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TS Ray Mar 2020
Creek turning into a mighty waterfall,
pebbles taking on rocks in a brawl,
shaping up into a story,
of the mighty underdog.

I had a dialogue with myself,
waiting for my alter ego to find thyself,
no words were said or heard,
search was never-ending and blurred.

Just then it occurred to me,
do words drown out our thoughts,
do thoughts drown out our vision,
does vision gets blurred in the sound?

Be as the pebble,
flow out of the rubble,
make peace with stillness,
for in silence we learn to be one with our own greatness.
TS. 2020.
Mar 2020 · 81
Morning Blues
TS Ray Mar 2020
I gave a speech.
to thousands and more,
on a topic that was never mentioned before,
cause I hadn’t spoken my mind like this on any score.

I sang a song,
to one and all,
on a minor scale was never recorded before,
cause I hadn’t mustered courage to sing my own tune.

I wrote a poem,
for myself,
on a free verse that was not written till now,
cause I hadn’t opened up this way until today.
TS. 2020.
Mar 2020 · 145
TS Ray Mar 2020
She was from the skies,
naturally beautiful and wise,
knowing her would be an everlasting prize,
of the kind that you don’t need to think twice.

She worked many a long hour,
I watered her emotions like a flower,
her light blue eyes had that power,
showering me with a new high like I was in some ivory tower.

Few months went by,
I got to meet her up on the sky,
she had found her old love,
I had met my peaceful lady dove.

Go, fly high!
TS. 2020.
Feb 2020 · 177
Frozen Lake
TS Ray Feb 2020
Driving through a lake of frozen tears,
hardened and numb to anymore fears,
when you are out in the wilderness,
your mind can only stare at blankness.

Fighting through a winding river of crystals,
walking and wading just as we are mere mortals,
hunkering down to reach faraway bank of promising petals,
holding onto dipping heart rate wishing it was made of metals.

Just then shining crystals pointed to the sky,
ray of yellow brightened and brought a new high,
I got ready to pitch my tent in that cold like it was dry,
for I was ready to face my own fears and give it a goodbye.
TS. 2020. As the sun starting to shine over a frozen lake that I was walking through...
Feb 2020 · 123
Paper Tree
TS Ray Feb 2020
Reading some of my poetry, she said,
“Are you barking up the wrong tree?”
I knew what she meant,
for this art is not something I had learnt.

Tearing up a bark is easy,
matching words made me queasy.
I knew what she meant,
yet I was not ready to vent.

Dreaming is a daily ritual,
writing needs to flow as natural,
I knew what she meant,
yet I had a thoughtful bent.

I started to read more,
bark became paper to teach me some more,
I knew what she meant,
yes, a slight nudge from her has been god sent.
TS. 2020.  Wrote for the word "bark" as a prompt.
Feb 2020 · 126
Catamaran Love
TS Ray Feb 2020
Walking slowly on what feels like quick sand,
cherry blossoms of a calming flair,
scented pollen rushing through the air,
yacht of memories over the horizon,
rock ‘n’ roll tides rushing without compromisin’.
I wait for the yacht to return.

Waiting on a slippery rock,
my own waiting game as my only elixir,
knew he would bring the yacht to the dock,
can’t wait to tell him enough of your trick, sir.

I weathered many a storm,
he took what blossomed as granted,
no longer do I need to be that warm,
ready to bid adieu and give him his farewell that he so wanted.
TS. 2020.
Feb 2020 · 871
I met a wanderer
TS Ray Feb 2020
She knew the world,
He knew the words,
She shaped the blue skies,
He played with the meter in fives.

She brought in the aura,
He pictured in the flora,
She glittered in the halo,
He wandered in an abyss so low.

She was well versed in art,
He talked in silence with himself in part,
She was ready to know him and walk with him toe to toe,
Walking all alone all along, he was ready to find himself too.
TS. 2020.
Feb 2020 · 228
Can I?
TS Ray Feb 2020
Can I be the sun ray,
that brightens in many ways,
of the day that shines through,
all natural and ever glowing.

Can I be the cuckoo song,
that sets a tune without grammar,
of the lilting music to deaf ears,
all soothing and wonder inducing.

Can I be the thought,
that worships another thought,
of the superior one that I believe in,
all powerful and hope filling.

