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Vervain Feb 2016
   the science of arresting human intelligence long enough to get blood from it.
It's quite a visceral phenomenon, when you think about it. Just like melting.

Is advertising similar?
Vervain Apr 2015
Being together,
Living together,
Sharing together,
Then being separated by death,

We have no need for
so long and drawn out.

*Eternity was there in your smile.
bittersweet is my favorite flavor
Vervain Mar 2015
There was a young man from Nantucket who put his head in a bucket
when I said why, he started to cry and said to me well **** it
By my mother, age 57.
Vervain Mar 2015
Write your regrets upon your skin,
    Your empty veins will serve as a warning to others.

I wish you all the worst.
I am not in the business of sugarcoating.
Vervain Mar 2015
I'll kiss you until your heart pounds,
pumping embers through your veins until every capillary glows.

I'll kiss you 'til there is nothing but white hot pain
melting your lips,
         cauterizing your wounds,
                       until every hole in your heart is sealed.

And your ashes spell out my name.
It'll be alright, dear.
Nothing hurts when you're a supernova.
Vervain Mar 2015
Fetid skin,
   and splitting.

Organic treacle
       seeps through the cracks.

Unending pain.

           the question floods across your mind, Why?

A moments pause
      Then a reply,

*Because you deserve it.
Anxiety gives such biased answers...
Vervain Mar 2015
You hear the sound of your skull c r a c k i n g.

                                                            ­ That’s

                                                         ­                all.
What, doesn't everyone do this to release their inspiration?

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