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Brooksimus Aug 2012
To see a dwindling tree in the forest
is not to know its bleakest
but to know its earnest

The decay is shown outwardly as despair
by means of deforested ensnare
Forlornness seems its welfare

Externally the forest is declared undeserved eternally
Beauty is unsecured directly
And hope comes seldomly

is a forest,
alive as a unit
Spaciousness is created with the tree's covet
Restored are the longing of nutrients
in a sacrificed facet
Robert Ronnow Aug 2015
Just watching raindrops slapping leaves
is better than anything requiring electricity
including fame and posterity. Monday
morning I walk over to the art museum
stand before Homer. I'm imagining
life in ancient Greece, the land largely
deforested to build a navy, white as bone,
a tourist attraction. The sea too being
denuded of its fish, super-efficient fishery
fleets, and every human wanting a healthy
dose of omega 3. O my God, omega!

the 24th and last letter of his alphabet,
which means great and has a value of 800,
often used to denote the last, the end, the
ultimate limit of a set, as in I am the alpha
and the omega
(which was omitted
from the oldest manuscripts). In physics,
ohm is a unit of electrical resistance,
in chemistry, oxygen-18, a stable isotope,
in statistical mechanics, it represents multiplicity
(the number of microstates) in a system.
In astronomy, the density of the universe
(density parameter), the ranking of a star’s
brightness in a constellation, and the orbital
elements: the longitude of the ascending node
and the designation of the argument
of periapsis of an orbit.

Also the solid angle or rate of precession
in a gyroscope. In particle physics,
omega baryons. In complex analysis,
the Omega constant, a solution to Lambert's
W-function. In calculus, a variable
for a 2-dimensional region, usually
corresponding to the domain of a double
integral. In topos theory, the codomain
of the subobject classifier of an elementary
space. In combinatory logic,
the looping combinator. In group theory,
the omega and agemo subgroups of a p-group.
In Big O notation, the asymptotic behavior
of functions. Chaitin's uncomputable constant.

Omega watches, badge of the Supreme Court,
last mission of the Space Shuttle program,
God of War, Heroes of Olympus, Pokemon's
Omega Ruby, Sonic the Hedgehog's E-123.
Symbol of resistance to the Vietnam War draft.
Year of date of death. Lowest-ranked wolf.

In molecular biology, a two-point crossover.
The lower case omega denotes the carbon atom
furthest from the carboxyl group of a fatty acid.
One of the RNA polymerase subunits.
The dihedral angle associated with the peptide group.
A measure of evolution at the protein level.
In dynamics, angular velocity or angular frequency.
In computational fluid dynamics, the specific
turbulence dissipation rate. In meteorology,
the Lagrangian time rate of change of pressure
for a parcel of air. Natural frequency
in circuit analysis and signal processing.
The omega meson.
NULL, a missing or inappropriate value.

The first transfinite ordinal number.
The first uncountable ordinal number.
The complex cube roots of 1.
The Wright Omega function. A general differential form.
The number of distinct prime divisors of n.
An arithmetic function. The self-application combinator.

The elasticity of financial options.
The tracking error of an investment manager.
In linguistics, the phonological word.
The archetype of a manuscript tradition.
In eschatology, the symbol for the end of everything.

The beginning of my first week without tv.
No more movies. If I have nothing to do
or I'm too bored to do anything, I'll just sit still
see what happens. Be like weather.
Be under the weather, with the weather,
in weather. Watch weather from the window.
Wait for change, in me and the weather.
How will I change? This is life and not life.
In 15 years or so I'll be gone from the earth,
bones whitening on some mountain
or rotting in the lowlands river or estuary I lived near,
flesh to sweat flesh with the population, dead.

This death, consciousness of which should give
this life's activities perspective, except for the red
sunset which remains untouched by atomic IQ;
and dead, laying open to the blue sky and dry leaves
one autumn like last autumn, or the autumn
I realized my insignificance.
--after the Wikipedia entry, “Omega”
1.  Not knowing my future
2.  Owing money
3.  Trees being deforested

4.  My parents
5.  Youth unemployment

6.  Klu klux ****
7.  Usher being alive
8.  Stupidity being rampant.
9.  Her

10. Irregular heartbeats.
11. Time being a factor
12. Silly tings

13. Brain aneurysms
14. Losing
15. Empathy
16. Superman
17. Staying past due
18. Every one being rude
19. Discussion isn't important

Read the first letter of every word :^)
Ja feel

Also I actually like usher
jpl Jun 2013
Oh, planet of the azure,
Cypriot sands,
Nordic beauty,
Amazonian lands,
Nile river plains,
It’s plain to see that our world
is a paradise for the
paradisiacs and the aphrodisiacs,
The business suited men,
The wedding dressed women,
The children of the soil.

