"Out of dark matter the light will form; every trial has an expiration date."

Unbearable dark,
the kind that's pitch black;

Fierce and formidable chaos
consumes everything.

On nights like these
I long for a piece of light,
peace of mind,
a sliver of moonlight
to gleam in the gloom;
an ending to long suffering.

To find shelter
in the open arms of hope,
uplift my soul,
I will cast my burdens
like stones into the riverside,
watch them sink out of sight.

Feast my weary eyes
on the bulb of fireflies,
let my mind break free
of impossibility,
explore the astral plane of dreams;
far from view
of obscene reality,
safe and secure,
knowing this too shall pass.

I will escape the empty glass,
elude the shadows overcast;
outgrow the dead grass.
No longer outcast
I will Breathe
and bloom again at last.
Outlast, the storm.

#peace   #depression   #anxiety   #hope   #dreams   #light   #chaos  
Ola Radka
Ola Radka
9 hours ago

Take good care of your dreams;
they are your heart's secret yearnings.

Take good care of your dreams;
they express your inner voice,
the only one that you need to hear.

Take good care of your dreams.
When they die,
life is nothing more than a cage,
and you are a bird that cannot fly.

17 hours ago

I go to sleep at
eleven eleven so
all my dreams come true
I wake with a 1:00 am
nightmare, it's reality.

a tanka is a form of 5 lined Japanese poem like haiku save for more syllables that goes in the order of: 57577.
#haiku   #dreams   #night   #nightmare   #tanka   #1111   #owls   #1am  
Budhaditya Bose
Budhaditya Bose
17 hours ago

Dreams of the night sky, where
your eyes echoed The Moonlight,
and your warmth gave me a
place to cry.

The blue of the Ocean, The
shies of the waves, And the
pebbles and the sands were
just on the side.

The half opened eyes, and
the parched lips, that I kissed,
for a time that The Moon
shifted a slight.

My fingers painted you
with the red of your blood,
even our breath subdued the
voice of the waves.

Counted the stars, But
it was less than our thoughts.
our souls merged, as blue
as The ocean.

Woke up in the hustling city with
a ringing phone. The souls talked
and screamed and cried, till
the phone beeped.

It wasn't eternity, Nor blue.
Wasn't the souls, that merged.
Cuz, all at the end, I grin, It was
Just a dream...

Nothing matters. Coz it was just a dream
#love   #sad   #pain   #memories   #dreams   #dark  
Merope Angel
Merope Angel
21 hours ago

Atop the highest peak
Of the steepest mountain
Where Sisyphus rolls his stone
And the eyes of God see clearly
A small girl holds her legs and
With her face hidden
Sheds tears of self destruction, each thought making her soul glow brighter beside her

A blinding white light from the cliff top
Begging, "God, bring me home."
And all the crowd of the public
Shuffles on, unknowing

#dream   #dreams  
S Layaan
22 hours ago

Eyes fixated on the skies
Watching a star
Dancing to a tune
Such an enthralling dance
Oh she's coquetting with the moon
Illuminating the heavens
Lighting up the skies
Like a diamond delicately strewn
So ethereal
She jumps and twirls
Like a dainty ballerina
So out of this world
But she's got to hurry up
The sun is on its way
There will be no let up
End this amorous array
To discouple this heavenly tryst
Just like yesterday
When she tried to persist
And the days before that
But baby you can't twist
These legislations
Go get all miffed
Just like yesterday
When you tried to desist
And the days before that
You catchin' my drift?
Eyes heavy with slumber
Vision covered in mist
I sleep to the sight of a blazing sky
To the sight of a passionate rift
Dreaming about this celestial pair
They danced and hugged and kissed


#love   #dreams   #hopes   #stars   #celestial   #heavenly  
1 day ago

Dreams in the night
Like a mysterious sigh,
Make me wonder
who passes by.
Dead eyes wonder
through the vague purple tone,
Of a lost soul
looking for home.

