Jack Jenkins
Jack Jenkins
19 hours ago

I think it's about time I
faced all of my devils
that I buried so deep.

I think it's about time I
woke up from this slumber
I have cast upon myself.

The man in the mirror is
so different from the man
I have always strove to be.

I'm done with maybe's
& want to's
& wish I's
& just am's

I'm going to accept the darker
pieces of my soul I kept locked
and buried away.

I lose myself in my lusts
but I never lose my care
for those who I love.

I get swallowed up in
agonies too great to understand
but I never will end it all.

I have the greatest
friends in the world
who understand why.

Thank you all for your
love and support you give
for forgiving me when I get carried away.

Thank you so much to those who meet me where I'm at. You all know who you are and I love you very deeply. <3
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1 day ago

My God is the composer of my score
My Mother is the key signature that guides my notes
My Father is the 4/4 that keeps me on tempo

And you my dear friend,
You are the reason for the music of my soul

#friends   #music  

You never made me feel
as special as others make me feel now.
You never treated me that well
as much as others do now.
I know you told me you
never loved me truly
But my friends do..
they are more than what I ever hoped.
Its all about people, its how they are raised to be..
that's the difference between you, me and others.
The way you treated me doesn't let me
believe that I could be treated well.
But yes, they are treating me well.
How I wish I could make them feel
as special as they make me feel too.
How I wish I could forget everything
and start with a new slate!
How I wish..but wishes are not for me anymore!

How I wish I could feel more than before
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Kewayne Wadley
Kewayne Wadley
2 days ago

Happiness consists of effort.
It doesn't have to be perfect to be a token of appreciation.
Steadily available to be itself.
No matter how weird or silly things can get.
During these times we are tested with the vanity of our self.
Finding it much easier to walk away from a simple misconception.
It is important not to get caught up in the reflection we see.
For then we become unappreciative of the blessings around us.
Not recognizing ourself in the same image we perceive as happiness.
With a single view that things are only as bad as we allow.
Not realizing the depth of which when and how we fall.
Confusing the physical with a mental permission that effort alone is not enough.
In a combined effort of feeling whole.
The perception of how we see the ones we love becomes their world as well as our world entirely
And their expression alone is priceless

Timothy hill
2 days ago

Is a experience the same in other views or same in ours and yours mine any ones.

You are eight teen, you love music and dance you have many friends yet you feel bitter towards some.

Why is your soul damp and pinched with salt.

Flew from common cloudys of gray with the hope to change your ways.

For family and friends pray for the day.

Hope friends love
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2 days ago

I can't feel bad for you,
this is your own fault,
you let this happen.
You never wanted to
change your life
for the better,
and now here
you are,
and alone.

#love   #friends   #sad   #heart   #alone   #friendship   #bad   #change   #unhappy   #heartbroken  
2 days ago

I hope you find who you are
                            what you are looking for
                            your happiness
                    and true love.

2 days ago

You're hiding who you are
and I hope you realize
that once you show everyone
the real you, they will love you
even more.

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2 days ago

You often cross my mind,
not in a hateful way,
trust me,
but more of...
I'm just really wondering
how you are doing...

#friends   #friendship   #mind   #old   #cross   #wondering  
2 days ago

You were my friend
before anything,
but you seemed
to forget that
along the way.

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