But also plain to see are the
oil-stricken sands,
Viking battlegrounds,
Deforested lands,
Dry river plains.
Unknowns and ****** deviants,
Power hungry animals,
Divorce cases to be,
Already dead.

Oh, land of the azure,
Strike up a match and burn us all down,
Won’t you?

Oh, paradise world,
A giant floating blue pearl,
Cut us all down and burn our ashes?

Let us make amends,
Blue and green marble,
For we have doubted your sands,
Lands, and beauty,
We have doubted them whilst we have stood upon them.

For we are too tall to see what heaven lies beneath our feet,
And we look to the skies for heaven whilst we are among angels.
Mateuš Conrad Sep 2018
.oh, i almost forgot, a post-scriptum as a pre-scriptum... what's the difference between Nero and Caligula? why does the bible defame Nero, and ignore Caligula? Caligula was a psychopathic ***-addict in comparison to Nero... Nero, a troubled soul, an emperor-artist... i could never lay my hands on a critique of Nero... Caligula was much worse, yet the bible doesn't cite him as a spawn of... wasn't Agrippina... who i think she was? Caligula, teased as a child for a nickname with regards to the legionnaire boot... could be worse, could be ****** made fun of his surname... as i was when i was younger, and then much older... but Nero, the fragile soul of a poet... mad, sure... but at least overcome with all, if any, emotional response... aren't those guys at Linux autistic? you know, the ones rebelling against a code of conduct? oh... i see... time to pick on the autistic kids then? fair enough!

oh come on man...
the internet used to be so much fun
a couple of years back...
these alternative journalists
are becoming... droll...
  same ****, different cover,
i'm almost happy i'm not asking
people for money or selling
stuff to viewers...
   i don't like soap opera,
never did, never will,
esp. English soap opera...
****'s so fresh it hit the fan
and the fan is spinning and
the **** is getting coverage by
exfoliating its supposed,
perfumery into the air...
that's done...
    i just like my westerns from
the 1960s...
my sudoku...
  my Jack n Charlie
  (enough of caffeine in pepsi
to leave you riddled),
my Julian Windig -
the moon, the stars,
and all the space, visceral,
but somehow un- breathable
in the gloomy thickness of
the night...
      but... given this whole
charade of the cloak of anonymity...
i can give you my home address...
and i know a decent part
of a reduced forest made into
a park...
  we'll have a few sly slugs
of whiskey downers...
  then we'll face off
burning cigarette stubs on our knuckles
till we reach the soft pouches
of our flesh, and wait for a month
for the skin to grow back...
and we'll talk...
   i'm currently reading
about the Ellie Soutter tragedy...
suicide, aged 18...
prettiest girl in the whole wild world..
          i'm serious:
you want certain aspects of a DOX?
but my rules...
we go into a forest and
have a drink...
and then we put out the cigarettes
we're smoking on our knuckles...
hell: what's fun if the fun
doesn't invoke a pain?
****'s still stuck to the fan...
i'm getting whiffs of: strawberries,
and Coco Chanel...
   maybe both...
   but then again...
i guess i'm the one with the *****
to propose this meat-ing...
      such a pretty girl:
devoured by the world...
  shame, really...
   and all these girls who cut...
****... you want a tattoo and self-harm
at the same time?
putting out cigarettes onto
your body is the way forward!
am i attempting to inspire
the practice? NO STUPID!
    but i guess we men always
were more willing to... EXPLORE,
variant avenues...
    i can't believe the internet
was fooled by focusing on an introversion
of its content creators...
   but, hell...
i'll post you the address,
then the coordinates to the spot
in the woods i like to frequent
when winter comes...
  a few whiskey slugs and a few
cigarettes later...
  and we'll be... CHUMS...
hé hé!
    Michael Jackson style of that variant:
he said, she said...
  but from what i've seen...
no chance in hell, some mutt,
will take the offer...
                     i only hide:
behind a mirror,
   and with that:
that's hardly hiding to begin with;
but no, i don't like urbanized areas...
throw me into the thickening
darkness of
               a deforested wood
made into a mark...
  and tell me to walk blind...
   it's as if...
                   my pupils dilate outside
of the iris, and consume the sclera.
Reappak Apr 28
Muddy footprints, and the howling moon,
This forest welcomed me,
With the mist cuddling around
and the silence drumming noises

Seeking my way, reached that log,
deforested! Missing it's fruit!

This log, I sat on,
and brushed my bruises and wounds
While I was covering
unknown routes

This log, broken and sad
proved it to me
that heartbroken ones,
missing their fruits,
once the parts of them,
are the most helpful
and the only who wipe our tears
in this evil, unknown world
Lysander Gray Nov 2011

Drag your child dreams across my teeth
and hold your army at the gate.
A thousand pikemen 'neath the flag
Now reign within the court of sleep.