Can I be the rocky mountain,
that stands tall without emotion,
trapping the dark clouds in its arms,
ever calm and meaningfully inspiring.

Can I be the fancy mirror,
that shows my reflection without a bias,
keeping its judgment to itself,
so, I can answer finally, “who am I?”?
TS. 2020. Who Am I?
Feb 2020 · 280
Desert Rain
TS Ray Feb 2020
I was once in a desert,
traveling in void when the wind was blowing dirt,
sand dunes never wavered me,
cold nights did not trouble me.

The well nearby did dry,
water and thirst had come and gone by,
living this way could not be a high,
words alone are not enough to cleanse a sand kissed eye.

Sun and moon came and went,
nature was no longer revealing any imaginary bent,
how to persist when this desert has me spent,
who knows tomorrow an oasis may spring near my tent.
TS. 2020.  Poem about nothingness.  When nothing comes to you, what do you write on?
Feb 2020 · 140
Zebra Crossing
TS Ray Feb 2020
Walking down the empty road,
there was absolutely no traffic that flowed,
intrigued by this new journey as we strode,
wait, look around both sides of the road that’s what my mother always told.

It crosses my mind then and there,
we never can change what we wear,
I have asked for a new coat to buy from a fair,
I will stand here until I get an answer fair and square.

My mother told me the reason,
stripes are there on us all season,
for one-day when you runaway from here,
you will find us back with our peculiar fashion, do you hear?

Now, move on, stay in line guy,
she said with her head held high,
and count the other stripes,
I put my head down not showing my gripes.
TS. 2020. Zebra crossing on empty road.
Jan 2020 · 111
Dreaming for Real
TS Ray Jan 2020
I can hear the alarm ringing,
only this time it had me snoozing,
it was only my hands that were moving,
like I was in deep-sea holding my breath while swimming.

Seahorses they were everywhere,
patted me to cheer me up even as they were in pair,
asked me to swim deeper if I needed air,
I would just listen as if I was in their care.

Deep-sea was dark until I see a brilliant shimmer,
think to myself there is always light somewhere you just dig deeper,
a bloom of jellyfish saw me out of breath to pick me up as I was no swimmer,
the light from the other side of the ocean was enough to keep my hopes glimmer.

Confused I was as there was now land below the sea,
a new world that I am yet to explore and see,
seahorses turned into real horses and galloped with me free,
told me there is always light at the end if you keep your faith in thee.
TS. 2020. Deep-sea exploration. Light at the end of the tunnel.
Jan 2020 · 95
What's the time now?
TS Ray Jan 2020
Time forgives no mortal soul,
yet immortality is unattainable goal.

Yesterday, I thought I had it under control,
today, I sulk at the thought of tomorrow,
tomorrow, I will be ruing about yesterday.

If time forgave,
I will never be in the present.

Keep going,
keep me honest,
TS. 2020.  It's about time!
Jan 2020 · 256
Breakfast on a train
TS Ray Jan 2020
A breakfast on a train,
packed one as you normally find during a rain,
I had company with me of the kind that entertain,
it was an orchestra that will play again and again.

As I was preparing for my next stop,
noticed a new menace that was taking its hop,
landed on businessman’s nose at a hat’s drop,
his face was on fire as he hurt his nose with a plop.

It had whale of a time and a freehand,
not knowing where this demon would go to land,
unsure what the storm outside had planned,
storm in my teacup became the next landing target for it to stand.

With ears like a giraffe,
It gave everyone a good morning laugh,
I had to empty my water carafe,
to catch this strange yodeler flea on everyone’s behalf.
TS. 2020. Humor entry. Hope you like it.
Jan 2020 · 182
Calming Swan
TS Ray Jan 2020
She is like a pristine mirror,
I do not hold anything dearer,
big heart in a vast expanse,
just looking at her leaves me in a trance.

She is like a cookie jar,
the one that you wish on and on,
sending me a trail blazing shooting star,
promising me her special blue smile wherever I have gone.

She is like a calming swan,
when my mind is on a nightly run,
painting many a shape all to my liking and hand drawn,
blue or pink today she still has my imagination begun.

