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 Feb 2018 Denecia
when people are in love
they often say
they simply fell
tripped over their own two feet
face forward
and into the arms of their beloved

i did more than simply fall
onto the ground of your love

you, for me
were an ocean
and i dived
almost painfully
into the waters of “you”

i knew i could not swim
but i did so anyway
i was drowning
entangled in you
surrounded by this being of “you”
engulfed in this feeling of “you”

and i did not know what came over me
but i let myself drown
i did not try to swim back up
because if i went back to land,
releasing myself from your grasp
that would mean losing the feeling of “you”

and after
submerging into the depth
the love
the passion
of “you”

how could i ever leave?
 Feb 2018 Denecia
One and Only
By the time you see this,
I hope we are both truly happy.
By the time you see this,
I hope I haven’t done something heartbreaking for you to leave me.
By the time you see this I hope you’ve already realized,
You are my dark
You are my light
You are what keeps me going.
We may be too young,
I may be too naive right now
But whatever happens,
Please know I love you.
From the depths of this cracked soul and heart.


I love you for who you are.
I don’t care anymore what happened in the past.
Losing you is not worth fighting over
“who was wrong, who was right“


I love you for the flaws you have
I love you for the moments we spent laughing
I love you for the moments we shared crying
I love every bit of you.
And I hope you know that too.
I love you so much KCMB. You’ve done so much and been through hell and back for me. I don’t deserve you, but I’m so happy you still chose me.
Call me crazy
I refuse to talk in a room full of my peers,
Because I am afraid for
How those will react to the
“Shy” “Quiet” “Odd”
Girl to speak.

Call me crazy
I would rather be home writing
Enjoying a hot cup of hot cocoa rather than
Be out late at a party
With a random stranger
Who likes me for when I turn around

Call me crazy
I do not reach societies standards
For a barbie body,
Straight A’s,
Or owning the hottest pair of jeans on town.

Call me crazy
But I am not like the rest
And I refuse to become somebody
Who I do not want to be.
 Oct 2017 Denecia
"You didn't even love me"
Dont say such sad words
Our love might have ended
But the feeling we felt that time were real
The pasts was once was our today
The melancholy was once love
SO please
do not say that it wasnt true
it might have ended
but that love was real. it was true
I did love you
 Oct 2017 Denecia
i feel like no one gets me
no one cares how i feel
no one cares about my feelings toughts or anything else i do
hell no one would care if i died tonight
no one woud turly miss me
why is it when i feel happy
everyone makes me unhappy
all over again
i feel used
i feel like i will never win the race
when will it all just stop
why dont i feel normal
and why wont this pain go away
so i can feel okay inside for once
okay inside for once
 Oct 2017 Denecia
Thomas Conlan
A Dotard deals directly with death
His empty head wastes it’s breath
Fire and fury; war and worry
Life lost like a blink of an eye
A flash in the dark and then we die
Another ****** on the news
Black, white, Muslims, Jews
Fears of terror on the rise
Weapons of sizeable lies
Pray for Paris, stand with me
Pray in public for people to see
We’ll send our thoughts, a share, a like
And we’ll declare another drone strike
Tears shed for the injured and dead
For every white city stained red
Another elementary school mess
Caused by a child’s carelessness
Or some ****** having fun
With the barrel of his gun
A classroom of souls sit silent
Victims of a life so violent
Education spent on waging war
Using the pockets of our poor
America’s defence, say the boasters
Our children, new age holsters

A mother explains the world to her son
That’s ruled under finger and gun
Until a time when tragedy hits here
We all live life, paralyzed in fear
A world in decay and that’s okay
Because her child won’t ever know
The sky on fire raining ash-like snow
Won’t ever see the rising sea
Will not hear the screams of the free
As they rally together for peace
And are rained down on by police
Higher he will have to rise
Higher, after he dies
No longer burdened by the blow of living
In a time of eternal unforgiving
Plunged into a nightmare, he screams
Softly, slowly, delved into drowning dreams
As his mother stands above
Holding him under with love
A monster, a fiend they’ll see
An American reality
Another victim of violence
A soul becomes silence
Hearts break, tears are shed
Out of jealousy for the dead
For all the world’s war and strife
He’s just another casualty of life
On the news, a leading millionaire
Offering a thought and prayer
 Oct 2017 Denecia
Pepper Dove
Your eyes
are the tide
pulling me in

to an ocean
of emotions
got me sinkin'

deep into
the grooves
sand's loose
no room
to breathe

my lungs filled
with brine,

No time
to change minds
my body's heavy

even if I tried
I'd explode
like confetti

nerves all shot
to hell
I stood
and fell

into the realm of
enchanted isolation

Tell me how you'd feel
If I'm gone,
gone again

'cause this is how
I feel
when your gone,
I'm gone again
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