Their hands wrapped round oaken shaft
their mail a-glittered in the sun.
Shields all bared 'gainst mortal pain
To raze and conquer, one by one.

They hung the king and in his place
Poor Yorick sat with crown and mace.
And we vassal's question deep
The choices fools will make and keep.

O sky awash with blinking snow!
O land drowned in golden light!
No force will come and claim the day.
No end to this, O sleepless night.

Drag your child dreams across my teeth
and trace the Ande's over skin.
Release the Marquis from your eyes
to sovereign now my realms of dream.


Drag your Child-dreams across my teeth
And run your pistol dry.
Bite into the ears of hope
Now feast upon the flower.

I ran my taste across your lips
and draw a fire with my tongue.
the Y of sin;
Staccatto on your neck
with the silence outside;
Audience to Reverie.

The Verse we sang
With child dreams dragged across monster teeth
hold this holy, once revered hand.
Lay your breath on heaven's gate.


...she dragged her child-dreams across my teeth, the edges and tip rubbed me on the range. Her fingers groped for the discarded uniforms of youth, now a size too small.

The white and stark reflections of the passing car-gaze illuminated the comfortable moment for what it really was. She didn't know it yet, she had no idea.


I glanced upon the holy mound
awash in evenings light.
The dew smelt like memories
soaked in pollen.

A black sun yawned between the hills.
Then the earth began to quake
when the river was dammed and its trees deforested.

While all the while
She dragged her child-dreams across my teeth.
Michael Marchese Jul 2017
You don't really want me
Or know what I am
I'm more of a monster
Than I am a man

To learn what I've done
In the past, a nightmare
To see through my eyes
Is a sun-spotted glare

It would just leave you blind
With your tail in between
And your past in rewind
Up a flash-broken stream

Yet as it fast-forwards
It all passes by
You will feel like a God
All alone in the sky

Where your setting resembles
The beauty in pain
Born merely to die
While bound to this brain

As a feeling machine
With a lithium heart
Energized by emotional
Chemical art

As it flows from the brush,
Or the pen, or the sword
Machiavellian muses
Of severed accord  

Couldn't stop the all-mighty
The father of time
The eternal high king
The most masterful mind

Who hears your exalts
As the crack of a whip
Because demons of freedom
Are my power trip

And I worship my maker
My change and my spark
With a riddle bit light
And a hint of the dark

You may follow the leader
Or challenge the tyrant
Regardless, the sheep
All submit to the lion

But I only hunger
For words to fulfill
My famished empire
Without the blood spill

Still I hold no claim
To this gilded cage feast
I wish only to tame
This industrial beast

End the ownership over
This name-branded earth
And slash the price tags
From the truth in the dirt

When I rise from the void
The undeadliest ghost
The half-life of the party
The first Sunday post

I am rare breeds of rebel
The blue-shaded red
I'm the hammer and sickle
The grim reaper's dread

My coup will be swift
Like a thief in the night
My reign will endure  
Through the ages I write

My purge will emerge
In the surging of storms
My war will lay waste
To these spineless conforms

And from ashes of norms
And the freeing of slaves
I will build pyramids
Atop amber grain waves

I will cleanse atmos-fears
With metropolis trees
Deforested cities
Will fall to their knees

But I will uplift them
To share in my vision
As I keep the peace treaty
Sealed in this prism
Fritzi Melendez Oct 2017
I'm on a whim contemplating between disparity and continuity.

Stuck between where the fire meets its maker doused in gasoline.

Who self destructed to the point where her hands aren't clean.

And turning a deforested soul into a forest full of wanderlust.

Moving along with Earth's rotation as she becomes crystallized into her origin of star dust.

Cemented between inhaling the start of another new season.

And exhaling out gun powder from the war waged against self treason.

Feeling the outline of my fingerprints just to pretend his skin is still touching mine.

And reading the crystal ***** as they fall down my cheeks telling me his heart was never aligned.

I can't choose between the feeling of infinity and ephemerality.
I struggle to bring myself to balance my emotions.
Edgar Gordon Jul 2016
It was impossible to make all the same mistakes after the collapse,
what was left of humanity moved far from the deserts and found the last slivers of green earth.

Learning to grow food was easy and intuitive,
books survived and so then did knowledge,
many buildings stayed standing,
and held within secrets of the past.

Solar panels were warmed by the sun,
turbines harnessed the wind,
but oil, gas and coal had been depleted by the before people.

Deforested sands were soon seeded,
succession gave way to the trees,
and with new life poison was leeched from the sky,
the after people breathed increasingly easy.