Oh, blue diamond, be that eternal Hope diamond,
and send me those shooting stars so I can move up highland.
TS. 2020. Poetry about the Sky. Hope you like it.
Jan 2020 · 129
Winter Hues
TS Ray Jan 2020
There we meet again – I like this you know,
emphatically said the sun to the snow,
flash those diamond crystals on me even as you flow,
can’t wait to melt you and bask in your afterglow.

There we go again – it’s a one-way deal when done,
knowingly retorted the snow to the sun,
making shapes out of diamond is what’s fun,
take your warmth elsewhere for the life of one.

Then they spoke again – opposites do attract I suppose,
snow crystals shined the sun like he was dancing on her toes,
unseen colors and fancy hues unlike any other shows,
snow she said just let me keep shining and keep my fancy pose.

Joining hands, sang they did, in chilly warmth - “Let it snow, let it snow”!
TS. 2020.  a conversation between sun and snow to keep the winter's warmth.  Hope you like it.
Jan 2020 · 118
Dance with me
TS Ray Jan 2020
It was easy like a Sunday Morning,
I am yet to get out of my bed longing,
Route 66 was still buzzing and calling,
love to send you pictures of hiding sun this morning.

Endless love is when you say,
Baby, I don’t care, let’s stay,
Tracks of my tears will tell you hey,
Wait for me until I’ll take you there faraway.

Memories are made of this you know,
Being all by myself and nothing to show,
Come join the dance with me even if you don’t owe,
I’ll show you purple rain as we dance slow.
TS. 2020. Poem
Based on song titles.
Jan 2020 · 112
TS Ray Jan 2020
Once upon a time there lived this
    who traveled far,
       and renounced everything,
           until he came to Vegas.
TS. 2020.  Contest entry.
Jan 2020 · 195
Sipping on a few words
TS Ray Jan 2020
I had an addiction,
every word had a new connection,
reading left me with a daily fascination,
even helped me look beyond my own reflection.

I had an addiction,
every sip showed me what was perfection,
Earl Grey or English it was my much needed predilection,
even helped me imagine by recollection.

I had an addiction - maybe I have already said,
sleep it seems came only when I read,
dancing words in my half spinning head,
who knew tea could bring new thoughts when old ideas fled.

They say storms even brewed in a tea cup,
my mind was always brewing when staying up,
tea it seems calmed me and yet charged it up,
go write more books for I will have my secret potion to hold my head up.
TS. 2020. Poetry about tea and reading.
Jan 2020 · 257
Picture on the wall
TS Ray Jan 2020
Picture on the wall,
either mighty or small,
when your passion is on call,
go get it and give it your all.
TS. 2020. Practicing brevity. Hope you like it.
Jan 2020 · 91
I know everything
TS Ray Jan 2020
I must be honest right now,
You do not know what I know,
You haven’t come from the same place as I did though,
You have ages to catch up to what I must show,
Yes, my superior mind always worked in comparison to others and it won’t slow.
I wonder what would make me feel good about myself if I was in an island,
and I didn’t know.

Meandering and zigzagged, they were all over the place,
I tried to search for them for I wanted to search it at my own pace,
a cruise took me over to the horizon but those lines I couldn’t retrace,
flying above ground high up in the sky and yet not a trace.
I wonder if the lines would ever go away in our minds,
and I didn’t know.

Oh, my half-baked knowledgeable mind,
maybe you know everything,
and you can teach me.
TS. 2019. Knowledge is really additive - and if we know that - we wouldn't make enemies, but alas that is not the case I guess. Hope you like it
Dec 2019 · 300
TS Ray Dec 2019
It’s a New Year and a New Decade,
nature, love and much more to be praised,
fresh canvas and new colors it’s going to be framed,
surely, belief in us will paint the way we want it shaped.
TS. 2019.  Happy 2020 - Hello Poetry, family and friends.
Dec 2019 · 174
Tireless one
TS Ray Dec 2019
I had a broken bicycle that was in red,
found a new way to contain my sorrow instead,
salvaging the tire got me ahead,
rolling it with a wooden stick I had painted in red.

Famous I became known as the tireless one,
I saved it in my shed to play every day save none,
friends told me wish they had my cheeky grin,
although I wished I was older to buy a shiny new one.

Every spoke of the wheel spoke to me,
I knew exactly the missing ones and there were three,
I haven’t loved anything to this degree,
a new one was in the shed not knowing I was an ardent devotee.

