All aboard!
All aboard!
All aboard!
Step right up
To the Train Wreck Express.
You don't have to get your ticket
From Union Pacific.
All you have to do
Is be a citizen of the United States of America
And you will catapult towards Catastrophe
In this fanatical, delusional, megalomaniacal  train
Driven by your new President,
Donald Trump!

We can save lots of data on our computers,
We can save lots of photos,
But we aren't gonna' be able to save everything.
We aren't gonna' be able to save everyone.
Some are gonna' get wiped out.

How can I oppose all the policies of President Donald Trump
When I no longer have an faith in Western Civilization?
If I believed that the Western notions of "Progress" were beneficial,
I would also have to believe that Rape is preferable
To Consensual Sex.

The United States of America
Is dead.
President-elect Donald Trump
Speaks of "Making America Great",
But he is planning to DESTROY
Everything that has already made America Great.
He'll dismantle our National Parks......
The Shrines where we go to restore our Spirits.
He doesn't realize
That the Native American Culture
Oftentimes represents
The most WHOLESOME aspect of our Society,
Which we can share with friends
He's contemptuous of it.
Under his Leadership,
We will be a nation
Of Ostentation,
And Conspicuous Consumption
That people around the World
Will hate with a passion.
As a Jewish-American,
My ancestors came to the United States
To escape Religious Persecution in Eastern Europe,
I'm expecting nothing less
Than an American Holocaust,
With White Supremacists Death Squads,
Emboldened by Trump's Victory,
Prowling the Streets,
In search of hapless victims.

Dog hunters in the red sunset
laugh as they eat their cheese
The day's work all but over
when the canine bites back
Now the controls of the keep
handed over to the thief
and when the motionless gears
start to grind, the trapdoor
beneath and below us
creeps open
The NATO-Libya Calypso
falling without end
as Israeli missiles strike Damascus
again and again drone horror preys
On Gaza like the plague and pornographic news feeds
Necrophilia without borders
as the body hoarders come home to roost
Floating on the shores of Lesbos and Lampadusa
Neolithic man huddles in the shade
cold, fully frozen tanks at the border
with dead and dying horses by the side
Stalingrad slams open the mortuary
children and babies lay dying in Poland
as Dresden becomes a holy feast
All these friends of mine piled high
because of policy in the Middle East
and funerary masses behind icicles, bone yards
The Christened water and the wine
flowing forward and upward
Christendom and an end to holy empire
screams Justinian the First
Constantinople ravaged by ISIS
America looks onward, Vulcan sharpening a sword,
Neptune waiting with Chamber room chords
and jazzy discord abhorred by Christians  
Four more years the crowds
swarmed the orator
crying for more bloodshed in Syria
and for the end of the Yemenese Civil War
All over South America the coca and trees
sell for higher and higher
and the CIA and Putin Regime fix another meal
and play the towne crier?
the dark horse awaits evermore
forever waiting in marble halls
to announce more and more bloodshed
without remorse
without recourse
four more years forevermore
love yours truly
more and more
everyday moreover
morsels and bones
raining evermore

Sergeant Weeble, stepped up
to the firing line
insuring every soldier
aimed, and took his time

The evil dinosaur rebellion
it just had to be put down
saving every good toy motionless
on the battleground

The Sergeant loudly exclaimed
all is not, as it is claimed
Destroyer released, within the foyer

The fell Destroyer now freed
to deliver killing blows
the rank and file reminder
a laying low, of friend, and foe

It doesn't matter, if you take
all the toy guns away
a tennis ball destroyer
will always, win the day

I remember hours spent lining up my toys, and knocking em down time and time again. Who needs toy guns, when an imaginative weapon, requires only two fingers on my hand, with a hammer thumb? :D

Destruction slayed all emotions.
Cold and stormy in my head.
A sudden shock to my heart.
And my eyes turned red.

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I am the destroyer, never the builder.
I take, and I break,
and leave nothing behind
that can be rebuilt again.

When I walk through the ash,
and the destruction spills
through my fingers, I realize
my life is already gone.

When the Suicide Bomber rammed a truck full of explosives
Into a crowd of festival goers,
The Public SEEMED quite disturbed,
But their outrage was really  fake
And they subsequently elected Suicide Bombers as Leaders,
Hurling Planet Earth
Towards an Ecoapocalyptic Doom

Jan 9

would you rather destroy

                                                everything you love


                               let everything you love

                                                                          destroy you?

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