They rebuilt all that they could,
and from the foundation of the past,
they built a new future.
I am red clay suffering the boots of men
Aged Pine in fear of the saw
The plight of Whitetails in the Winter hunt
September Dove escaping the shotgun
Deforested back country robbed of fertile layer
The cold domestic animal showing unconditional -
love before their slayer
A tear for the meek
A blanket for the weak
We are every person sleeping in a car
The stars blocked by city lights
The diesel engine roar
Technologies ******
We are the riddle , the animal superior , changelings in denial
The True Killers* ...
Copyright November 9 , 2016 by Randolph L Wilson * All Rights Reserved
Bryce Nov 2018
It is all fake sadness
Without cups, no sprite to collect the rains
We are an endless rolling fog
on the edge of the terrain.

We are foxes living in the suburbs
we are sneaky creatures not meant for fluorescent light-bulbs
and streetlamps
We are the oldest vulpines alive

I had been asked about symbology-- about flags and shapes and geometric plagues
I had to recollect the places in my head, London was a dime, Berlin was a teeter-totter
U.S.A was a great big long balloon snake

There wasn't anything left to say in the barbershop,
the razor blades dully buzzing,
no songs but the buzzing
of satellite radio

I got a removal done,
my deforested head could feel the wind caress it
I was a new and reemerged cocoon with a lacking self-confidence
I studied books and computers at Best Buy

You were a yet unknown quantity
you were god in the skies of San Ramon Valley High
Or perhaps the other prestige of some other village dream
You emerged and contained within the largest fib

Give me one good reason why
You deserve any more of god than the earth.
Sarah Rodríguez Jan 2018
I've seen things I've liked, but at the same time hated.

Looked up support groups online on how to stop, but was to young to join.

I've been to embarrassed to ask for help, because everyone I told said it was normal, that it's just life.

But to me this was a pistol that I was constantly waving around with out a safety button.

If it goes off let's hope it shoots me and not a first responder.

But that pistol will never do as much damage to me as what I did with my own hands.

Because every test I did on myself was an exploration of an unknown island never seen by man.

But now it's polluted by sewage run off from small businesses that I owned. Deforested groves of innocence, and shattered hopes and dreams.

How dare I pick the only daisy from myself and say to enjoy the show as I cut it up and stomp on it over and over. Each time taking a different petal.

Now I'm here picking up the pieces, but it keeps on insisting on temptation, keeps hinting that hands are made for grasping, telling me that hands are for broken hearts that need to become whole.

How stupid was I.
I believed every lie that screen fed me.
Every hint it dropped of things that were scripted that that they made look real.
That every person that was there was just being normal and happy, and if you explore what is underneath just like them you'll be happy.

But I'm not happy.

I'm ashamed.

This is not normal, this is not for our age.
This is not happiness.
This is not how to fix a broken heart.
This is not how I want to be remembered
This is not what I want my children to see.
This is not how I want to live.

Most of all,
This is never going to happen again.

If I have to gouge out my eyes and chop off my hands, or shatter battery operated glass, I will over and over and over again.

So that next time I look in the mirror and I brush a hair out of my face,
I won't see my fingers and think of disgust. Next time I see my hands I don't want to see lust.
Next time I see these fingers I don't want to think of past. I want to think of now.

Next time I see my fingers I will think of how to pluck a guitar sting. Next time I look at my hands I'll remember how to tie a shoelace. Next time I look at these fingers I want to see something that was once coved in moss and weeds, but now has come out of the dark to lead a clean and triumphant life.

Yes this world is full of temptation and hunger, but our hands our not the food we need. So please no more hands for me.
Alaina Apr 2019
I want to teach my children about the delicate and beautiful wings of the Monarch Butterfly
I want my kids to scuba dive to the massive reefs
and stare in awe at the roaring symphony of fish, coral, turtles, and even sharks
My children should be able to see Greenland in all of its icy glory
My children should be able to observe mischievous monkeys in the lush and sprawling rain forest
My children should be able to wander the beautiful, terrifying, filled-to-the-brim-with-life Earth that I get to travel.
Earth has so much to offer
so much to see
My children should be able to experience, touch, and smell the earth.

Right now
My children will see black ice, methane bubbles, deforested wasteland, and lifeless, bleached coral reefs
And their "leaders" will tell them that one of the biggest mass extinctions in history
isn't even happening.
I love my Earth.
I want my Children to embrace Earth.
So quit ******* it up.

"OPEN YOUR EYES, and immediately look all around;

Look at the barren deforested land and the parched ground.

Save yourself n your dear children "; she angrily frowned.

"Temperatures are mounting, rains are scanty n sea levels are on the rise.

Many Islands are likely to sink from melting glaciers;
Open your **** eyes".

I too say, she is absolutely correct, do not ignore, listen to her cries.

Instead of chopping off trees,  them grow. Every  religion so says.

With harmful ultraviolet rays; warmer each year are becoming the Sun's rays.

With carbon dioxide rising n oxygen decreasing, for your kids, horrible will be the coming days.


Armin Dutia Motashaw

— The End —