Sharde' Fultz
Sharde' Fultz
3 hours ago

HIStory So White  
I'm so sick and tired of hearing about HIStory and its butchery.
It's like every time I go online I'm clicking on what reveals another lie.
Another untold fact.
Another white-washed tale.
Another brother or sister's story to which they said, "What the hell, it's just another nigga. Who they go'n tell?"
But that's not what they teach us "niggas" today
Or the rest of the world
And they smile in our face like its all okay.
History so white, man.
HIS story SO white!
But it simply doesn't add up when we all know this nation was built off the black man's  plight.
By virtue of the blood sweat and tears we poured into this land we took what we were given and molded it into minds of business and healing and growth.
But HIStory wouldn't let you know.
They saw our creativity and ingenuity and either claimed it as their own
Or conveniently failed to mention us for so long
Not giving credit where it's due until you and your whole family's dead and gone
It's 2017 and we still don't know what REALLY went on.
So no, I can't trust this place.
Not with me and my people.
This U.S.of A. That's supposed to be breaking race
But it seems to me we take a step forward and two steps back
Why are our prisons filled to the rim with blacks?
I wanna trust you, America. I really do.
But you aren't giving me much to work with.
I know there are worse places to be.
But I don't always feel like THIS place is for me.
Like, its not always also MY land of the free.
28 days of hollow black reverence doesn't do me much of a service
Besides a reminder of how much you deserted US and OUR histories.
Cause HIStory SO white.

I wanted to write something in honor of black history month.
Zolan Pronsio
Zolan Pronsio
10 hours ago

the anticipation towards this event was extraordinary, one could say it was a real hype.

newspapers, radio and tv stations blared the latest updates, enticing even more interest to the event throughout the months leading up to it.

it was planned to be held in one of the city's largest theater, thousands who had enough money were seated, while the rest got it streaming through the internet.

unlike other theater events, there was no orchestra, people were quiet both inside and outside.

the heavy red curtain had on dim round spot beamed on it, no movement, no sound. there were no noises, it seemed like finally this event was the one that got everyone's attention.

... ...

everyone seemed to be shaken up on the faint sound of a gong that went off, signaling the start of the long awaited main event.

the curtain rolled up really fast and in the following few seconds people were hardly be able to recognize the thing on the stage, the thing that was surrounded by determined and stone faced soldiers, more less even move, before the sergeant signaled the well known sign, fire.

total destruction, leveled cities nearby, hundreds of thousands of dead people all around, no food or water anywhere.

it was deemed a total success ...

based on the rating of the televised and streamed coverage it is certain, this is just the beginning.

stay tuned ... coming soon to a theater near you


get your popcorn and cola while it is not too late

Let them forget the little I did
but always remind them that it was my dream
to change the world, and I started with me
for there wasn't a fulcrum long enough
and a point on which to stand on whilst I
move the world...
Let them forget who I was but the one thing
you should never let them forget are the words I wrote
for it was only such moments when ink bled on paper and
my fingers hurt typing on a keyboard that I was truly alive
Otherwise I was just a lost Gypsy wandering through
a wrong generation...

#poet   #life   #memory   #history   #lonesome  
Lunar Love
Lunar Love
2 days ago

Tell me, are you a library, full of stories?
Are you a collection of fiction and fact that no arms could contain or no minds that could grasp?
I look into your eyes and I get a glimpse of the catalogs and genres which you keep within you.
You must have had your fair share of history; that is one textbook I want to study and memorize by heart.
Do you think I can be the one to take care of you?
I want to keep you a classic and as a monument in this era of advancing technology.
I will clear the dusty parts of your heart and wipe the slippery surface of your crying face.
I will caress every page you own and help restore the words you've been trying to preserve.
I may not be the one who found you first but I will be the one to stay by your side, until the day either of us crumbles.
So let me check your books out and let me return to you so very often.
Let me call you my favorite place and my second home.

wjh--you are a library i would love to go through and would love to visit over and over again.
#love   #books   #history   #library   #study   #goer  
4 days ago

I fought so hard to love
the person I had become
the person I was all along
I dismantled everything
turned it all upside down
I let myself hit rock bottom

I cracked open my chest
in the most painful way
I could think of
so I would never forget
the way it felt to set myself free
in case I was tempted to
hide myself away again.

