My "White Identity" became a Killer Identity.
It wanted to dominate over Others
By making them White and Pale......
Ashen in complexion.
The Color of Death.

1 day ago

Time passed as time would,
Years turned into centuries.
Human lifetimes faded into darkness.
Long past is the times of understanding the value of nature.
Ecosystems now sit smoldering, dead and attempting to recover.
Smoke rises from the shed and destroyed cities.
Humans destroyed by nuclear power.
Somewhere along the way we lost what made us human.

#love   #pain   #future   #happy   #time   #dark   #cold   #bomb   #destruction   #ecosystem  

Who should be our scapegoat?
Who is to blame?
Who should we terrorize
When we go insane?
When we're possessed
By envy, jealousy and greed,
Who should we destroy
To get what we need?

2 days ago

They are in the movies
They are on TV
You'll want everything they "have"
But, baby, it ain't free
They roam the streets
Looking for you
I think you will agree
They will make you "better"
You, too, can be OT!
Just like John Travolta
Tom Cruise, Kirstie Ally
They target you to have you test
Your personality

Do you REALLY feel good?
Or are you kinda stuck?
Are you checking every box?
Or are you out of luck?
Well! They have the answers
To bring you from the muck!
YES. It is expensive
You want to keep on paying?
Out those thousands shuck!

You do your engram Clearing
You do your TRs
You go to them religiously
You do them for hours
But you feel no better
And still the money showers...

Finally you're OT VIII
You're way past being "Clear"
But you still feel angry
You still have a lot of fear
On top of that you are in debt!
Your LIFE is in AREARS!
If you decide to LEAVE them
They'll pester you for YEARS!

If you go on staff
Folks, it is much WORSE
They'll own your life
But THAT is for another time
I'll tell you, of course
For now I'm not speaking of that

Then I'll SHOUT until I'm HOARSE!!!

Catherine E Jarvis
(c) 2/22/2017

This is the third time I've written this!
The computer "ate" the first two poems!
Anyway, I want to tell you all I've decided
to go on Twitter to FIGHT this odious
"Church". They've hurt THOUSANDS
perhaps MILLIONS with their pernicious
policies. They nearly destroyed MY LIFE.

I will be on HP occasionally.
But, my fellow poets, I MUST DO THIS!
If I can stop ONE PERSON from becoming
entangled in their web of deceit & destruction
it will be WORTH IT!

Maria Imran
Maria Imran
4 days ago

Use this deep discomfort, this anxiety sprouting from your ruins within

(Never fall for a fool again?)
5 days ago

I can't get a finger on what's writhing inside of me
It might be the strongest monster the world's ever seen
Or just something I ate
Inside of me there is a war of wars
A spiteful one at that
My head wants me to do one thing
but my heart says to hell with that
Emotions and words dictate what my next move is
but all I want to do is the right thing
Why won't I just listen
To what I need to do
Why is it that
Things are spelled out and I still don't know what to do
Maybe I missed that in my education
A gap from the teacher to my ears
Hopefully I'll figure it out within the short years
I'm leaving soon
my clock is limited
the crying of the younger age is gone
And all I see before me now
Is the great destruction.
(c) 2017

To me, I honestly don't know how simple the glide into adulthood is going to be.
God save new adults which really also means me.

"Mirror, mirror on the Wall,"
"Who is the craziest Motherfucker of them all!?"
(Response of Mirror.)
"You think you're crazy."
"You think you're insane."
"But there is a Man in the White House."
"I refuse to utter his name."
"He thinks he's a Genius."
"He thinks he's Great."
"His Ultimate Aim"
"Is the Destruction"
"Of the United States."

The Fanatically Divine  Apocalyptic Euphoria
Of Hurling towards a Cataclysmic Explosion!
Am I sitting next to a Radical Islamic Suicide Bomber in his Pickup Truck?
No, I'm making plans for the Destruction of America in the White House
With President Donald Trump.

Feb 15

You opened me a door
I once thought I never knew
You showed me heaven
And so high I flew with you

But heaven became painful
And slowly I came to knew
That this is not what it seems
But I fear not for I'm with you

Hell masked as heaven
I wished earlier I already knew
The flame opened my eyes
And realized that the devil was you

i just wrote this thinking about a love that's sweet at first but slowly consumes the life out of you.
#love   #hell   #sad   #pain   #angel   #mask   #heaven   #devil   #realization   #destruction  

Is the Correct Religion.
White is the Superior  Race
And, by the way, would it be okay with you
If we destroyed the the United States?

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