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Nov 2019 · 206
Her, 2019
Ztef Nov 2019
Look at her, still braving the tides
through hell and high water,
you won't hear her sighs
And though she is lonely,
she smiles as though the happiest,
of maidens and friends,
a façade; an ode to all the compliments

Days and nights, she hopes and longs
for a love deep enough to wander and hold
She tries, and tries, to see light in every encounter
How melancholic, she laughs without laughter

She makes it seem as though she is strong
but inside, she knows, it's a deep fall
To trust-  shatter, her heart amends
How lonely it is to long for something that bends

Look at her braving the tides,
her eyes that shine like the moonlight divine
A constellation of stars hidden in her mind
And though she seems to be standing still
Her heart, oh her heart, is breaking till.
Nov 2019 · 64
in all honesty
Ztef Nov 2019
i am lost,
in all honesty,
i think i am

but i am learning
to accept
that not everything
needs to
elicit an emotion
from me

i am
braving this world,
one day at a

i am parts of me
and equal parts
this society

in all honesty,
i'm still
hoping to
find my
place in this world

i'm lost
but it's part of
the journey,
in all honesty.
Ztef Dec 2017
They will find you intriguing and alluring
For how your eyes shine and your manner of speaking
They will tell you how attractive you look
Dressed in red and the vibrant colors of summer
They will seem genuinely captivated
By your wit and gentle thinking
But once you start slipping and showing them your little flaws;
how you laugh loudly when you find something amusing,
how you cry while watching because the scene has touched you immensely,
how you seem to always be so strong and independent, but deep down you crave for someone genuine- an adventure and a home in one,
They will start fleeing
Backing away before things get serious,
they will only be there for the thrill of making you fall
They will.

Only the One will tell you how beautiful you look dressed in pajamas, eating pizza at 1am.
Only the One will laugh because he finds your laugh genuine and heartwarming
Only the One will see all your flaws and love you even more for showing them.
Only the One will ignite such a fire in you; the kind that burns with promises of adventure and whispers of home
Only the One will know of your dreams and silly ideas, and will help you achieve them- together, while building a lifelong commitment
So you see, only the One will understand
Only the One you will genuinely love.
Only the One will.
May 2017 · 600
Ztef May 2017
She is two worlds in one.
She craves the unknown; the wild.
She loves the sense of familiarity and
of knowing where she's going.
She is all things this world has put her through,
yet she still smiles as if pain has never pierced
through her

She was promised a lot of things too.
A love that will last forever- by a lover who was gone
the moment she accidentally mentioned LOVE.
A friendship worth a thousand ships but sailed away as
the tides got higher and harder to bare.
She is made of those broken promises; of those bittersweet heartaches.

Come 2017,
She is still looking for a place in this world, but then again, who isn't?
She's had her heart broken, scars now beginning to fade.
She's different now, you see.
She has this air of confidence; of quiet self-love.
She now knows her worth, and if men can't accept her mind which is as wide and ever growing as her reason, then she will walk away
and wait for someone who will.
She is happy; she is herself.
She is a woman of now. A woman fighting for a place in this society. A woman of grace, a woman of total serendipity.
She is you. She is I.
Sep 2016 · 634
Ztef Sep 2016
I've been a lot of things in this world;
Taken for granted, the one that got away,
the achiever daughter, the sympathetic friend.

I've been complimented a dozen times, and probably have been criticized double.

I've felt emotions, both raw and silly.
I've felt the sadness of failure and the joys of success.
Cried tears for things sometimes deep, other times petty.
I've felt love, both real and conditional.
I've been hurt, accidentally and otherwise.

But I'm still a lot of things in this world.
You are too.
Not one thing can stop you;
from being the best version of you, for you.
Ztef Jul 2016
If you will leave her after everything she’s done
If you will hurt her while she loves you with every inch of her being
Then please don’t start the conversation, don’t glance her way too often…
Please don’t leave a good girl hanging, please don’t make her fall.
Jul 2016 · 3.4k
Ztef Jul 2016
My words are like ink,
staining pages I've yet to use.

My words are like the dawning stillness,
before the heavy rain falls.

My words are like silk,
touching skins of loved ones and strangers alike.

My words don't always match and smoothly flow.

Sometimes they are jaded and petty,
other times they are deep and precise.

But my words, oh my words are all of me,
inside and out.
Jul 2016 · 10.5k
Travel in love
Ztef Jul 2016
I like to travel like how one falls in love;
To feel everything deeply and cherish moments,
To understand what is foreign and appreciate its beauty-  
consumed by emotions all at once, and still be brave enough to explore...
For after all, travel and love are both deep forms of art.

— The End —