Yet here I am
soul seeping back into the cracks
feeling unworthy and unaccepted
fitting together the broken bones
of my ribcage
feels like laying bricks
heavy and burdensome
but I knew better.

December 2014
#love   #sad   #alone   #lost   #foolish   #history   #unworthy  
4 days ago

On tv it looks so copper clean
Ringing in naked dreams
Living out those picket fence schemes
To get the American bling

Morality is black and white
There are no heroic black knights
The good guys are just
And they just wear white hats

But life is painful
Like a cancer vampire
Sucking your life force
Pale skin quivering

Dark bags under your eyes
No hair there because of the chemo
Despair and denial on ivy drips
And reality tv made us ill equipped
To handle it

Sometime I wish the tears would stop
That the empathy would vanish from me
That I couldn’t see what I see
See what this reality has made of me

History is white sheets
Red arm bands, fat assholes
Uninformed Loud mouths
A canvass that drips wet with my outrage

I sip the last drops of my stimulants
Drop the anti-depressants in the toilet
Forget my docility
Embrace more than half of my hostility

I don’t think much will change
Despite how hard I clamor
Despite the sparkles and the glamour
How I use the language to entertain and inform

This is therapy
In the form of Poetry

Feb 12

Oh Rome,
You came to our shores
But long before
You conquered
Us with war
You stole our gods
We knew not what for.
You dressed them up
With brand new names
Added some paint and
Gave them new games
And this is how
We were tamed
Not with shame
But with the usurpation
Of our religious nation.

Oh Rome,
We were already in your homes
Bloody martyrs, no longer nomads
The tribes had come together
Tethered to each other within forever
Hungry, but unwilling to be bought
Craving less enslaving
Never reaching what we sought.
We had our one true god
To hell with you and all your pagans
Our souls were purified and no gentiles
Needed saving.
Till Constantine combined
The Christians with the pagan mind
And once again the powers that be
Stole and controlled our religion you see.
We were tamed
Not with shame
But with the usurpation
Of our religious nation

#history   #rome  

there are times
when the thoughts
float through my head,

of you,

and I picture your face as it glows
but from a place of distance
---like it wasn't
that we ended almost 4 years of love in close proximity
--- instead,
it's been 6 months,
and with some distance on the pain,
rationality has processed all aspects of the break
and twisted the Rubix cube of my life back into its
solid reds, blues, greens, and yellows.

as my concentration slips in the early evening,
this distance is replaced with what feels like a soft,
slow-motion punch
---not just to the gut,
but through the gut,
twisting my intestines into knots of withdrawal,
my eyes drooping from
"why does it feel like I've had a death in the family?"

it's like clockwork;
I have a window to work with
each and every morning,
but by 4 PM if I'm caught mid......
-sentence..... in my....
"A History of the Modern Middle East",
my stomach dropping
global oil prices
in the 1960's
under the tutelage
of the
Saudi King
every word I read bounces off my irises
like they were tennis balls
and I'm playing squash with the pages.

Feb 11

We sad strangers have stood idly by
Watching people suffering
Brown skin Muslims rounded up
While waterboard artists play cover up
Unmanned missile launching drone
Blow up innocent bystanders homes
Justice is just a joke’s simple guise
To promote social inequality
Worthless warfare idiot warriors
Public figures probably figure
Were just sheep cow toe to heroes
Noble sacrifices will quiet riots
Justifying all of those lies
Can’t call a soldier on his crimes
Well then string up the general

Written 2011
I am getting real tired of this cycle that rotates back to the same hate.
Feb 10

The war is coming rising rivers of dark red blood will be spilt, stop
Innocent lives spent in the pursuit of greed, glory, and hate, stop
Machine gun turret, grenades, poison gas, planes, submarines, stop
Bullet, blades, blood, enemy-entrenched, death in the mud, stop
Children becoming men before their time dying on your dime, stop
Next war, with oh so many new ways to terminate life, stop
New technology, modern mass media telling us how to feel, stop
Building bombs to kill one another leaving behind crying mothers, stop
Bigger bomb tap that atom go out and get those yellow bastards, stop
Pandora’s box opened up with bitter metal bearing baring hate, stop
Two cities decimated, burning the earth, Heaven cries black tar tears, stop
The cycle continues from war to war the tragedy never seems to end, stop
Human horror, I am begging for the love of all humanity please, stop

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