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RebelGirl May 2018
stay fit
eat right
eat slow
**** not that slow
now im confused
dont sass me
im the boss
i say what goes
cant i go out
but why
because i said so
but that is not fair
life aint fair
you ****
smack across face
ouch what did you do that for
because i can

i dont want to be that kind of parent to my children because i dont want to turn them into children that are scared and frightend of athority
RebelGirl Mar 2018
I'm a no name girl
People see me and say ***** tease ***** **** **** and others
That is not my name but some think it is
For the last time
I'm a no name girl
If you don't know how to say my name right
Don't say anything to me at all
  Mar 2018 RebelGirl
Echoes in my ears
Screaming "Stop! Stop!"
All I can feel is the intense sting of the cold blade
More and more
A warm red liquid navigates down my wrist
More and more blood sits atop my arm
A large smile spreads across my face
The beauty of the red glistening liquid absorbs my mind
I am unable to hear the echoes in my mind once again
Cutting, I've been doing it every night for the last few days
  Mar 2018 RebelGirl
Carter Ginter
I want to take the blade to my wrists
And my legs
And my thighs
But I know it won't help
Because this hurts more than that would

I want to get wasted
Drink until I pass out
Or throw up all of this emotion
Maybe then I won't feel this pain
But I know that won't help
Because once it wears off I'll feel even worse

I want to get ****** out of my mind
To get as high as possible until these feelings can't touch me
But that will not help
Because the past few times I've smoked
It's only made me more in tune with my anger
Releasing all of the adrenaline into my system
Until I can't even look at you

I want to die
Because that's the only way out of this
I feel like I can't leave you
But I don't know if I can stay either
And if I'm dead I won't feel anything
I won't have to breathe
When each inhale fuels the anger in me
I won't have to think
All of the thoughts that are consuming me
I won't have anything
I won't be anything
And since I feel that anyways
What's the point of this?
  Mar 2018 RebelGirl
Sylvia Fénix
i gave up on god about a decade ago now
from such a young age i saw hopelessness
i didnt understand it, but i could tell nothing
was worth the effort
as life meandered on
i saw death
i saw pain
through the shameless media i saw
how painful existence was
and without realizing, it jaded me

pain is all i can feel anymore
i never felt happiness
dread doesnt phase me
my old worries that im wasting time
i wish i could worry anymore
that something other than him could matter to

my lover says we should take a break
because he can tell how much i still love him
but i can sense a more
cynical truth behind his words
im hurting him
it hurts to see his girlfriend obsess over someone else
someone whos hurting her
the one she pierces flesh for
my friends dont stop telling me how
much they care
how they want me to stop
i wish i could still care
i wish their words could pierce my brain
but it doesnt

i gave up on myself sixteen years ago
and the only one who made me feel anything
gave up when i let myself hope again
my life is caving me in and I don't know who else can save me but him
  Mar 2018 RebelGirl
Eric the Red
Wars have a way of turning men
Into poets who thought they would survive to write about it...
RebelGirl Mar 2018
ask questions
dont be a *****
be nice
dont cry
speak up
drop the attitude
dont cuss it isnt lady like
dont spit
dont wear make-up
dont be that dumb
no one likes you
you wonder y u have no friends
i will just do it myself
people expect girls to have more confidence about themselves but shouldnt we understand y they dont when they have to blend in with society it is hard to be yourself and it is really bad when they **** themselves because people dont know when to let **** go
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