2 hours ago

She's just a lost mermaid
under this sea of thoughts
begging the sky above her
to grant her only wish
for she's willing to trade her tail
for a pair of lovely wings.

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10 hours ago

He moves
So gracefully
Is what he is to me

An eternal silence
In his presence
I acquired insouciance
From pretense

He released me
From the invisible cage
Of sorrow and paranoia
When he held me
In his warm arms

Like the summer breeze
Memories of the summer feels
The sun is shining
But he is brighter
And warmer

I could never
Let him go
But what a shame it is
To realise

#love   #yearning   #dreams   #romance  
Amalizz Lydia
1 day ago

Forehead kisses in the night
Right before I cling to you,

Tucking my nose in the warmth
of your neck as I breathe in your

I don't want to escape.

I know what will happen next.

I get lost in thoughts of us.

Here you are breathing in my ear, you know how to weaken me.

I try to pull away, but I submit to you.

I've become addicted to this moment.

Then there's forehead kisses in the morning.

                                           -Amalizz Lydia

#love   #kisses   #dreams   #happiness  
Nishat AK
Nishat AK
1 day ago

I'll stop running from myself
When I'll stop ending up running into myself
When dream was the only escape now that it's become a trap,
What do I rely on?

I don't want to find myself everywhere I go
Please tell it to follow me not
with its mind filled with vicious thoughts

Thoughts that crumbles me
Purple flashes of anger
It's just the sky rumbling

Will you ever come,
pick up the scattered pieces?
And squeeze it all back into the places,

With the embrace I yearn for?

You, the mystery I loved.

You, the treasure I lost.

Adam Mott
Adam Mott
2 days ago

World of worlds, under great impression
Which word of choice would lend the greatest voice?
Could life give such a gift
Or, perhaps, merely bestow further myth?
Under everything that has and will come
In silence of our hearts
Will time mend all such parts
Or simply induce the next to enter
Unto a valley of evolving platitudes

#poem   #sad   #depression   #life   #pain   #happy   #dreams   #smile   #you   #me  

Rosary dreams...

Picked up my pen...
and started to write...
writing and fighting words...
fighting with words which i pen...
maybe it will express about what inside me...
to express about the rosary dreams which i always live in...
dreams which aspire to reach the glory...

dreamed about it...
tried to work for it...
did all my best to get it as a reality...
and to be some thing...
some thing that can be an honor to me...

start writing...
write the pains which i feel about...
the pains because of those dreams...
the dreams which still not be a real yet...

our pains are because of those dreams...
dreams which we try to live in...
dreams which we saw and never to get it ,never...

but it seems so hard and difficult to be...
because the beauty dreams which we imagine...
never to be alive in our life...

maybe because of the stress which we suffer in...
and because of the oppositions in our souls...

but i will write and to express...
and its my rights to write...
to write about the life which i hope to...
at least i am writing now...
so i am alive...

dreams still dreams...
and never to be more than dreams...

by: hazem al ...

#dreams   #rosary  
Alice Malice
Alice Malice
1 day ago

The fields roll gold
against the emerald
and violet edges
of dusk creeping in
and I found you
an oak tree and
I took you in
while ravens watched
and there's nothing
like those
magic moments
of in between

I saw the fog
roll in
like a dream,
cold and cozy
against my parents
blue beach house,
a shabby thing
a shabby little sea town
and I watched
tea steam
against the glass
and heard boats calling
and I
know I'm safe
but the dinner dad made

The night owl
comes to take me home
and I'm longing
for some sense of
but she
wraps those broom-bloom
wings around me
and suddenly
am so afraid to fly
because when I open eyes
into bright lights
I know
I'll forget
what it means to die.

A patchwork in every sense of the word

take me to the whisky b a r
i will play you a song on my beaten down guitar.

and the smell
of                                               french perfume
all i want to do my dear, is drink. whisky. with.

d.d. #50
Jimmy Elbert
Jimmy Elbert
2 days ago

You can't grow a tree with a flower seed,
Some people are just off by being small,
Maybe sometimes the best way to lead,
Is by not leading at all.

An endless sets of chains with trying to satisfy,
Everyone you fear from and hide,
All will establish their theories to defy,
Everything that already been defied.

Enough is just a word that is enough to write,
Nothing is enough the way it should,
If you were made of gold they'll say your light hurts our sight,
You shine so much and that's noy good.

Not everyone must be planned for something big,
Some people fate with them never fit,
If i was made to dig a hole then i shall dig,
But if i wanted to stay please let me sit.

So kind of you telling me who to be,
Trying to save the last grain of your pride,
Wanting to inherit your dreams to me,
It's not my fault that your dreams died.

#dreams   #block   #blokhah  
2 days ago

When I was a child,
I dreamt I could fly,
When I woke, I tried for a while
As hard a I might, it was a lie!

When I was a child,
I dreamt I could breathe
Under water for a while.
Awake I tried but air I need!

As I grew up, those silly dreams I forgot,
Until one day I jumped out of a plane,
With a parachute, the wind I caught.
Flying like Superman, it was insane!

As I grew up, those silly dreams I thought I forgot,
Until I dove deep down under water,
With scuba gear that I bought.
Swimming like a mermaid was not a bother!

Looking back now, I see
Those silly little dreams
Were always a part of me.
Dreams come true, it seems!

True story. When I went skydiving, I was wearing a t-shirt with the Superman emblem on it. I wonder what other dreams I forgot...
#dreams   #true   #positive   #insight  
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