
through my absorption
here estranged life
would afford this supposition
in this place of heart
as theatre will fly to heaven
if immaterial is golden
and nonviolent always chosen
when never reluctant for change
a bill is always left in mind.

An attorney in mind
#heart   #soul   #wisdom   #law   #attorney   #reluctant  
Alex Tolley
Alex Tolley
Dec 28, 2016

Command or conform,
You don't have a choice,
For that's the way of the world.

Lead the pack
Or be the pack;
Your mind laying dormant and furled.

You'll be governed by strict rules,
But no, think for yourself:
Do the good, fight the evil,
Put your life on a shelf.

For when people say follow your dreams,
They don't really mean follow
It's a masquerade for co-align with us
Or we'll leave you dry and hollow

If you lead,
You're honourable, worthy,
But only for a while;
For if you infringe the decisions of the pack,
They'll watch your ousting with a smile.

But that is the law of the land,
The way the world works.
If you follow, you're weak
But if you lead, it hurts.

> a.t.

I have a problem with authority
#world   #mind   #wolf   #works   #conform   #law   #land   #command   #pack  
hazem al jaber
hazem al jaber
Dec 26, 2016

Love's law ...

it's ,my love's law ...
my own love ...
that never ever any one get ...
as the love which i got for you ...
it's my law ...
it's my deep passion ...
that i fight for ...
all my life ...
only just to have you ...
all the time ...
with every single moment ...
with me so close ...
as long i breathe ...
with every beat of my heart ...
it will beat only for you ...
it's my law ...
how to love you ...
and how to fight forever ...
even to break all life's law ...
however it costs ...
just to set you close ...
as i'm putting you ...
here so deep inside my heart ...

yes sweetheart...
it's my love's love ...
that i could fight all people ...
within my passion ...
until i win our battle's love ...
to have you ...
forever with me ...

sweetheart ...
wish you know ...
how much i miss you ...
how much i wish to kiss you ..
only a one kiss ..
enough to show you ...
how much i'm madly in love ..
in love only with you ...
and so crazy running after you ...

good morning ...
sweet babe mine ...

hazem al ..

#loves   #law  
Scott F Hemingway
Scott F Hemingway
Dec 20, 2016

A packed house as she commence a teacher
in marking hearsay with her titillation of 1000 young minds
while little criminals that burden this structure with tax
and find her discriminating as a lawyer with vibes that well
as her gyroscope always suit with measure of twittering yet pair
of aces does her most thrifty a year again.  Alas!

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