My red wooden stick would stay with me,
telling my dad he can ride the bike like it was a plea,
becoming that creature of comfort as far as I can see,
for I wasn’t ready to hang my tire yet on the summertree.
TS. 2019. Red bicycle and my younger days. Habits die hard even if we see there are better options :)
Dec 2019 · 140
TS Ray Dec 2019
Self-belief is the
    best belief,
        God forbid. :)
TS. 2019. Haiku trials.
Dec 2019 · 200
TS Ray Dec 2019
Eye for detail,
Eye for beauty,
Beauty in her eyes.

She saw me.
TS. 2019. My first haiku or is it?
Dec 2019 · 297
Will you walk with me?
TS Ray Dec 2019
Walking down our memory lane,
reflecting on a damp and shiny frame,
knew you even before you came,
hand in hand we went around mighty Thames.

Walked for eternity through a dark night,
when memories have taken flight,
look, finally, illuminated trees are showing us shadows of Christmas lights,
thinking about you and with you has our future bright.
TS. 2019.
Dec 2019 · 187
War of Surrender
TS Ray Dec 2019
It was an unusual fight,
soldiers and surroundings were primed right,
war cry and emotions were taking flight,
I wasn’t sure how I was going to spend the night.
Who's better in the war of love?

Tears can’t replace war cries,
War horns can’t drown out deafening silence,
Armed armory can’t beat out lonely foot soldiers,
Seeing eye to eye can’t wish away looking past each other.
What’s right in a cry of despair?

I wasn’t Napoleon,
she wasn’t Helen of Troy,
we were made for each other,
yet we seem to be from different eras.

Even as we were battle ready,
it didn’t matter who won,
peace doesn’t come at an expense,
indeed it came at no cost,
'cos you can’t buy love.

Now, who wants to argue about that?
TS. 2019.
Dec 2019 · 218
Imagine that
TS Ray Dec 2019
Springing like a fawn,
running like a bull,
haunting like an owl,
It shows a different side of me.

When it centers me in a desert,
it springs up like an oasis.
When it is in a flood of deluge,
it gives me a lifeboat to rescue.
When it moves me into isolation,
it shows me prairies of emotion.

When I move into clear waters,
it shows me a reflection,
even I can’t recognize.
Everyone else seems to know me,
except me until I realize.

Maybe they have been there
already I surmise.
Once I have run out of ideas,
it shows me another world.
Now, who would imagine
even I could be there?
TS. 2019. imagining imagination :)
Dec 2019 · 146
TS Ray Dec 2019
Lost out at sea on my only boat,
in my panic I went and lost its only oar,
now I needed a way to get to shore,
oh, by the way, it’s not that I have been here before.

I have been to the beach even as a child,
sea she has always been kind and mild,
waves it seemed to me played with me and smiled,
seashore had my imagination run wild.

Rough conditions and a rudderless boat,
only love for the sea and no one else to see,
telling myself I will reach this shore it’s easy,
praying I will soon do something gutsy.

I haven’t seen a mermaid,
but she was right there for my aid,
guiding me like a beacon that was putting on a parade,
her fins were as pretty even when they swayed.

The night must have passed,
Sun hit my face and the sea was vast,
I woke up wondering why I was not at the shore,
my mermaid was with me I swore,
the lady yelled “are you okay” like a roar,
Her badge said she was from the Marine Corps.

I had seen my Mermaid.
TS. 2019.
Dec 2019 · 153
It’s another world
TS Ray Dec 2019
There was once a world,
It was filled with turmoil and burned,
sure wasn’t pretty from what I’ve heard,
until the humans arrived as a timely herd.

Building many a wooden castle,
hunting and gathering for a borderless travel,
toiling and tilling for the prize of a cattle,
sweating and smelting for they were worthy of a muscle.
When they grew food, the world breathed happy.

Three pounds of a brainy miracle,
launching many civilizations in a circle,
getting a man on the moon by flying like an eagle,
When they sought new future, the world dazzled in their presence.

