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Chimera melons Sep 2013
Artificial means and memes the fingers perusing naturally formed hide and go seek
Chic creatures wrought from nanoparticles based on modeled consciousness neural networks
A handsome hivemind of bee;s building trees from cds ...intersynth polygons attracted
to stack platonic forms emanation waves alpha beta delta gamma omega 1 , 2 ,3
this multiversal layering from micro to macro of matter animated by its intoned
hertz pulsations and the interferrence pattern of the changing relationship due to the amount, frequency,  force, temperature , texture , text messages, timing , geometry , subharmonics and overtones,  a jewel net . syncronistic synergetic, synaptical sparkles.
Chimera melons Jul 2011
Late was the hour of becoming
those zigzagging cracks up the faded plaster watched like little snakes
calm witness a resurrection akin to biblical import
alone  secondstory bedroom filled by  distant company
heiroglyphs miraculous sudden translation speaking the sacred tongues of fire
our hearts beating the miles away shortened with every word
an offering blessed and given by minds touching fingers touching keys to invisible locks
turning turning rusty engines purring cats smug smile
yes and yes and yes lost islands bridged by joint effortless task
a torn off mask and a question asked
eternity snuck into momentary clouds parted with blooms of lightnings flash flood food for the spirit
children laughed where they couldn't be heard
the earth sang along with tropical birds
this welcome radiant gift in my chest cavity spreading quickening enlivening
a sturdy reminder recalling vigor not found in any common tonic
simple conversation a conversion of salt water to diamond sparkling fervor
rejoice drank its sweet juices staining the lips drips warming two hearts
a chance found true its mark
it will be unstolen saboteurs tricked submitting their swords to strong hands arming guardian angels
this joy travels well past all hours
comforting dreams that sleep undersea in gold spiraling towers
wanderer heat old bones leave the cold leave all pains
pouring out poisons to make bows out of rain
Chimera melons Jun 2010
bad work ethics makeup for all my perfections
clean ordered pair broken into a lot of mispoken words long ago
an admission of missing this bond is telling the past its gone while holding on
with undead hands bursting open with new fingers
fingers ripe , and pulsing
open and scarred
waving at nostalgia
Chimera melons Jun 2010
meaning of wishtastes
desires drive delusion
devils delve deepening
seeds to root loathsome leaves
smelt cinders graying goals
craving strangled contentment
under backalley blackness
beats heart sneeze two
cavalcade blue
cacophony in fast dreams

reseized by letting go of circus surlplus
reassurance of real love is real gone
gone is the relooped sad troupe armies of needinesses
truth proofed ****! the magician disappeared
withdrew tears,fears, smears, and leers
now amongst new artful peers
The lions tail was a cobra coming with teeth under the door
awoke then broke my dreams end and don't hafta go back again
ego sinning by ego being a sin says ego
leggo my ego waffle a proper prophet
the jewels three sweet gleams eaten
gifts even the ego cant teacher the reached rifts
sewn up all dischordian accordian polka poked out eyes
belief swam away to the island of surprises
can I ? I can will it . Will then be faithful to real action.
kung fooled schools chop trees sticks
paper stones throw away
I can walk 6 feet on airs invisilbe stairs
ears heard alistening stream just the branch that froots
Shotgun riding to the holy holy holy
Dee vine
Chimera melons Jun 2010
Held in grass hands each step
The golden horse travels in all directions
at once
eyes burning and soft
a candle darting in the dark
now still fixed
a sword point poised to strike
the golden horse sings
and water flows from the center
stones shake
shadows writhe appearing in clouds of smoke
the golden horse climbs
the invisible stairway
And sleeps his mirrored sleep
Chimera melons Jun 2010
Truth is the ultimate central illusion
When found can unveil
a disappearance that allows
me to exist at all
asbotule simrepertations
arbegkin odnw
hte the real aler
Chimera melons May 2010
hero slays the dragon
that turns out to be a damsel in distress
He reaches in to reclaim a sparkling gem
his hearts pocket is full

The spell is broken
And the dark forest is bathed in light
animals all come out of hiding
dungeons left behind

the witch is splashed with water
and she is cleansed of her former demeanor
a green wicked smile robbed of its malice
now a princess she shakes off the stinking robes

the king returns from exile
Laws now upheld slaves freed
A productive land enriched
demons all turned to stone
And remain the rock
foundations that castles are built on
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