1 day ago

The warmth
inside your crevice
makes me rock hard
as I unearth your depths
peeling back layers
searching your peaks
in sight of your crests
our chest abreast
so close I can
taste the warmth
on your breathe

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Temporal Fugue
Temporal Fugue
5 days ago

Like mist upon the mountains
or twinkling stars at twilight
the silky touch of skin
gentleness, of bite

A woman has desires and wants
a man can only really, guess
what she wants, or needs
beautifully, a mess

The night moves, in mysterious ways
most of all, a woman's eyes
pools of sultry innocence
even if, their lies

I think most guys feel this way, maybe, maybe not :D
The last stanza was a reply to one Petal's masterpieces :
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Mar 15

Think of me, just my tongue gliding from the bottom to the very tip,
Dreaming only of a tasteful sip
Under the table
If I'm able
To catch just a simple drip.

Don't blame me, inspired by the man in a boring meeting with only time to kill.
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You're just like
good decaf coffee
because I can
enjoy all of you,
every nuance and
subtlety without
the fear of
getting too wired,
too anxious from
the stimulus.
No, there's
no regret in
enjoying you.

A poem about my wife.

Swooning and mooning, pastimes for friends
reaching, and teaching, hands to extend
touching and pleasing
maybe some teasing
sexual healing, from begin unto end

Some minds in synchronicity
doing to you, what you do to me
slipping and sliding
imaginative gliding
no use in hiding, explicit-ally

These were coments to Limericks from others. Just put em together :D
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The  Good  Pussy
The Good Pussy
May 8, 2016

                                 l    l i     l
                              i       en       i
                             e      a   l       e
                             n     i      e     n
                              a      a   l      a
                               l       ie        l
                                 i      n      i
              ­                         en

Ma Cherie
Ma Cherie
Feb 23

You kiss me in the darkness,
an you save me in the light,
I guess I'm gonna need it,
if you take me in the night,

I want to gently caress you,
to caress your beautiful face,
I want to caress your beautiful body,
and then again I can retrace,
and take myself,
back to our most special place,
I am so comfortable,
in our sacred and beautified space,

I love the yummy sounds you make,
as I touch against your softest skin,
we're moving together there as one,
it mustn't be- to love a sin,
let us do this now,
and then, let's do this all again,

You tip me back caress my neck,
an take a
n i c e ...
oh what the heck,
I close my eyes again,
an return me to my bliss,

Where I dream about you again.

Ma Cherie © 2017

Inspired I think...
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she asks,
"are you trying to intimidate me
because if so
it is working"

“depends, is it a good or bad thing?
be careful what you wish for, my dear
it is a slippery slope”

who said she was wishing?

“only time will tell...
I want to see your dark side,
you are so in your head
I would love to get you out of it”

he grabs the shark tooth around her neck
she asks,
"do you like sharks?"

“If you did your research…
you would know,
I swim with them frequently…
you are quite endearing”

a real life Christian Grey
in front of her face
watching her drink boba tea out of a straw
in a cafe
he is quite a beautiful man
why the hell is he
pursuing her?

watching her every move
his blue eyes
are quite hypnotizing
his Aussie accent

she probably won't see him again
no desire to
but he bites his lip and whispers,

“you are so forward...
you will see me again”

she questions her existence
as she takes it all in

a man with flair
a breath of fresh air
a man to remind her
why the hell she is here

la-la land
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The hungry lips starved for a kiss,
The lusty sour smell inhaled,
The silent mourns heard,
The fingers teased the pelvis,
Sweats scrolled down from
the behind of her ears, and
The moist tongue tickled
the collar bones, The warmth
of her nearness, the touch
of her lovely long fingers,
the husky voice of her heart,
Whispered ' Make Love to me'.
More close I got, The far
her soul tried to escape, as
the innocent little she, had
sufficient enough to fear,
Eager souls waited to merge,

The stars were not beautiful,
Just pale presence of light.
Only a blind knows the
colour of black. She, the
blind lady, bright of love,
Yet, afraid, of the souls
to merge within the
darkness that prevailed.
A story far back from now.
Only there was time,
That might have healed.
Yet in the end, The souls,
have submitted gladly...

Within my head
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Jan 23

Let my hands do all the talking.

My long nails dig into the skin on your back,
Creating red lines of passion.
You let out a soft moan and begin to say something.

My hands move to your neck, my fingers wrap around and squeeze tightly;
My mouth presses against your ear,
"I said let my hands do the talking".

As I am there, my teeth gently caress the edges of your ear, sending goosebumps all over your body.

I make my way slowly down your neck to your collarbones, kissing every inch. You go to let out another whimper, my hand covers your mouth.

I continue traveling down your chest, my tongue leads me closer and closer to your hardened cock.

My hand grips the base of you. I glide my fingertips up and down the shaft, teasing you... is what I do best.

Pre-cum drips down. I lick it off slowly, never forgetting to look straight into your dark brown eyes.

Your head falls back. Your hand moves from the bed sheets to the top of my head, tangled in my mess of hair.

You push down on my head and your cock is sliding down my throat. I choke and gag, "Now that your mouth is full... it's my turn to talk."


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