I find this tribe is starting to drift,
causing many a rift,
perhaps going back to their roots of borderless travel and mutual admiration,
may become their ultimate gift.
Oh, wait I am part of them,
let me be that human today.
The world can look pretty like before.
TS. 2019. Meliorism - idea that world can be made better by human effort. Took that as the main cue to elaborate my thoughts. Let me know how it reads
Dec 2019 · 137
Growing before my eyes
TS Ray Dec 2019
I wish I had more time,
maybe slow the seconds on a dime,
double the minutes it’s already daytime,
add few hours to this joint show knowing it’s our prime time.

I have watched her thru pilot season,
grew a bonding even from preseason,
fast forward to now, and grew she did,
walk with me slowly god forbid,
as you are my everything in this unending void.

I thought I wasn’t good enough,
all my instructions and advise I thought were too tough,
yet she knew my acting tough was a bluff.

Amidst all the chatter my mind thinks,
as I wanted to say how I felt,
she wouldn’t let me complete and said jinx.
our walk together was complete,
my mind was ready to binge watch her grow again.
TS. 2019.  Bond between a mother and child from mother's eyes.
Dec 2019 · 152
Globe in my hand
TS Ray Dec 2019
I had a globe in my hand,
at an age I couldn’t fully understand,
it was made of rubber,
and could expand,
let it float the creek water,
to play catch on the other side as planned,
alas it floated away before my feet was out of sand.

It was my first terrible loss,
I didn’t know the emotion that I came across,
couldn’t get sleep as I turned and tossed,
blaming and demeaning myself for what I had lost,
at an age when I didn’t know what this pain had cost.

Bright and early the sun beamed,
at a face that felt redeemed,
it was all creek’s fault to have me schemed,
act of nature that took my globe away as it seemed.
quickly moving on not searching for a mossy robe,
focusing instead on finding a new globe.

Denial helped me learn,
living in pain would have me at a point of no return,
I was now on the beach thinking about more important earthly concern.
TS. 2019.  Contest entry - "power of denial and managing pain"
Dec 2019 · 167
Big Dipper
TS Ray Dec 2019
It was cold night at play,
desert was cooler today,
without you and your illusory overlay,
I would have lost my way.

Are you the lucky seven?
guiding us through the vault of heaven,
to show me where I am heading,
maybe gods have come down through sages for a blessing.

Big bear or a little bear,
great wagon or a saucepan,
summit or bucket,
call it what you like,
be our eternal GPS,
and put on any fancy dress,
I will know universe is my own personal God nonetheless.
TS. 2019. Poetry about Big Dipper constellation. Sky watching.
Nov 2019 · 228
Fly - you do have wings!
TS Ray Nov 2019
Possessed wings,
         but with fear of flight
worried about what others would think
         until I took flight,
and now others didn’t
         matter at that height.
TS. 2019. Contest entry for 'importance of self image'
Nov 2019 · 128
Where is Everyone?
TS Ray Nov 2019
I am here to be known as an elf
forever to be myself
riding my reindeer my only wealth.

Maybe I am the start of the next evolution,
first humans arrived when I wasn’t here,
‘tis only fair that I stay when they left as last remaining sightseer,
know I make my own delusions of grandeur.

Happy to build sculptures and arts as a record of honor,
for the next evolution is right around the corner.
I will be the optimistic Elf,
to become famous when the next new mankind discover,
but knowing that now makes me live forever.
TS. 2019.  Contest - if you were the last person on earth, what would you do?
TS Ray Nov 2019
It’s a brand new day
shall we celebrate as they say
'tis not just a holiday
Gotta be thankful to someone someday.

Baskets of fruit and food,
stuffings and dressings,
yes it’s that good,
sweet potato and yam sides in all likelihood
for as tasty a gathering,
Come on over, if you are in my neighborhood.

You wonder then,
What are you thankful for?
sun that rises to brighten every turn?
stranger who helps you without expecting anything in return?
Poems that touch you and make you yearn?
Pondering by a pond to live and learn?

There are many moments to be thankful for,
just be with me oh special one,
your magical presence is like the sun,
lets make it our sweet harvest times,
for all good moments under the sun.
TS. 2019.  Thanksgiving reflections.  Happy Thanksgiving Poets :)
Nov 2019 · 173
Juggling jitters
TS Ray Nov 2019
I've been unicyclist before,
balancing myself on a tight rope,
juggling to perform when losing hope,
oh wait, its not my new slippery *****.

Can I wear a mask?
take the clown to task,
you needn't ask,
the smile will wear on
despite a tearing cask.

