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Rachiel Aug 4
His escape was art, Her escape was books.
His companion was cats, Her companion was a dog.
His amusement was baking, Her amusement was running.
His passion was teaching, Her passion was dancing.
His melody was jazz and blues , Her melody was country.
His choice was him, Her choice was then immaterial.
His words were "maybe we are not meant to be",
Her words were "wish you gave it another try".
His preference was settlement, her preference was improvement.
His goodbye was a hug, Her goodbye was a tear.
Moved on, yet the flashbacks return!!!!
Rachiel May 28
12 hours subscription,
2 minutes noodles,
1 hour laundry,
24 hours delivery.

When should I think?
When should I feel?
Everything so fast and fleeting.
Everything so instant.

I need a moment,
A moment to just be still.
To acknowledge I am still human,
Not some "time-operated" machine.

I need to take a deep breath,
I need to feel the calm,
I need to meditate,
Feel the fresh air in my lungs.

For a moment pause my thoughts from this hustle and bustle,
Just for a moment!!
Rachiel May 21
I found an expert in you.
I found a friend in you.
I found a sibling in you.
I found a stubborn-head in you.
I found a child in you.
I found a realist in you.
I found a family in you.
I found an angel in you.
I found a beauty in you.
You were an interesting discovery!!!
To a loving lost friend.
Rachiel May 20
If only I could.
See you without you watching,
Hear you without you knowing,
Caress you without you feeling,
Sit beside you without you being aware,
And walk away without making a sound!!!
Rachiel May 14
The sun - shy
      The scent - refreshing
            The vision - clear
                  The wind - pure
                        The evening - calm
                              The stars - luminous
                                   The feel - cold
Sometimes we just need to look closely to get a better, clear view.
Rachiel May 9
I admired your aura,
  You desired my attention.
    You were my breath of fresh air,
      I was just filling for your loneliness meanwhile.
        I felt passion while having you in my sight,
          You felt butterflies seeing your effect on me for then.
            You left snatching a part of me unknowingly,
               I stood there watching your back while a tear dropped
                                                                ­                                              silently.
Rachiel May 2
Some days smiling is difficult.
Some days laughing is a chore.
Some days getting through is painful.
Some days loving oneself is impossible.
Those "SOME DAYS" are the survival game,
Breathe and believe "This shall pass soon"
Give yourself 60 minutes of happiness and gratitude on that specific "SOME DAY"!!!
For anyone battling the war of self-hate, depression, anxiety, loss of hope; its not the end. If the end is bad, its NEVER the end!!! You are a survivor, don't let it get to you, fight for yourself.
Inspired by someone so special to me who is going through a hard time.
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