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Rachiel Jan 22
An unstoppable force,
An unspeakable thought,
An inexpressible emotion,
An indescribable comfort,
An unimaginable sensation,
An ineffable desire.
Too much control and too much power.
Loathe it or Love it, cannot pick one.
Give the control or fight for it, cannot pick one either.
Poetic T Sep 2018
My hood was
            my graveyard...

They'll not remember me,
               as bones feed roses...
Jake muler Aug 2015
School expects me to shell out what?

Fifty grand in what?

Three years tops!

Guess I won't pay
Guess I'll see the financial cops.
ABadPenname Oct 2014
How about distribution,
Another ******* poem To and About "love," and aspirational ***.                                        
            Lip metaphor:
A thick paperback flipped through  both covers in a momentary fluttering; I love that sharp sound.
             Can we break the law a little?
The one that we made without words, and no acknowledgement was needed.      
             -So we'll only break a few,
The one that keeps our lips apart; our individual pages each being read one sentence at a time, maybe passed around the party to obtain a variety of opinion for the same smooth structures.
              So needy for an affirmation, you, all of you, all of us.
All of Our ******* lovepoems and lovers.     Misery a lot-
Don't pretend you arent enjoying it, you masochists, writers.
             About ***:
Take them off, just take them all off-leave no room to guess, I will not dare aspire toward my fiction.
Or else leave them on, and sit here, and lay here, lie here, sleep here, wake here, leave here unviolated by my hands-but keep yourself dressed.
I am **** writing in stanzas.

— The End —