I don't need a ringmaster,
I keep my own show,
magically will pull through,
'tis true there is nothing that you owe,
except maybe a friendly hello.
TS. 2019.
Nov 2019 · 1.1k
Mankind of a new kind
TS Ray Nov 2019
I stay in vigil,
we won’t go in peril,
scraping the bottom of the barrel,
I am ready for a planet saving quarrel.

Sprinting to be a warrior,
making my name glorious,
showing other girls who like to be zealous,
not for them to be undone or imagining only men can be this audacious.

I possess a mighty orb of the blue kind,
don’t under estimate or not keep in mind,
my powers were always for the entire mankind,
not a concern if men weren’t always inclined.

Just know equality is here,
as I step up,
so it will rise to follow up,
“Cos I need no approval,
taking power in my own hands,
needless to say it’s only time for grand plans,
only sharing my wisdom to let men execute my commands.

So, mankind, make us shine! :)
TS. 2019. Women empowerment - contest - warrior - beliefs.
Nov 2019 · 254
Lost and Found
TS Ray Nov 2019
I pose for you
from a broken armchair
at a crowded fair
crying for freedom,
Is that rare?
TS. 2019.
Nov 2019 · 111
Torn by a tune
TS Ray Nov 2019
For three he plays,
For three he strays,
For three he stays.
I stayed and I was one among the nines.

Arias for my Giovanni,
thirty minutes for the thirsty,
it was over too quickly, at the gramercy.
leaving my moods in the open for a mild controversy.

Cozily encased like in a womb,
attached to you by an umbilical cord,
no matter the type of chord,
It was clear you were singing,
through Mozart’s vocal cord.

I was ready to swim in place with you,
to be drenched in musical shower,
with open skies as my shower curtain,
come cleanse my soul,
as my heart tugs,
at your tone in nature.

TS. 2019.
Nov 2019 · 136
Rainy Day
TS Ray Nov 2019
Early morning of an Indian summer,
to hear the pitter-patter of a newbie rock ‘n’ roll drummer,
still music to ears right out of slumber,
just close your eyes and pick your magic number.

For the droplets maybe bringing,
new messages for a worrying mind,
to hold them in a bottle to remind
the force behind the tiny droplets when combined.

Gone are the days of longing to be drenched,
the thirst for beauty has been quenched
moods of creation has in it totally entrenched
tiny sparkles that have those tiny droplets clenched.

Count those wishes,
earth is giving out riches,
just observing those tiny droplets,
will pull imagination like conjuring new puzzle pieces.
TS. 2019.
TS Ray Nov 2019
Writing a chapter full on mystery,
with a few needed twists and turns,
like a fresh rose out of many thorns,
it is my own self that I need to lock horns.

Describing you in detail,
to walk through your life trail,
doesn’t matter if my love for you was frail,
all I need to do is set sail.

Wish I had your vocabulary,
I know my wisdom about you is temporary,
I love to make it our new dictionary,
for when you search for me,
you will always find me even if I was imaginary.
TS. 2019.
Nov 2019 · 117
Like a wave
TS Ray Nov 2019
Dancing in a circular motion,
I can see you until the horizon.

Transmitting energies all through,
on a wonder of a liquid bright blue,
I can feel it on my feet as you turn into,
that mighty current not relenting even if I talk you into.

Just as you pull me into you,
I may stay put or swim towards you,
for no matter where you go,
coming back to me again is why I say thank you.
TS. 2019.
Nov 2019 · 72
TS Ray Nov 2019
For a fairy tale ending,
Scarlettsville would be a good beginning.
a quant little town,
With no more than few hundred living,
I can sit there by the lake all day writing.

She passed me by the book store,
I knew I had to take my pen to tour,
if I were to describe her haute couture,
going to places with her of which I was unsure.

Writing needs no inspiration,
Be it igniting or inviting, just
lighting it thru my own creation,
surely, expecting to return to Scarlettsville, forever my new fairy tale fixation.
TS. 2019.
Nov 2019 · 275
I call her Sky
TS Ray Nov 2019
I meet you daily at a train station around St. Cook’s,
today you wore that weary traveler look,
struggling to carry a backpack by its slender hook,
looking through a corner of my eye that you may have mistook.

