7 hours ago

I am,
So alone,
It keeps me up at night,
The deafening silence,
Won't let me turn off the light,
And I see them on a screen,
For a while at least,
People who I call my friends,
Though they don't really know me,
Old friends,
Distancing me,
And I feel I can't sleep,
I'm losing,
All control,
Cuz no ones here to catch me when I fall.

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claire elizabeth
claire elizabeth
18 hours ago

you've seen me
at my best
you've seen me
at my worst
you've seen
what I've gained
you've seen
what I lost
losing a friend didn't matter as much as
losing myself
and then I found both
at the same time

Lucy Ennis
Lucy Ennis
19 hours ago

Meandering, staggering, the squelch of fun
I cross the field of dreams 
To step off the world, just for a while 
Is all one needs it seems 

You captured my heart, I cannot explain 
What you do to me 
The world outside, a thing of the past 
I'm wrapped in a bubble of glee 

You're good for the soul but that's not all
You take my troubles away 
And if I could, no matter how I ache 
A few more days I'd stay 

But a few more days is never enough 
I never want to leave 
My heart, forever in your mud 
The real world you reprieve 

And as all the years go by 
I never do forget 
All of the joy you give to me 
And I ain't seen nothin yet


Oh how I love Glastonbury Festival
Icarus Serrano
Icarus Serrano
21 hours ago

For the first time in my life I'm writing to my friends. Or maybe it's for my friends.
Because I never thought things would end like this. I never thought things would even end.

They've been here for years and they'll be here for more, I thought.
But all that was lost when they saw my life as a battle to be fought.

I've never been good with spoken words but I've never been silent with my writings.
So I'm speaking and shouting and yelling about how I never knew things were ending.

Tell me things. Anything. Please. I'm so lost at what to do. Specially here and now that I don't have any one of you.

I know it's not good, you could say unhealthy, even. But I've grown so used to all of you, you were my safest haven.

But I know I lost it. And I know that you see it.
But help me out and tell me why you saw my friendship and decided to drop and leave it.

So this is my sorry. And my thank you. And my fare well.
I know you are all better without me but i won't be better without you, and I hope you can never tell.

January 13, 2017
This one's for my friends, or should I say ex friends.
I guess they were right when friends can break you heart too, cause the hurt will never ever s ends
2 days ago

It's when,
My eyes sting,
Because the air,
So cold,
Because I am outside,
And I'm walking the same trail,
I always go,
By myself,
And it's always fine,
But this time,
It was something else,
I have walked this road alone,
And never felt lonely,
For my heart was comforted,
By the knowledge,
That i have you to lean on,
And then,
I didn't.
So now,
I'm walking alone,
And the difference is,
I feel it.

#friends   #broken   #sad   #depression   #lonely   #heart   #depressed   #over   #walk   #road  
Eric Lewis
4 days ago

I will close my eyes
Perspectives will tell
A perfect obscenity
Im perfectly numb
You think its simple
I bleed thoughts like rivers
And exhale fears
Turn me to understanding
That I accept why
That I put my fists down
And stop punching walls
Assure me you have not gone
Surround me in my uncertainty
Read me like a book
Then rewrite my pages
Tear our my ending
Finish the beginning
I pray you hear me
And cut the ties that fit my bind
I don't want to stop
I just want to rest awhile
I just want to rest..

5 days ago

true friendship is being able to stay up until 4am just talking and laughing about random things
it is having a very good time even without alcohol
most of all, time spent with true friends is never boring no matter what you're doing
because time spent with friends,
is time that is always going to be worth spending

it's the littlest of things that sometimes should matter the most
Arcassin B
Arcassin B
5 days ago

By Arcassin Burnham

I couldpour the passion into this conversation,
We could talk awhile and have more further relations,
It's okay to be a little shy due to persuasion,
Don't be lost from the fallen dreams,
Please don't put the blame all on me,
For making you head over heels for me,
There's nothing volatile in our chemistry,
I was wrong enough to lead you on in the making,
I'm always nervous that's why I'm shaking,
Composure fail,
The love prevails,
A little off,
Your skin is pale.

Temporal Fugue
Temporal Fugue
6 days ago

Dashing through the days and nights
searching my burning heart, and mind
never hearing sounds, or seeing sights
disciplines, that don't align

No patience for the building blocks
no cool thoughts or measured plans
a breaking of all the logical locks
as down the silent road, I ran

Drawing circles of friends not possible
when heat drives me to extremes
not a weighing of the feasible
but burning bridges, as I scream

My dreams upon the jagged rocks
as sand within my tight held hand
time moves, without all clocks
ice contracts, and fire, expands

This just kinda came out, looking back, I don't have any friends older than 10 years. Am I too picky? Or just scared of anybody getting that close?
Jan 15

I'll be counting down the days
until I see you again
until I'm looking into your eyes
with nothing in between

I'll be thinking about you
until I get off the plane
until I run into your arms
until there's nothing in between

I miss a lot of people right now, whether because of physical distance or emotional distance. I had a dream about seeing them again.
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