How can a human being be so good?
Have such good parents?
Have such a good upbringing?
Have some good friends?
Get a good education, at a good institution?
Have good enough degrees to get a good job?
Have a good enough mind to problem-solve?
And everyday continually subscribe to a method of mind which means that they willl thrive?
And with every success still remain not a snob?
How can any human being be so good and brought up?
And yet still after everything, be so very messed up?

Metaphorically speaking of course.... ;)
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2 days ago

I can hydrate your soul,
I can water your plants.
Open up your eyes and recognize
that there’s more than just man.
Stay reverent and open to
these teachings, and there’s a reason.

aquatic meditation. he believes in the good of man
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Rafael Melendez
Rafael Melendez
3 days ago

What does it matter that I'm good . I'll never be alright with who I am, what I want is only a dream. And the ones that I love are as real as life will ever be.

No matter what we do are we still good people under all the trash and mistakes?
Rafael Melendez
Rafael Melendez
3 days ago

I'm sorry to say you don't know me. You say I'm a good person, while I look you in those reflective eyes. Glossed to the point I can see my lies in your eyes.

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i am constantly dreaming
for a plain fast forward
every night

longing for your presence
wishing you lay by my side
as we sleep tight

assuredly we’ll get there –
the time with no limits
as soon as now

all the wait will be worth it,
we’ll count on another
“first times” of ours

lovepoem midnight wish
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Izi Rose Gabel
4 days ago

To all the underdogs of the world.
A day will come where we loose.
But today, is not that day.
Today we fight.
No. Not Today.
Someday flowers will fall.
But no. Not Today.
That, that is not today.
No, No. Not Today.
It's a too good day to die.
No. Not Today.
Never Die today.
Light breaks through the darkness.
Run if you can't fly.
Today we will survive.
Walk if you can't run
Today we will survive.
Crawl if you can't walk.
Today we will survive.
Get ready to gear up.
Not Today!
Never Die!
Never Ask!
Shout, "NO NOT TODAY!!"
Never Kneel down.
Never Cry.
Hands up.
No, Not Today!
Not, Not Today.
See, we couldn't fail.
Our faith is entirely on each other.
Whatever you say.
No Not Today!
Never die today!
Trust me!
Im on your side.
Together, we won't die.
Trust you.
You're on my side.
Together, we won't die.
Trust the word 'together'
Trust that it's bulletproof.
No! Not today!
No No No

This is a song by a Kpop group called BTS. I changed the lyrics so it's almost like a poem. The song has a very good message and wanted to put it into a format of poetry.
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Ninah Dau
Ninah Dau
5 days ago

for so long
i pushed the last morsels of my wounded heart
on my tasteless mouth to chew like a toy.
resignation helped cease the grief
outside the seams of my racked enough brain,
but then
you rummaged through strings and dreams
trying to reach out to me, violently.
of course i kept fretting on the costs of your unwitting love
soon, illness and fatigue crept within me
my heart, careless of iniquities,
had finally embraced its meekly destiny
stored as a dusty shelf memory
but i, tottering on the brink of the grave
stood still, loving you

armorless, wistfully,
curiosity was born from isolation,
questioning myself why you keep running
but i cannot scape you;
perhaps the budding silence that exists
between the comely swears of my adoration
and the elated memory of who you once were
keeps my feebly soul attached to mortal expectations,
even when, quite frankly, we both know
the untold truths hidden within this fondness,
but still i hope i'm not as forgettable
as your silence is making me feel.

i hope to forgive myself one day,
when the sea strands collide with the vastness
of the chaotic ocean, to lay calmly,
safely, into the arms of whoever's devotion
they may fall.
for i pray this sadness to cease
but oh, who i am without this pain, my love.

certain i am for i am not yours,
neither am i the only one,
and i do not wish to step away
but neither do i know how to stay.

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Mar 20

He likes the bare necessities and the feel of nude skin rubbing
against fabric on a quiet night.
He sees the beauty in raw flesh fitted on armored bones;
he likes the way his veins cross paths and the way his tongue moves.
He closes his eyes and extends his fingers to touch himself,
fresh out the shower,
as he fantasizes of other disrobed bodies.
He sees her in his dream of ecstasy,
the colors of the rainbow filter their tangled bodies,
dim lighting and the smell of lilacs and the feel of warmth.
In this vision, her hands skim over his elongated neck
and his sallow fingers paw at her umber belly
under the shadows of his silhouette
and under a canopy of steam and the moon.

She's seen it once in a dream;
a castle of euphoria and bliss.
In a dream where they're nude,
making her privates speak and her feet yell;
making them glorious and making her feel him inside of her.
Bringing her to a place that smells like her favorite flowers,
to a place that has his favorite color painted onto walls;
loving her while he makes her body holy in his name.
The heavens are in tune with her and him,
and each new day brings their bodies to a praise.
The majestic magic that his hands and tongue work
feels so amazing.
And he will color her in and his word so sure,
tasting sweet upon the tongue,
glossed and glazed.

I knew it was him all along,
lying there in his nude glory:
washed-out skin, rosy under eyes, swirls, solid eyes, and pink lips.
An almost perfect man, lying there with blissful thoughts
of ebony collarbones and soft black spirals stuck to an enchanting face.
Blissful thoughts of two conflicting bodies -- one ivory and one ebony --
that complement like yin and yang.

He likes to touch himself.
Mar 19

I saw stars, people laughing and pretty books cover. I heard the sound of wave, crashing on each other, the sound of my mother called me over the kitchen and the quite ticking sound of my clock in the middle of the night. I touched hot cup of coffee, I sensed heavy rain until it hurts, I hold some babies hand. I tasted sweetness of cheap ice cream, bitterness of unknown food and confusing flavor of my own chapstick. I breathed nature, smelled strangers perfume and your perfume maybe. What am I waiting for?

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Ben Jr
Ben Jr
Mar 18

Say we fix the people,
Make them honest and good,
Say we brush them rust to gold,
Into something we choose,

Say we dress them nicely,
Make them compassionate and kind,
Say they all became heroes we want them to be,
With a phenomenal strength in mind,

Say we abolish hate,
And we all throw love around,
Say we end all conflicts,
Every one puts their weapons to the ground,

Say we change this world,
Into something we'd want it to be,
Say its all possible,
And it starts with you and me,

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