Finding a seat by the window,
standing in front as I could see only your shadow,
offering to give you my place as though I did owe,
smiling almost to yourself,
yet choosing to forego.

Your name must have been the sky,
as your eyes were as blue,
just as the ocean reflecting the sky,
meeting you by chance and I don’t know why,
sadness in your eyes is not something I could allay,
load off your shoulder is all I could take away,
can’t do nothing more than wonder and pray.

Someday I will know you more on your journey faraway,
on this non-stop ride we choose to be on everyday.
TS. 2019.
Nov 2019 · 258
Murals of the morning sun
TS Ray Nov 2019
Streaks of orange and golden pageantry,
like a chariot driven by cavalry,
in an orb made of opulent armory,
delighting everyone with your supreme scenery.

Uniquely made with fire and fury,
reaching us in eight minutes of undue hurry,
can’t get me out of bed this early, even
as your warmth is as pleasant as poetry.

Adorning the blue sky with white colored pastels,
seeking adoration for you by those blooming sunflower petals,
wake me up inside so I can draw you a mural,
maybe beam me up a vast canvas,
so I can paint one as splendidly supernatural.
TS. 2019.
Nov 2019 · 1.1k
Vintage Volleys
TS Ray Nov 2019
It’s a beautiful game of back and forth,
showing me life is merely a game too,
winning or losing may have me trying,
so long as you have fun on the court, playing!

On occasions, I couldn’t get through you,
could you lower yourself for me,
Or are you asking
to raise the game within me?

Serving me a volley of ups and downs,
making me come to the net,
playing it on the rise,
taking risk down the line,
but, alas, life doesn’t give you an HawkEye.

Opponents may be many,
courts may be different,
conditions may be new,
keep that passion within you,
for you never know when the match point is on you.
TS. 2019
Nov 2019 · 156
Mannequin Dreams
TS Ray Nov 2019
Words were spoken,
yet, emotions were left unsaid.

Gifts were exchanged,
yet, happiness was never shared.

Canvas had been prepared.
yet, colors hardly registered.

Thoughts had surfaced.
yet, ideas were left uncovered.

Songs were created,
yet, music had not been premiered.

Winds were blowing.
yet, leaves had not been cleared.

Sunshine was warming up.
yet, cold never left my feet.

Learnings had started.
surely, knowing this was bittersweet.

Loneliness had crept in.
surely, dreams were all where I meet.

TS. 2019.
Nov 2019 · 260
Stars and you
TS Ray Nov 2019
I haven’t been to the stars,
I count my blessings with you.

I haven’t been to the moon,
I see my light of love in you.

I haven’t been to the Opera.
I can hear a perfect pitch thru you.

I haven’t reached Mt Everest.
I am on top of the world with you.

I haven’t done many things.
Except my single minded devotion for you.
TS. 2019.
Nov 2019 · 181
TS Ray Nov 2019
You maybe several miles away,
yet you put on a glorious display,
today your shine has left out all of your gray,
Do you still believe in Earth”s play?

Theia is no more in your face,
you have sped along in a sprightly pace,
never have I doubted your case,
for debris is not how you could’ve came in place.

Hide and seek on one side is how you play,
waxing and waning as you gently sway,
love to hold you in my thumb to keep you at bay,
even a child doesn’t believe in my magic anyway.

Oceans swell with pride at your beauty,
brightening skies with art full of bounty,
twinkling a lot more today to reveal aplenty,
possibly inviting us to visit you with a certainty.

Some day! :)
TS. 2019.
Nov 2019 · 278
Stone full of memories
TS Ray Nov 2019
Driving by the beautiful woods,
I see them every night.
Standing tall and peaceful words at last,
its truly a poignant sight.

I think to myself,
all through the night.
what would mine say?
perhaps a few words of righteous might?

When the time comes,
need I let the world know?
or as the time flies,
do I let the world know me?

Flying like a butterfly,
Spreading your wings willfully,
Shining through your smile truthfully,
Speaking a few niceties naturally, and
Building paragraphs of legacy.
Surely, Epitaph will be no new fancy,
and written for you in permanency.
Not in a stone but in the hearts,
you touched in regular frequency.

I think to myself,
all through the night.
Why then,
should it say anything?
I suppose, its neither wrong nor right.
TS. 2019.
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