Amory Caricia
Amory Caricia
21 hours ago

If you're ever feeling blue,
sketch a smile onto your face
Draw the curve and dimples, too
But all in pencil, just in case

Just never sketch a smile in pen
For soon the time could come
A day or two or three or ten
When one starts to feel dumb

Damn the ever-smile
That can never be wiped, Or scraped, or covered fully
For the mockingish smirk
Would start to look like a jerk
And the smiler is now a big bully

And when a dangerous bloke
Asks Ink Face for smoke
And the latter hasn't got any,
The smile of pen is mistook for a poke
And the joke? Well, it's sadly unfunny

Thanks, Graff.
#stupid   #dark   #smile   #ink   #pen   #humor   #pencil  
Sienna Luna
Sienna Luna
1 day ago

Sometimes when I

briefly touch you

I want to sink into

the warmness of your skin

all toasty from that internal heater

you call a body an it's wonderful

how so much heat can come

from such a delicate frame

or maybe  you are my delicacy

to be deliciously eaten

during times of crisis

I only have to think of

the slight curve

of your pink smile

to find warmth.

Sienna Luna
Sienna Luna
1 day ago

Bitter and better

hands frozen splatter

dancing while the world watches

shimmy off their rockets

skimming marbled surfaces

and falling into pits of

pretty red haired young men.

Bitter and better

try sulking in a corner while

the pitiless fruits rot to the stem

and virgin trees collapse with

their leaves falling straight into

a pile of complete disarray.

Bitter and better it's been lately

bringing growls for empty stomachs gone crazy

while wrinkles in young

smooth skin crease around

the edges creating a sort of

dimple or smile line that's

indecent and secret and

sort of sublime.

1 day ago

My insecurities are mine, you try to heal but do not feel the insecurities that I conceal, I store them deep within myself, inside a jar upon a shelf, wear a smile braced like a Sheild, protect yourself, fight not too feel.

But you have broke me, mind and soul, kiss the imperfect make me whole, and in return I'll let you see, her who I so wish to be, I'll let you love what I cannot, for you are what I've always sought, perfection in its place a man, with loving eyes and gentle hands.

#love   #truth   #fear   #hide   #scared   #smile   #demon   #insecurities  
Pamela Rae
Pamela Rae
1 day ago

Peering into the depths
of your smile
is a soul searing, life changing
and most momentous privilege
that will live on in my heart
for all the rest of my days.
You see--
your smile has lifted this foggy veil
that has left me feeling
so immeasurably dazed--
The immense pleasure
of seeing your gracious
and endearing smile
that exudes from
the deepest regions
of your heart and soul
send shivers of delight
through me
and makes me know
that no matter what happens
throughout my day--
your smile will help
to guide my heart
all along the way.
And if only, only
somehow I knew
that you could feel
this immensely huge gratitude
I hold for you!
©Pamela Rae 01.19.2017

You just never know when a smile can change the outlook for someone. I was having such a tough and sad day, yet this lovely soul
stopped me in my tracks with a genuinely beautiful and heartfelt smile.
Suddenly my day felt lighter and free and happy again!
I am so incredibly blessed to have folks who care!
The Smile I received?
it was the sweet and brief poem by Elsa Angelica
#heart   #smile   #soul   #gratitude   #dazed  
3 days ago


It is the poetry of little things that causes the earth to shred and shudder
The poetry of little things that ignites the greatest moments of bliss.
A smile from a little child,
A chuckle from a stranger.
The warmth of a knitted family
The entwining of old friends
And the sweetness that nature brings.
Those little things, garnered with the greatest love
It is the poetry,
The poetry of little things that elicit the greatest happiness

Ovi Odiete© All right reserved

The poetry of little things..
#poetry   #smile   #child   #little  
Sorina Gantt
Sorina Gantt
3 days ago

sunlight trails through his veins,
and with one smile my world is set on fire.
the laugh that escapes his lips crawls under my skin.
it radiates warmth throughout my fragile body.  
and suddenly, I am not fragile anymore.

— s.g.

#love   #sun   #happiness   #smile   #light   #laugh   #warmth   #sunlight   #veins   #fragile  
4 days ago

A kiss on the cheek
A kiss on bare lips
A kiss on the nose
A kiss on bare hips

One kiss to a girl
One kiss to a boy
One kiss to a dog
One kiss to a stuffed toy

Kisses on rooftops
Kisses on beds
Kisses on tiptoes
Kisses thought out in heads

An addict for sure
Is what I must be
For I love me some kisses
And some kisses love me

#kiss   #man   #kisses   #lust   #smile   #lips   #woman   #idk   #addict   #weirdo  
The bloop
The bloop
Dec 30, 2016

I'll close my eyes and you'll be there as if you never left. I'll smile, maybe even laugh because of the silly faces you make .ill reach out with my loving arms and realize that the things ,I wish we can be,i can't have,and love is just a silly dream.

#love   #dream   #fake   #smile   #silly  
5 days ago

A warm cup of tea and seeing his smile
Perfect ombres and a comfortable couch
A song with a beautiful melody
You may be wondering what these have in common
They're all things that bring me joy

The scent of fresh blueberry muffins
The sunset on a warm summer day
Going to the lake
Clearly my prompt for the day was joy

Knowing someone loves me
Taking the perfect shot, photography of course
A nice warm bath and waking up next to you
All these things seem simple and ordinary
But to me they mean the world, and that's all that matters.

#love   #happiness   #smile   #joy   #warmth   #tea   #prompts  
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