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corpser May 2018
The night has been long and it has been as hot as the night before. I’ve been sweating like a pig, sick with a ******* feeling down my throat everytime i swallow my spit. I got up and tried to make myself some tea. One only remembers to drink tea when one is sick.
After squeezing the lemons in, I immediately downed a shot of the thing and felt it punch whatever it was that was swelling in my throat.
When I put it back down I noticed a single dying ant in the table. It has been separated from its colony, and must have fallen off a wall somewhere. I remember  around 5pm or 4pm the afternoon before this, that I had bugsprayed a long line of ants gathering up the kitchen. The weather hasnt been well this time of year and it has been ******* up the natural behavior of ants. The poor ******* probably thought it was going to rain. But it didnt, and the only rain that came for them was death and that rain came from me.
So I thought to myself, if this guy’s been here since 5pm he has been struggling for 10 hours and 50 minutes to live. This is one mighty ant. And giving it a closer look, the ****** was pretty huge for his size as well. It was still alive, willing itself back to existence. Beaten and bloodied but unbowed, it earned my respect.
But there was no way this ant was going to make it back to his colony. Its lower body was not functioning anymore. The only thing he has is his wits and three to four flailing arms. His body cannot contain his will and so, being the better being in the situation I had to put him down.
Squeezed the life and the fight out of him at my fingertips and flung it back to the floor where it has been its whole life.
I took another gulp from the tea I had made but there was no punch in my throat anymore. No scalding hot no stinging sting just the sewage water tasting taste of a tea that has gone cold.
I went back to bed and still the swelling devil in my throat hasnt gone. I will get no sleep tonight of that I am sure. Still, I close my eyes and pretend to sleep.
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
You can eat it too!
My frying pan
Is half empty

Hate me
Because I am good
Because I am great!

Michelan Stars
Trips to Mars
Candy bars
Mason jars

Drunk I am
Said the can
To the packet
Of ketchup

Baker's square
I worked there
Line cook nook
Splatters shook!

The kitchen man
Burns the water
The ******* fan
Yearns for slaughter
Mouthpiece Aug 2018
please s/top [the car]

you’ve been
me incircles
all day
and all life

we’re not

and i
must separate

split from y/our



stop [the car]
of your
un[%]naturally white
teeth mal/function in
the m[irror]s
the c[rack]s

in the


/just a ride/

i’ve gambled

never won

- .-. .- -. ... .--. .- .-. . -. -.-. -.--

01100001 00100000 01100010 01101001 01101100 01101100 01101001 01101111 01101110 00100000 01110100 01101111 00100000 01101111 01101110 01100101

it’s all sordid
mor>bid+hate+*** too



[/the car]
[/the car]
[/the car]
[/the car]

     ———————— • ————————
I’ve been trying to write this for about a year. This is the best I can do, and the way HP uses underscores has ruined the form.
Extremely experimental, so I estimate split opinions and a fade into the background.
Yenson Dec 2018
These little things with their little things
( aptly, like pigs in blankets )
sit in their little worlds with little minds
With little senses and little knowledge
they look at all things with little perceptions
and little understanding
cocooned in their little lives with little desired
and little expected

which means

A lot of time for self loathing, a lot of time frustrated
A lot of time depressed, a lot of time unfulfilled,
a lot of time for mischief, a lot of time for hating
a lot of time deluded. a lot of time wasted nursing delusions
a lot of time fantasizing writing deluded *******,
a lot of time projecting their ignorance and in pain
a lot of time for anger, a lot of time for mediocrity
a lot of time for distraction, a lot of time to be nothing
but totally and completely foolish and repulsive


Spare a thought for ignorance is bliss
and misery needs company
how can the unloved want others to love
why would a little one wish to know a magnum is in action
why would the frustrated ******* want others to scream in
******* throes
why would little damaged things want happiness for others
why would restless frenzied things want peace and goodwill
when they are just little things with Ninety nine problems
and ******* helps hide their twitching

