Liza Ann Marie
Liza Ann Marie
4 hours ago

I cannot even
Begin to tell you how much
I've missed our friendship.

February 19, 2017.
I recently contacted a friend I haven't spoken to in a long time, and we ended up talking until 2am last night. I've missed him and his friendship so much, and I honestly hope I don't lose him again.
20 hours ago

Friends just so you know
doesn't matter to me

If you're a penguin,
mongoose, or a tiger

i think you're fabulous
and worth more than gold

#love   #friends  

I spent years on our relationship.

I have lots of friends like you.

But your betrayal hit me like whip.

And if I only had friends who are true.

I’d only need one

to replace you.

Putting others first

can mean a good friend

but it is cursed.

It makes you blend,

teaching your friends the worst

putting you second, becomes their thirst.

#friends   #first   #cursed   #second   #blend  
Toy Rabbit
Toy Rabbit
2 days ago

When life comes down
and your smile seems to fade
just remember
I will always be there
to keep you safe from the world
to hold you in my arms
to snuggle with you till you stop crying
To let you know You are not alone
No one is
Cause I will always be here
as long as you believe in me
no one is alone
not even me
and I am just your toy rabbit

~By Toy Rabbit

#love   #friends   #sad   #happy   #cute   #family   #toy   #bunny   #comfert  
Gul e Dawoodi
Gul e Dawoodi
2 days ago

I fail to see what's hidden behind,
Smiles, and faces so good at pretending
Long have I been familiar with these names ;
But this unfamiliarity is never ending
Felt the warmth of compassion as long as we talked
Then, their shadows faded and left me thinking;
Is this what they mean by amity  ?
To be held close for a moment;
And then be left alone the other second
And as I dug deeper and deeper I found,
These memories that I hold on to
Are nothing but a bunch of  good byes

#friends   #life   #alone   #strangers   #masks   #pretend  

I think about it
I think about it
I think about it
Sitting here with you
I think about it
I feel shame
I think about it
I feel hate
I think about it
Sex has changed
I think about it
Sitting here
With a smoke in my hand
A coffee on my lips
And I think about it
I think about it
Red light
Worst night
Too drunk
and I think about it
Not my house
Not my friends
Making out
God I think about it
I think about it
Red light
Worst night
I think about it

Some things don't leave you...
#friends   #drunk   #bad   #night   #red   #sex   #light   #house   #rape   #bonfire  
Hannah Rogers
Hannah Rogers
3 days ago

I have a longing to meet someone whom I've never met before
I will miss her
Even though i've never met her
Which is so confusing
Because I've grown so attached to her
Over video calls and text messages
Midnight confessions and our little fan girl obsessions
I miss her
Even though I have only known her months
I feel as though I have known her my whole life
Even though an ocean separates us
I feel as though she is right next to me
Even though we only speak through phone calls and texts
I feel like she is my best friend

Send condolences,for my family and i'll share some tears,
I just try take u out of my memory,
and pls wears something black as usual,
Just to say goodbye
and let some roses on my grave
Cuz baby, im dead

And I need to kill me
That's the only way to get you out of my head,
Kill you on my memory,
cuz you said to pretty things,
I really want to kill me,
just for this pain disappear

And so why ?
why all the funerals have rain days,
with all black umbrellas,
just for the underground cry too,
but im dead.

I just need to say sorry
That's the only thing you say when you lose someone,
and i need to say sorry,
for fall in love with you.
And when i found you're just a friend,
i said  what about us, well what about me?

And he said u always be my fav one.


Skyye Yoder
Skyye Yoder
3 days ago

The ones I hold most dear seem to never look my way

when I need them most, they always stray

but maybe one day, one of them might stay,

Just a fleeting feeling that came across my mind today.
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