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Ferlin peter Mar 12
Deep long breath,
Freshly brewed coffee,
Scriptural versus for the soul,
Sweat session on the yoga mat,
You got this day!!!!!
Some days are difficult to start and some are difficult even before the previous night. Whoever is reading this or looking for some motivation, you got this day!!!! Sometimes you just need to get the morning right.
Feb 13 · 133
Oh Mother!
Ferlin peter Feb 13
A void if your voice isn't heard,
A hurt if you sound upset,
An emptiness if you don't laugh,
A fear when you don't respond to calls,
My growth into an adult is making you grow into old-age.
The unspoken truth of losing you grows stronger as you get adjusted in the new yet forced stage of existence.
Oh Mother! You strengthen me everyday yet it's unknown how I shall survive if you go away.
Please stay back for me!!
To my beloved mother who made me walk in the most difficult paths of life, I hated it when she did it back then but now I know why it was mandatory, she was just preparing me for facing the worst, the worst when she wouldn't be able to be around.
Feb 9 · 179
Ferlin peter Feb 9
When he talks, she hears you.
When he laughs, she pictures you.
When he holds her, she feels you.
When he hugs her, she smells you.
When he kisses her, she wishes it is you.
It's unfair and unjust.
She likes one, but she loves the other.
Seems like the people switched positions,
"The one" and "the friend".
Jan 31 · 29
Two glasses!!!
Ferlin peter Jan 31
Two glasses of wine,
That's all it takes for you to make an appearance in my head.
Brimming through the edges
Over-flowing from the top,
Two glasses is all it takes.
Jan 22 · 129
Cannot pick one!!!
Ferlin peter Jan 22
An unstoppable force,
An unspeakable thought,
An inexpressible emotion,
An indescribable comfort,
An unimaginable sensation,
An ineffable desire.
Too much control and too much power.
Loathe it or Love it, cannot pick one.
Give the control or fight for it, cannot pick one either.
Jan 13 · 61
Ferlin peter Jan 13
What we need is air, What we give is smoke.
What we need is care, What we give is negligence.
What we need is security, What we give is insecurities.
What we need is acceptance, What we give is judgement.
Why this wonder and confusion??
Be it science - Every action has an equal and opposite reaction,
Or faith - As you sow so shall you reap,
Or universe - What goes around comes around,
All base on one common ground - KARMA.
Let the actions be good, the results will be better.
When all is said and done don't we all just need that some hope to hold on to!!!!
Dec 2018 · 70
Ferlin peter Dec 2018
Is home a place?
Is home a person?
Is home a feeling?
Is home a suspension of our four dimension location?
For some it is all of the above.
A feeling of acceptance and security, with that person, at a safe place with no regret of losing time.
I bet we bless the day that person was born.
My home, my favorite feeling, my warmest secure place to be.
Dec 2018 · 773
The five "C's"
Ferlin peter Dec 2018
Thursday morning delight.
Coffee - makes my entire day!
Cake - baked to make the world a better place!
Cats - furry, lovable creatures!
Chemistry - there exists nothing without it!
C* - You made the five "C's" possible!
So good yet so wrong.
Dec 2018 · 114
Ferlin peter Dec 2018
Hot on a cold day and warm enough on a rainy day to kick me out of the bed,
The aroma and essence perfect for the troubled mind,
The warmth it spreads on my favorite mug is like hug from my mum,
Side to side I lay with my pug,
She sips her milk which puts her to sleep while I awaken from mine with every sip I take.
After a while it's not a wake up call but rather a booster to face the madness that awaits outside the door.
I suggest instead of falling in love fall in coffee, it doesn't **** you instead prepares you to face what is awaiting to **** you.

— The End —