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Eleven eleven. A me and you.
My constant wish, could perhaps come true.
11:11, forever with you
Forever to do, the things we do
I wish for eternity, with your hands in mine
Mmm, now there's a prospect that sounds divine.

11:11 forever with you
Oh how I wish, this wish could come true.
The though of you, dances on my mind,
the way your beauty, is one of a kind,
I'd trade the whole world, just for a moment in time,
one perfect moment, where you would be mine
2:00 AM has come again
and I sit here, writhing in pain
Thinking of her, and her perfection
I miss giving her, all my affection
I just took things as they were
And I have finally lost her
"Wrong number" said the familiar voice
I am starting to think acrostic poems ****
Because what starts with Z? The actual ****.
You call me Ade, my heart skips a beat
I can't help but feel my life's complete

You say goodbye, my world starts to fall
I can't help but hate how I've lost all

Please call me Ade, just one more time
So I can remember when you were mine

I wish you'd say yes, when I ask you out
Your voice isn't something I can live without

So please call me Ade, like you did before
Please call me Ade, at least once more.
There's still never been a love as true
As this love, I still feel for you

I still look back fondly on all the good times we had
And I'm even more sorry, for every time I've made you sad

I wish I could hear, your **** voice,
or your soft, sweet touch, that made me rejoice

It seems there has finally come a day
When from you I have to stay away

I loved you months ago, and I love you still
And even with my last breath, I always will
A dear sweet muse, I've found again,
in the summery sun, not the cold dark rain,
she makes me laugh, she makes me smile,
she's had me writing, for a while.
The final piece was set into place,
And I dream no longer of that face,
The puzzle is done and I get it now,
What was done, and why, and how.

Back in the box, the puzzle goes,
And what it was, well no-one knows,
It took me years but I found the piece,
That finally let me be at peace.
After goodbye, what else can I say?
I don't have a heart, you took it away.
I guess this is it, my happy ending gone
But I promise you this, I will carry on.

The love will be lies, all the kisses too
And as I hold her hand, I will wish it was you
But I need to move on, or to pretend at least
Because I won't forget you, till I am deceased

What is there to say, after goodbye?
I'd say I'll be fine, but I don't want to lie
Looks like I'm done writing poems for now, but who knows
What is there to say, after goodbye?
I'd say I'll be fine, but I don't want to lie
Okay so I like this one as just a rhyming couplet.
My heart sunk as I read the word,
the most painful of all I've ever heard,
I know you're gone, but don't know why,
it broke my heart when you said 'bye'.
I looked to the heavens, for my salvation,
and they came burning down
I went to the beach, to get away from the heat,
and in the water I started to drown
I ran off to the woods, to find me some peace
but they came and hunted me down
So I set off alone, and found my own place
a king all alone, with a knife, and a crown.
One day you will wake and realize she's all you ever wanted
And she'll be in someone else's arms that happy smile on her face
You'll be sitting where you sat with her and you'll be feeling haunted
And he will tell her "I love you" and her heart will start to race.

You'll remember how her lips taste and want another kiss
Another kiss where the world slows down and she's all you think about
But you can't because her lips aren't yours they're his
And her love that you once had, you'll now have to live without
Don't make the mistakes I did.
My hearts torn apart
and I am caving in
and all because
of your love for him
Hollowness in my chest
Devouring my soul
Threatening to
Eat me whole.

**** me now
The voice is back
A moment of pain
All fades to black
**** me now, the voice is back
A moment of pain, and all fades to black
I really like this one just as a couplet.
Over the hills, the sun starts to rise,
and in my heart, all hope surely dies,
I love you little angel, but you're gone for good,
so I'm moving on, as you said I should.
Her hair isn't perfect. Her lips aren't sweet.
She's not the most beautiful girl, I ever did meet.
But the scars on my aback, from her well maintained nails,
feel like old times, and so my heart sails.
and I wish, that you were the one,
but oh well for now, I'll just have some fun.
I always let you know, that you were mine.
But all I ever really wanted, was to be yours
Looking at all these ships that never sailed
I can't but think of my loves that failed
But if I had held on until the brink
They'd be like every ship that then did sink.
But I don't care about the past
I've got my one that's sure to last.
Not sure if I ended up talking about love or ships....
And so she leaves, what we were behind
And somehow expects me not to mind.
We weren't together but I'm still not fine
In this world, where she's not mine.
From all our plans, she walked away,
And now I'm alone, on this bleakest day.
Some things are so special, because of how rare they are, because they can only exist for a moment. Today I realized that is why what we had was so perfect. Because happiness, the true happiness that came with being with you, was always so short lived. So many things constantly strived to keep us apart. Time, distance, other people, ourselves, our mistakes, so many things reduced what we had to but a short time. Each time you left, hurt more than the last, but each time you left, I loved you more. Why? Because that's why it was so special. Because I didn't deserve you, I could never deserve you, but I had you, for a few short moments on a handful of day I had you in my arms, I had you on my lips, but most importantly, I had your heart. I had your heart for just a little while, and it so perfect. But you always had mine, and now I realize that's why I wasn't as perfect as you, because perfection isn't a state of being, perfection is a moment. Perfection was every moment. Every moment I spent looking into your eyes, every moment I had you in my arms, every moment we laughed, every moment we talked, every moment we spent kissing, every moment you loved me. It all was perfect. But all good things must come to pass, and even the most perfect of days must end. The perfection that was being with you, I always knew that no matter how badly I wanted it to be,  that perfection could never be the future I wanted to promise you. It could only be those moments we had. But those moments are over. This is it. The end. Goodbye. However, before that I want to say, for what I hope to be the last time, I love you. I love you and now you'll hopefully never see me, or talk to me, or even think of me again, but I still love you, and now, I say, Goodbye.
Goodbye my love, and while I'm at it, goodbye hellopoetry. It was a great year, a perfect year, but it wasn't one that could last.
Remember when you said you'd always be here for me?
Oh yes, that turned out so well, oh can't you see?
Did you ever care? Or was it all just a lie?
Not that it matters, now I'm going to die
You'll be back in a month, that's like 31 days
It will be like over 700 hours without the sun's rays
Over 44000 minutes, spent all alone
More than 250,000 seconds of life in dull tone
But it's only a month, and you're worth wait
But I'll be thinking always, of our very next date
A month has passed, and there are still tears
A month has passed since my worst fears...
...came true
Your eyes contain beauty like an endless stormy sea
You are perfect in a way no one else could be.
Your voice is sweeter than the greatest birdsong
A life lived without you, would feel so very wrong.
I love your perfect hair, with its' elegant shine
And the way your name, sounds beside mine
There are countless things I love about you
And above all else, my love is true.
And so draws to a close the most perfect day
Well at least the most perfect so far, anyway
Because yes to today was perfect and great
Yet not nearly long enough, was our date.
But I hold onto hope, for I still believe
There will come a day, when you don't have to leave
Who's that girl in the tight blue jeans,
talking to the boy with the long dark hair?
What about her's so distracting?
Why can't I help but stare?