These little things, with their little minds
and their little lives
         poor pathetic little things .........
“With ignorance comes fear – from fear comes bigotry
“People who love themselves, don’t hurt other people. The more we hate ourselves, the more we want others to suffer.”
“You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something sometime in your life.”
Jamison Bell Oct 2018
I hate the tv, I hate The Doors, and I hate this ******* couch.
I don’t like soup, Ellen just *****, and my cat is a ****** slouch.
Both parties ****, Steve Harvey’s an ***, and *** is antifa?
My job’s pretty cool, the pay’s not bad, still *** is antifa?
The *** is good, see I’m not *******, but the milks gone ******* sour.
My dad lost his watch because it’s been ten years and he said he’d be back in an hour.
There’s too much *******, not enough *******, because now there’s too many people.
The reason being, these pious ***** take their orders from a guy in a steeple.
So yeah maybe I’m *******, tuna’s too pricey, and I ****** hate Country.
We get it, you’re drunk, your truck broke down, and your wife left you for Humphrey.
You know what it is? Why I’m this way. A cynical merciless *******.
I’m too **** busy at work all day, when I could be getting plastered.
Ok fine. I’ll stop for now. And you’re all some lucky suckers.
Btw Johnny Cash blows. Take that you bunch of neckbearded *******.
4N3v3rYuRz Nov 2018
11 years its been 11 ******* years
11 always being my lucky number
born 11-11
a few days away and ill be 29
but still its been 11 years
i was asked what i really wanted for my birthday
and again all it does is remind me its been 11 ******* years
no one in the world made this more special then you
no one can understand the sadness i feel every time its November
i know im getting to ******* old to be ******* and complaining what if this year all i want for my birthday is you.....?
since its been 11 years
you always made me feel like a princess on my day
i never understood then why my day was so important to you
it was my day
but daddy i never took the time to appreciate the importance to you
it was the day you got to be a father for the first time
and i your first child and you only girl
daddy id give anything to feel as special as you always made me feel each and every 11-11 since 1989
but 11 years with out you being here with me on this day
it soul crushing
i guess all im trying to say is daddy i love you and miss you everyday and this distance is killing  me
ill be 29 sunday but this 11-11 feels less important
maybe cause im not a little girl anymore  
or maybe its just as simple as 11-11 isnt what it use to be....
just some venting
kB 2 Dec 2018
I’m having a difficult time here, you see,
my mind keeps bartering my reality
for a few hits of bliss and impulsive bruises
and a subsequent list of bad excuses
I’ve been here before it’s what diseases do
But I know the cure and who to talk to

I dial my friend with vibrating fingers
A sweet soft hello gently lingers
My voice box has shut off there’s no remote
Streams of tears down to my throat
“What’s wrong honey are you okay?”
No I say in an angry way
I’ve ******* up again and can’t get it back
This life is just one vicious attack
I don’t know where to go or what to do
She softly laughs, “Yes you do.”
“You’ve felt this despair before
But I have to laugh at what you look for
You have conquered this demon in the past
Stop ******* about it and get off your ***
Start doing the things that bring integrity
Start going to places you used to find peace
But stop blaming your disease
Just beacuse it brings you more ease
And please start letting
Something spiritual in
Let go of false control and gain some new

I hung up the phone nothing to say
Tomorrow will be the newest of days.

