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jpl Jul 2013
Beacon of prayer, flicker and be
the light of sky. Call me to your
worship and break me into
two. Danger and endanger me,
extinct. Match or game? And game?
Start at the end and end in a pool
of molten silver, molten treasure.
Get on your knees, look to the sky and
call out to the deities, for I am burning now.
I trusted you, ash and all.
Now I see; all that flickers ends in dust, anyway.
that al
jpl Jul 2013
The calendar maker don't know tragedy
is gonna happen on the day
he takes most pride in, it ain't visible on his screen
and it ain't wrought and wrangled in
with the pixels on his
paper or on the
walls of his custom.
if he knew, d'ya think he'd bother
caring for september,
June July or November
d'ya reckon he'd bother
to name the days at all?
jpl Jul 2013
Of cherry blossomed orient
and of deep desert Sahara
I thought, and in the same moon shade
and under each dark sky I walked.
Of grey ****** mounts
and of green turf fells
I thought, and under each effervescent light
and beneath each blue atmosphere I walked.
Why did I walk? Through orient and Sahara?
Why did I think and have these thoughts?
Well, I had a question and I thought my destination
had an answer to that question. My destination was you
and I have my answer.
jpl Jul 2013
last night I dreamt of a world with no money,
100,000 sunsets passing without a clash of a coin,
and the ghastly humans with copper under their nails
who spend all day dreaming of having gold there instead,
were nowhere to be found. Lurking near the oak trees
(which always stand, perpetual and insistent)
are aliens with smiles (perpetual and insistent)
who only feel happiness (that strange, absent feel)
and have free time to do free things with free minds
and don't have mankind's titanic burden of worry.
in my dream state I dreamt of states with no war,
poverty or famine, and I dreamt of leaders leading
and people peopling, and indeed the leaders lead
with no other incentive than purely to lead.
no money built walls between homes and lands,
no barriers put up between the wild untamed landscapes
nothing stopped people from traveling their world
that their ancestors created for them and seeing the
sights before they pass to the next stage, all of life
being free of charge, if that were a thing.
money never happened and no man laid awake at night
(or in a deep calm dreaming state) wishing of a world
with money. what would we offer the dreaming man?
a world of misery pain greed and men who dream of
the world the first dreaming man is in? no. it is
ludicrous and ridiculous.
last night I dreamt of a world with no money,
and I turned my head on my pillow and tried to dream
of a lonelier world.
jpl Jun 2013
I saw you walk to me, across
the Place Bellecour, and I smiled.
The shuttered windows
and my unshuttered expression
told you that it wasn’t the time for this,
but the recessed windows on the grey roofs
and the off-white brick told me it was.

I saw you walk to me, across
the Place Bellecour, and I smiled.
The spires of the distant churches
and the unbroken line of sight
called to you that we better hurry on,
but the lines of windows (like members of an audience)
shouted at me to kiss you.

I saw you walk to me, across
the Place Bellecour, and I smiled.
A deep blue surreal sky and the
whisper of a floating white cloud
shouted to you to say yes,
and the white cloud of up and above
cheered me on, evermore,
to Paris and to Lyon.
jpl Jun 2013
If I painted all the world
your favourite hue,
and lay it on your lap,
and sprinkled it with golden dust,
coming from the golden tap,
would you permit me
to hold your hand for now
(and forever more)?

If I discovered all the world’s
riches, put them all in your view
found the Holy Grail,
and gave it only to you,
would you allow me
the honour of being yours for now
(and forever more)?

If I climbed all the world’s
mountains, swam all the seas,
crossed every desert,
and saved all the trees,
would you let me
be your one and only for now
(and forever more)?
jpl Jun 2013
Oh, planet of the azure,
Cypriot sands,
Nordic beauty,
Amazonian lands,
Nile river plains,
It’s plain to see that our world
is a paradise for the
paradisiacs and the aphrodisiacs,
The business suited men,
The wedding dressed women,
The children of the soil.

But also plain to see are the
oil-stricken sands,
Viking battlegrounds,
Deforested lands,
Dry river plains.
Unknowns and ****** deviants,
Power hungry animals,
Divorce cases to be,
Already dead.

Oh, land of the azure,
Strike up a match and burn us all down,
Won’t you?

Oh, paradise world,
A giant floating blue pearl,
Cut us all down and burn our ashes?

Let us make amends,
Blue and green marble,
For we have doubted your sands,
Lands, and beauty,
We have doubted them whilst we have stood upon them.

For we are too tall to see what heaven lies beneath our feet,
And we look to the skies for heaven whilst we are among angels.
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