Lynn Al-Abiad
Lynn Al-Abiad
13 hours ago

Loss Tastes Like Your Mouth

- LynnAA

Loss Tastes Like Your Mouth

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1 day ago

A girl who does or says something stupid just to be able to laugh and eventually wheeze/die.

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Hailey Allen
Hailey Allen
2 days ago

How do I describe a smile?
Charming, joyful, soft
So bounce around
And laugh a while
That's how I describe a smile

How do I describe a smile?
Loving, cheerful, kind
So run very fast
And cheer for miles
That's how I describe a smile

Smile everyone
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2 days ago

Just by having a look at your face makes me feel better,
It is like a magic spell,
Which can heals wounds up,
Can not help it but to smile.
That how effective you can be,
When it comes to me

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Sean Scribbles
Sean Scribbles
2 days ago

Time hasn't aged but grown together
The considerate man and me
Because I haven't forgotten how to be sweet
Like My Hoodie floating round your shoulders
Swimming in it
So large that you can wrap it around your knees
And warm as the arms beside my side
So it would be
For you I would keep even closer to me
Than the meal which I like to prepare at night
Grilled cheese
So you would always be there by my side
In a place where you would never need
To fear the wandering of my mind
Or the inability of my eyes to see
Because I am all that I try
And to me you would most certainly be
The only wonderment I would seek
To keep until the morning light

Golden brown - Late at night
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Vincent JFA
Vincent JFA
2 days ago

We noticed the damned
soon approaching the places
we took years to accept
as our home, to see how tough
our meat stuck to our bones
against their barrage of teeth,
rotten tongues, and pus-dripping nails.

and when you packed the last
of the matches and saw me hiding
all our stillborn dreams inside of
the basement's drop-ceiling tiles,
you told me, "Along the way,
we're going to be picking up
more, I haven't decided
when, but I am sure we'll find
some good ones when we're
digging through the pockets
of those dead pricks, or in
one of the jammed cars
sitting on the interstate,
or in an empty Jack Link's bag,
fuck if I know.

so I hope you're putting those away
to make room for more,
not because you think there
aren't any to have after this.
You don't have to pack so lightly,
I'm here to help carry the weight;
just remember that you're in charge
of grabbing a carton of Marlboros,
if the gas station didn't get
entirely fucking ransacked,
and remember to smile
every once in a few hours
so I know I'm helping you do all right."

The second poem in a series devoted to the tender moments seen in dreams of a post-apocalyptic world.
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3 days ago

Always remember them,
For all their love,
And for showing how much they cared,
Remember all those precious times,
  Unforgettable memories,
That you so often shared,

They are still here;
They live on in your heart,
Planting that seed,
For the healing to start,

Their presence can be felt,
Like a tingle down the spine,
Just to reassure you,
Everything is fine,

Sorrow and pain,
May long remain,
You may not believe it,
But you will smile again,

Hearts are strong,
Given time they will mend,
And soon once again,
You will smile my friend.

Wrote this about three years ago it was my late mother in laws favourite poem, I then read it at her funeral because she said that after death we all need to learn to smile again, reading some poems on here people sharing a lot of the grieving time with us so hopefully they may find these words comforting..... JB xx
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The girl I love
smiles like it’s her job,
for the benefit of others,
because happiness to her
is like a t-shirt that doesn’t fit.
Her heart is a minefield,
a bomb zone, a civil war
cold and blue
from too much oxygen-thirsty blood.
Her cheeks are stained with tears.

Her cheeks are stained with tears.

Her lips are coated with pink honey,
her words are tattooed with the feeling of dysphoria.
They’re blue when she speaks;
almost everything about the girl I love is blue.
She is everything to me,
my world is a blue moon
over a blue fog,
my world is blue rain
and blue puddles,
it's a scene from a movie,
an abandoned battlefield,
it's soggy blue eyes
under a soggy blue sky
behind cold white hair,

This blue girl is my everything.
This blue girl calls me
baby, she calls me honey,
her letter in scarlet,
her eyes wide open
and her night time darling.
But really, to the blue girl,
I’m just another warm mouth to kiss.

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Rachel Keating
Rachel Keating
4 days ago

you're like a song
an endless melody
weaving words together
with just a smile
it's been awhile
but you make my heart run for miles
something about that smile
gives me butterflies inside
I swear, that smile could light up the sky

#love   #life   #heart   #loss   #smile   #rhyme   #nostalgia  
4 days ago

crooked teeth means crooked smiles
but perfect they are nonetheless
found a lover in a friend and that's more than okay
we don't have to promise each other anything
other than the night

#love   #depression   #hate   #friend   #smile   #night   #sex   #lie   #promise   #commitment  
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