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 Nov 2019 TS Ray
Dr Baljit Singh
Beautiful dream
In many days
We entered home
I saw her on my chair

The Indian Lady Doctor/Professor of Medicine
Writing a reference

I said I had written a book
She said, I just read it

Very happy
Very happy, I was

Dr Baljit Singh
Tuesday 5 November 2019
 Nov 2019 TS Ray
 Nov 2019 TS Ray
I'm not letting you in.
I'm not telling you why.
What you need from me-
I can not provide.

I'll tell you the story-
that you need to hear.
To save you from the real me-
that you'll grow to fear.

I'm not letting you in.
I'll tell you a lie.
You'll feel so heroic-
that you made it inside.

I try to warn you-
like thorns on a bush.
From the darkness inside-
deep down at the roots.

A poison that slowly flows through your veins-
changing the structure of your functioning brain.
I'm not letting you in.
But you've succeeded inside.

Despite all my efforts-
Your heart will cry.
 Nov 2019 TS Ray
 Nov 2019 TS Ray
Truth was a breath
of cold November air
Escaping from her soft lips
Truth was warm
a breath of purpose
A spoken word
Tasting sweet nuance
A fresh, crisp blow
of season's new flair
Something so subtle
yet undoubtedly alive.
 Nov 2019 TS Ray
 Nov 2019 TS Ray
Crease your fears and unfold your trust.
Wake up from your endless rust.
Believe in me and so you must,
See the green within the dust.

Start over, create a new begin.
Don't throw your past in the trash bin.
Don't see your paper as a great sin.
Try to stick the good within.

Fold and fold until you shape.
A fair sheet with a neat gape.
All your good marked by tape.
Let all your worries ease and escape.

It is now ready to be seen.
And you should be very keen.
This is how you should have been.
If only you weren't so terribly green.

A flower made by your own hands.
If only you gave it a chance.
abstract poem where origami images the way I have been dealing my life.

— The End —