Sketcher Dec 2018
I would rather have a panic attack in the dark room than be alone at home in my own zone depressed on my phone. Then staying up an insomniac, at the park, rising gloom, falling rain, feeling pain, like it's all I ever known.
Attempted suicide, but then revived, choking phlegm, thought I died, I was there, in the hospital, bare naked riddled with needles, poked and prodded, dead skin rotted, almost cried, but I fought it.
Now I knew, I had to go home, and to school, to ******* and moaning and drama, and talking, and floating back to normal society, choking on tears in sobriety, kind of wish I stayed dead cause she gives me glee, ignore what I just said and don't pitty me, as I escape again to a place you flee, when the lit fuse of my bomb rapidly, rushes towards the end, she's gone and done it again, she's wrong and loving other men, I'm right here and paying amends, for **** that I never did, all I ever wanted was to please a kid, with a rotten heart, that was full of sin, I hope the goal was never to win, in this game of life, strife ridden knife stuck on skin.
What doesn't make sense is how she makes me so happy, cause I'm dense headed every time she calls me pappy, or *** or says, "I Love You", it was two months of a misconstrued, confusing relationship thing, now two months without it and it ******* stings and aches when I'm not around her, I want to love her, I want to ground her, ram her, straight into the floor or wall so maybe she can feel my pain, bash her head in a door and make her choke on a wedding ring, while I smoke **** out her mouth like toking while she's bleeding from the throat down to the feet and... in this verse I just finished a talk and I understand that I've been gawking nonsense all along and she isn't with me because she doesn't want to hurt me, but sticks by me because she really likes me.
I feel fine now because I've put the puzzle pieces together and I've calmed down now cause I think I understand Heather.
That's what I'll tell myself as life goes on, living in the prison cell of pain and beyond.
Did I figure it all out?
Jude kyrie Jul 2018
This Prince was handsome to the extreme.
He had definite movie star looks
That is if movies had been invented
back all those centuries ago.

She was the most beautiful princess
in all the kingdom.
He could not think of anything other
but to make her his bride.
So he set forth on his quest of the heart.

But when he rode up to her castle
though the haunted forest of whispers.
across the river of doom
and the desert of the dragons.
he arrived at her door
and proposed marriage to her

she said
No way!
Apparently, she hated men
and in fact, had a strong
penchant for girls herself.

Not one to dwell on the mysteries
of a woman's heart,
the prince said to himself
fucketh her.

And he turned to a life of bachelorhood.
Never ever to marry.
He bought a Harley Chopper
Dated pretty cheerleaders
and slim models with full bosoms.

And he never once caught his wife
in bed with some guy like his married friends did.
when he got home unexpectldy all was as it should be,

He took up hunting and fishing with his buddies.
raced sports cars at high speed.
spending lonely nights at ***** bars
drinking double malt whiskey
and the finest flagons of ale.

he never heard of *******
or a ******* honey-do list.
Nor did he ever get hit for
child support or alimony.
He kept his castle
and his beloved gun collection
And was as rich as blazes.

HE lived on a diet of fried food
bacon and eggs with sausages and beans
Hot chicken wings and tacos.
snacking on potato chips and gassy pop.
a diet that caused him to
blow enormous loud farts
which made him a revered legend
amongst his cronies.
who all thought he was as cool as hell.

He had loads of money in the bank
And not once in his life
did he ever put the toilet seat down.

And he lived
happily ever after
The End

Goodnight Children
all go. To sleep
Sweet dreams.
Sarah Elaine Sep 2018
it's a punch in the gut
a slap on the face
a knife in the eye

******* at the circumstances
******* up all the time
see me through your jaded eyes

i'm nothing if not scattered
spilling life and heartache over myself
eating garbage when no one is looking

look up to the sky and wish for a cloud
maybe if it rains we can all go home
but the sun is hot when you live where it's dry

leave me up to myself
and cut the heart out with a machete
but i could do no harm

flies and worms and butternut squash
**** me or i'll keep drowning
shoot me in the head like a dying bird
Michael Apr 28
If you don't want me on your back, why do you mess with me
When all you see are dollar signs, where's that going to lead
So you burn the Bible, just because you disagree
You burn the records, because you don't like the industry
You keep preaching to the youth that your teaching
Don't do this, don't do that
Don't want to hear all the ******* and snitching
So instead of a solution, you now have so much confusion
You have backed yourself into a corner Jack Horner
We don’t need more arbitrary laws, foibles and flaws
So don't judge a book by its cover, just because you can't read
Don't plug everyone's ears because of what's on the album sleeve
It is about personal accountability
We all battle our sins, and with Jesus guess who wins?
What happened to our first amendment right?
To verbal joust, and with relativism oust
A freedom of choice, to use our own voice, and secondly    
A right to also bear arms, these bare arms bear The [S]Word
(Remember: as a redaction
You can't burn an abstraction)
Copyright 1992

— The End —