Temporal Fugue
Temporal Fugue
7 hours ago

A slip of tongue.......on deaf ears
Moments passing.......as would years
A lighthouse..........standing unmanned
Skyscrapers...........of straw and sand
A battle of words......with idiots
Fields of blood.........by patriots
A fight on graft........per foolish twits
Unarmed men.......sans all wits
A demon's wants.....destroying dreams
Politic bodies.........advancing schemes
A war on drugs........by cartels
On a slow train........bound for hell

I have no idea, and what's worse, I don't think our leaders do either...
#hell   #lost   #trip   #destination   #twits  

Hell is this house.

Your phone calls
dropping at 4 am
like bomb blasts.

Your perfume,
like a refugee,
living between
my messy
bed sheets.

Your stuff,
strategically forgotten,
in every damn corner.

Each room a minefield.
Each drawer a thread.

I finally finish packing up the last boxes.
Load them in my car.
Close the front door.
Turn the engine on.
See you waving from the rear-view mirror.

#love   #war   #hell   #breakup   #boxes   #bombs   #warzone   #mines   #rearview  
Seth Milliman
Seth Milliman
1 day ago

From the darkness came the red,
Dancing on the Devils head.
Burning fires like the sun,
The Devils deeds yet to be done.
And when the worst brings forth the fall,
You yourself consumed by all.
As terror writes the rotting skull,
The fires of hell become too tall.
And at the end the dark remains,
The Devils joy, unending pain.

#hell   #fire   #pain   #dark   #devil  
Kayla Perkins
Kayla Perkins
3 days ago

Standing at the door, hesitant.
Wondering what I'll see.
The other side is haunting,
The other side's a mystery.

It could be the hell
I've always learned to fear
With dark emerging creatures
And an exit no where near

Drowning in your sorrow
Replaying every trauma
Screaming out to no one
It's more than highschool drama

Demons crawling under your skin
Breaking every bone
Scratching and tearing to get them out
You've never been so alone

Screaming in the night
Gasping your last breath
Ripping your own heart out
But never rewarded death

These images they haunt me,
But I've come to far to leave.
I must know what's in there
And what my future will be..

So here I go..
I open the door...

Oh my god..there it is....
This is what I've been waiting for..

#hell   #fear   #depression   #pain   #death   #scared   #demons   #light   #door   #opportunities  
Saint Titus
Saint Titus
4 days ago

I am scarier as an imitational being
Draw me a context and watch me come to life
Strive with me, we will be friends
Come and watch as unity does commence

Try and wake up in Arcadia
Try waking up in Arcadia
The rings of Saturn turn
And the world turns downright cold
But you won't wake up in Arcadia

Trust me; I've never been so timid
Every grin grimace is as lifeless as my own
Even our souls have begun to tendril shut
Forward thinking and forward feeling
Did I take you? Sorry, I didn’t mean to

Try and wake up in Arcadia
Try waking up, try waking up at all
The rings of Saturn turn
And the world will someday burn
But you don’t wake up
In Arcadia
Try waking up, try waking up at all

The eyes once drawn apart
Have found their way together
Right and left
Every breath
Working on into forever
Like it or not
And I'm sure you don’t know
We will surface soon
And then we will float

Try waking up in Arcadia
You will never wake up in Arcadia
The rings of Saturn turn
And the world became void
But the dream is all there is
You have been awake
There is no awareness
I am doomed

I don't know what i was thinking
#hell   #fire   #death   #ice   #earth   #afterlife   #nirvana   #cold   #arcadia   #spawn  
Pamela Rae
Pamela Rae
6 days ago

Wondering if it's selfish of me to hope for relief?
I keep thinking today is the day
I'll end this grief--
yet each new day brings something new
and now we have more fears to look into
a suspicious spot taking root on my love's right lung
and this after having chemo and the bell had been rung!
We were supposed to be getting the words, "you're all free and clear!"
Instead we're looking at scans in disbelief as we hear,
"It might be a new cancer, but most likely it's not--
it's that same damn colon cancer" -- trying to rob and rot
and steal the healthy tissues inside of my true love
and I want to shout and rant and rage to all above
and wonder why, oh why must we now face this????
Am I not allowed even a few moments of bliss???
We've been talking of marriage, but waiting to hear
that my true love was finally free and clear--
but now we're back into yet another fight
and don't misunderstand, I'll go after this cancer
with all of my might
and he will too---I promise you that right now
and let me say this, (my solemn vow):
We're going to win, damn you cancer all to hell
and once again, we're going to ring that huge chemo bell!

We'll walk away intact and rejoicing in our love
and you angels and gods up above?
Just get ready to see what determination, love and dedication can do
and know that my true love and I will most assuredly make it through!!!
©Pamela Rae 03.23.2017

we are gobsmacked, the news was not good, but our resolve and determination to beat this damn cancer into submission is as strong as ever. Cancer took my little brother--I will NOT let it take my true love!
Please send positive vibes for Round 2 of this fight...
(thank you from my heart) ♥
6 days ago

Damned is the life,
The burns and blemishes.
Heart aflame,
Quivers and fame,
The chilling beasts wavering,
Kills and screams.
Hallucinations and some tints,
The shades are not grey.
The ghettos I'm breaking.

An abstract. Slam.
#broken   #peace   #hell   #life   #dark   #black   #abstract   #damn   #darn   #err1585  

If you're going to hell,
don't worry
The best people are

#hell   #religion  
Mar 21

when i feel your gaze rest upon me
a weight is lifted from my heart
and another is placed upon my throat.
for when you (who is perfect)
and i (who is damned)
join eyes like the mixing of mud and
you steal my words and tear out my voice
imprison me within your sight
and i comply.
for it is you (who is perfect)
and i (who is damned)

why is it that after all this time it doesn't feel like prison?
#hell   #girl   #eyes   #blue   #water   #heaven   #perfect   #mud   #damned   #brown  

Pass the Heroin Needle
Pass the Dope
Pass the Bottle of Whiskey
I just can't cope.
Passing  the hat,
While begging for coins out on the street
Before passing out on the sidewalk
'Cause I ain't got nothin' to eat.

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