23 hours ago

I can't feel bad for you,
this is your own fault,
you let this happen.
You never wanted to
change your life
for the better,
and now here
you are,
and alone.

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If my psychi were a body of its own
My melancholy would be the eyes
running like a broken faucet
a stream of confused
My anger would be the heart
beating deep in my chest
harder and harder as if trying to
My lonliness would be the belly
deep with hunger that seems
My ambitions would be the bowels
a canal of waste moving downward
a perpetual flow of filth
I sift through my own feces in hopes of finding something
worth keeping
Something worth doing until
The Inevitable punchline
to a bad, fucking, joke.

In a similar vein to my previous poem, "Steve Austin" which isn't about the wrestler by the way.  Naming conventions are fun to play around with haha
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6 days ago

It's been years since I first saw you,
Still hoping that my dreams will come true.

I was eating with my lonely mood,
Then you walk across in front of me,
I felt full though I didn't finished my food,
But it makes me hungry just when I see.....

You were in someones hand,
Laughing like you're telling me its the end,
We don't even had a single said,
But it kills me double dead.

As I left you out of my sight,
You stays in my mind,
with a guy holding you tight,
And I'm ready for a fight!

Then at our first semester,
She's my classmate and I talk to her,
We became friends and closer,
and Everyday we were together.

Until she broke up with her lover,
It was the happiest day ever,
My tears flow like a river,
I knew it! she's my forever.

But at that moment, I knew it wasn't right,
I saw a light!
It's bright!
Then I woke up!
My mother woke me up.

and til now, Shes just a love story that only exist in my dreams

The end
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Don't ask me how I got here, kid.
unless every time your College head hears the 20th century definition of "Awesome" or "Adventure"
You can hear "sandstorm" instead
wrap the lust in caution tape.
don't want you finding out
Our feet
are the same size.
you're anxious

can't you sit still?

you afraid of bein' caught?

Let me tell you a secret.
nobody is watching you.

If you really wanna learn how to get here

live by that.

I assumed you wanted something?
Follow me.
don't be afraid of that cloud Over there
He just plays guitar
for cigarettes
So he can smoke 'em
Simple man, that Smokey
Not in the kiddy selling business,
Or a mercenary, or part of the
in and out
and in and out and in
and out
Of jail crew
he just plays guitar
and smokes cigarettes.
marlboro reds.
how many did you want?
Would you stop talkin' so fast?

remember not to take more than two.

And you're eating?

I take care of you...

how about a kiss?

Oh, ho
ho And you were scared of the clouds.

Light it.

put your clothes on kid.
good luck on your finals.

remember to eat.

remember who takes care of you.

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In every life
there comes a time
when even anguish
isn't sad.
In every soul
there's a part
where even tears
make you laugh.
And despite all these
seemingly biological errors,
we thrive on the
Terrific vs Terror.
Perhaps we must learn to live above it all
Happy; Sad
Angry and Mad.
or Bad.
The frightening truth may be
there really is no such thing
and that what we see
is no more than imaginary.
And what do you think might happen,
if we let it all go.
Stopped making sense
and simply lived life,
How It Was Meant.


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If all were either black or white,
If grey areas there were none;
If all were either wrong or right,
One or the other, no question,
Would it be either good or bad?
Would it be a blessing or curse?
Would it make us happy or sad?
Would we be better off or worse?

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What is a bad habit?
Overthinking will do it,
So does participation,
In emotional manipulation,
Totally bad habits,
Overthinking does it!

Feedback welcome.
#bad   #habit  

I'm not a bad college student.
We'll start with that.
When I do skip class,
I try to do it on review days.

-E (c) 2017

Why is this my life?
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Mar 10

No one likes my poems
Maybe you will like this
Because it's about Rubicon
Juicy, loosy goosey Rubicon baby
Oh yeah, uh, uh, rubicon

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