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 Nov 2019 TS Ray
 Nov 2019 TS Ray
I'm not letting you in.
I'm not telling you why.
What you need from me-
I can not provide.

I'll tell you the story-
that you need to hear.
To save you from the real me-
that you'll grow to fear.

I'm not letting you in.
I'll tell you a lie.
You'll feel so heroic-
that you made it inside.

I try to warn you-
like thorns on a bush.
From the darkness inside-
deep down at the roots.

A poison that slowly flows through your veins-
changing the structure of your functioning brain.
I'm not letting you in.
But you've succeeded inside.

Despite all my efforts-
Your heart will cry.
 Nov 2019 TS Ray
 Nov 2019 TS Ray
Truth was a breath
of cold November air
Escaping from her soft lips
Truth was warm
a breath of purpose
A spoken word
Tasting sweet nuance
A fresh, crisp blow
of season's new flair
Something so subtle
yet undoubtedly alive.
 Nov 2019 TS Ray
 Nov 2019 TS Ray
Ah yes, the magic of human touch,
Trusting to warm my soul's skin
Tis nature of loves connection, as such.

My body accepts, oh if you only knew
Like an honored guest, I grin
Anticipating the pleasures, one of the few.

Skin to skin, our bodies converse.
Uninhabited, my mind wander
Deep inside, my craving thirsts.

Artful hands sculpt with purpose
Lulling layers open, you're quite the artist
Soothing caress melt my body formless

I'm yours, silently, I surrender.
As my flesh cries out for more
Arching waves of splendor

Rewarded my senses sated.
With newfound clarity reborn
Mind, body and spirit replenished.

I thank you for your gift of touch.
Lovingly, I would return the favor,
as such.
Nothing is spoken, just being open to touch is the reward.
 Nov 2019 TS Ray
mσσnlíght ín thє mєαdσw
cαѕtѕ thє ѕhαdσw σf thє trєєѕ
í cαtch α glimpse of ѕílvєr
αѕ thє вrαnchєѕ cαtch thє вrєєzє
thєrє'ѕ juѕt α ѕσund σf ruѕtlíng lєαvєѕ
ín ѕσlítudє í ѕtrσll
thє wσσdѕ αrє mínє thíѕ єvєníng
αѕ í plαч thє wσmαn'ѕ rσlє
pαuѕíng вч thє rívєrвαnk
thє ѕчmphσnч вєgínѕ
thє ruѕhíng wαtєr'ѕ cσuntєrpσínt
tσ lívє σαk'ѕ crєαkíng límвѕ
thє gєntlє wínd, thє tєmpσ mαkєѕ
αnd í вєgín tσ hєαr
thє rhчthm σf thє pulѕє σf lífє
αn єαrth ѕσng ín mч єαr
hσw ѕwєєt thє єvєníng ѕєєm tσ mє
αríαѕ fíll thє níght
αnd thєn thєч mαkє α chσruѕ
αѕ thє mσσn rєѕumєѕ hєr flíght
hσmєwαrd вσund, í pαuѕє αnd líѕtєn
α mєlσdч ѕσ ѕwєєt
rєgrєtfullч, thє ѕpєll íѕ gσnє
nσw, juѕt thє trαffíc'ѕ вєαt
Happy Earth Day!
 Nov 2019 TS Ray
Of You
 Nov 2019 TS Ray
I hear your echos on the wind
sweet whisper in the air
The gentle touch sorrow’s pine
a longing to ensnare

Near slumber, my dreams of you
perhaps something you should know
I dream in vivid colors of multi hue
and relish in your glow

Sometimes I hear your laughter
or way you love to tease
or taunt me like the surging
of a deep and watery sea

Images float of mind on seashores
with sand beneath our feet
Or I’m lost within a daydream
in the bend and flow of wheat

And when I’m lost in passion
with my heart or soul exposed
where kisses float like butterflies
or blown petals of a rose

I dream a dream of you
enraptured by your hues
And hope to meet you there
when you are dreaming too
 Nov 2019 TS Ray
 Nov 2019 TS Ray
Crease your fears and unfold your trust.
Wake up from your endless rust.
Believe in me and so you must,
See the green within the dust.

Start over, create a new begin.
Don't throw your past in the trash bin.
Don't see your paper as a great sin.
Try to stick the good within.

Fold and fold until you shape.
A fair sheet with a neat gape.
All your good marked by tape.
Let all your worries ease and escape.

It is now ready to be seen.
And you should be very keen.
This is how you should have been.
If only you weren't so terribly green.

A flower made by your own hands.
If only you gave it a chance.
abstract poem where origami images the way I have been dealing my life.

— The End —