I long to touch you
with my likeness of love,
And be the one
you always think of.
The beauty of desire
and wanting to need,
Fly through my heaven
in songs that I bleed.

#dreams   #mystery  
Jonny blaze
Jonny blaze
1 day ago

My life consist of complex inginueity striving to be original but molding to the harshness of what the world is doing to me. Am i wrong for contemplating my lifes decisions. Because this isnt the way things where suppost to come out in my own depiction on the out come of my life. Maybe its my thoughts that are making me insane since i constanly think all i am is trash but theres a saying one persons trash is another treasure not sure if weather to believe it or not because woman come and go i just dont measure up to the dream guy. Maybe its my icebox heart that lets them see the coldness in my eyes gazing into theres filling false hopes of prosper and love each seem to be lies. Just to watch them break down in tears with no remorse when i see them cry since id rather not catch feelings being to scared to see where true love coulf take me honestly i dont know why. Im screaming in rage from the inside like im traped in a four corner room staring at walls hyperventilating unable to get out im balled up  feeling trapped im at a loss. Maybe you the reader cant understand what i mean maybe you can i feel like my life has been a bunch of ups and downs more downs then ups i was just a accidental nut that swam into the womb since my fathers pull out game wasnt fast enough now im stuck with the harsh reality of a cold world that beats me down after i get back up when will enough be enough maybe i need to find love and stop trying to hide the void wheres my diamond in the rough maybe I'm thinking again to much enough is enough

#love   #life   #hate   #lust   #dreams   #me   #madness   #random   #thoughs   #crazyness  
Joanne Heraghty
Joanne Heraghty
2 days ago

Can I keep you in my pocket,
And bring you around everywhere I go?

I have a wonderful little idea for you and me,
Do you want to know?

We meet eyes across a dark world,
And we cause an explosion of light.

Our bodies shiver, that warming, joyful kind,
And the feeling rushes from our hearts, just like a plight.

Our hands fit together perfectly,
And we kiss like Eskimos in their igloos.

We can build up a small house on a hilltop,
With a glass ceiling, if you choose?

I know how much you love the night sky,
And you know I love it too.

I would lay there with you always,
As the skies turn from blue to black, and black to blue.

On our hilltop, we'd be surrounded by green grass,
And flowers would grow between each blade.

There would be a tall tree overhanging our small house,
And, on hot days, we would sit under it for some shade.

I'd make you laugh just to see that amazing smile,
And your eyes would twinkle brighter than the moon.

You'd pull me closer and let me stand on your toes,
As we both danced to our favourite tune.

You'd whisper words no one has ever told me,
Three words that mean so much more.

And you'd wonder as we get lost in each other's eyes,
If our hearts had once known each other before..

If I keep you in my pocket,
My dreams may one day come true.

You'll meet my eyes across the dark world
And then I can live happily, in the light, with you.

21 January 2017

Copyright © All Rights Reserved Joanne Heraghty
#love   #life   #home   #happy   #dreams   #you   #light   #soulmates   #paradise  
Alan S Bailey
2 days ago

Like the ring of a bell in the distance
some trance which in an instance
can seem like it lasts an eternity,
I embrace the natural wild just as much as I can,
I know it's not a normal thing
but life is short and I am happiest free.
Lost in the moonlight halo or entrenched
in active chaotic madness, it's all the
same to me. A vagabond, a fool,
I earned this by word of mouth alone,
never again truly kissed, scarred and yet my poor
living is sacred, there is no place I can call my own,
this all I am thinking as I drift off to sleep
for the very last time, as you hold my shaky hand,

there is little I'd have left for my journey while
they take all they can that is left
of my world all for the sake of greed,
of nothing but selfish sentimentality,
I am already guilty, instantly proven guilty,
so for once let me be.

#truth   #sad   #time   #lost   #dreams   #free   #guilty   #hand   #greed   #kissed  
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