Why is her voice as soft as snow fall?
Why does she make, the other girls, seem plain?
Why am I lying awake thinking of her?
Oh no! It can't be! Not again!

I'm not supposed to feel this.
and I know I'm not supposed to care
But with this girl it can't be helped
Because her beauty is far too fair.

I've always know he who never tries, never wins
with that in mind I smile and so it beings.
And to you my angel, I say goodnight
I'll forever love the beautiful sight,
Of your calm and resting face
Just as beautiful as, when I make your heart race.
This much I know, will be forever true
I will always, always love you
I was trying to compare your eyes to the beauty of an eclipse,
but somewhere along the line I was distracted by your lips .
Perfectly formed and beautifully red
The image of them bouncing round my head.
But it's not an image I want to forget
So I'll keep thinking of them for a while yet
A very old poem...
I don't write them the way
I did when I was young,
And these days I don't
Show them to no one.
They're not here to impress
To lie or to win
They're just here cause I
Don't know how else to begin.

So ***** the time scheme
And accept the forced rhyme
I don't even remember
When those rules felt like mine.
I'm just here to practice
Til one day I know
I've written something
That's ready to show.
I'd pretended for so long,
that I'd forgotten it was real.
So when things started to go wrong,
I didn't know what to feel.
I slowly slipped away from you.
then blamed you when you left.
I lost myself in feeling blue
and forgot about your theft.
I was so sure I had forever,
that I'd forgotten about right now.
Now I know I wasn't clever,
because I let you forget how;
You were my muse,
and I loved you so.
Now I write like this as if it's news,
but I messed up long ago.
I finally understand
but took me far too long.
The time's no longer at hand,
and I was far too wrong.
Angel of exquisite beauty,
wings stained, black as ink.
Though you knew me once,
you've no idea, just how I think.
Of you, of us, of all of this
of whom I dream, and want to kiss.
Just as it should be.
Blank mind, cloudy vision
the satisfying crack of collision
from an elbow swung, or punch thrown
and in my ears, a buzzing drone

I breath deeply, and start to think
of how I was pushed, to the brink
I really do regret it now
I'd fix it but, I don't know how

But it feels so good, at the time
but the mind doing it, isn't mine
It's not the nice sweet child
with polite voice, and manners mild

But which am I and which is me?
Which one of those am I going to be?
The child, who's weak yet nice?
Or the monster, nobody crosses twice?
My heart hungers for revenge and my sword it thirsts for blood
Those who thought they'd defy me hit the ground with a satisfying 'thud'
It's not my fault, I didn't do it.
We all know I was driven to it.
The smug looks, the mocking words
now they're just fodder for the birds
Stand in my way and I'll improve my renown
Make me look back and I shall cut. You. Down

May your god take mercy on you, I have none to spare
You can't do you what you did, and expect me not to care.
This was like a happy anger...that's probably not a good thing.
Body shaking, heart pacing
fingers drumming, mind racing
Anger like this, you should fear
Anger where my mind is clear

There's no buzzing in my ears
and I'm not on the verge of tears
I' love the way my mind's alert
Soon you'll be in a world of hurt

She gave me up, to be with you
This is something I want to do
But it's not something that your worth
In that way, it's like your birth

So go now, run boy
Be her pretty, little toy
I honestly don't even care
In the end, it's her pain to bear.
A soft, sweet laugh, a moment enjoyed,
a half hidden smile, people to avoid,
a moment of tenderness, of love unchecked,
a night long gone, but it was still perfect.
You smiled, and laughed
Then came the days you thought it all meant nothing

But she's back again, she's in your arms
It feels so perfect that it ain't setting off alarms
Like she should, cause you loved and you lost
She left you, you paid the cost

But now you bite your lip, tell her she's perfect
And now you've got your perfect angel blushing

'Cause she's not all you ever wanted.
But she's all you want right now
You know no one is perfect
But she seems to be somehow.

Finally life makes sense, finally it seems great
It's no longer dark, you're no longer filled with hate

'Cause you have your perfect angel, your sweetheart, your true love
your princess, the girl of your dream,  or a blessing from above.
I just want you to know that you're perfect

Looking into your eyes, it melts my heart
Oh your beauty's truly a work of art
Venomously addicted to your lips from the start
Everything I've done was to win your heart

You're all I want, and I need you
Oh you are perfect in everything you do
Utterly perfect, at least in my view
Another goodnight, for a sleeping you,
a great many of these poems, I've come to accrue.
But still I say, goodnight, sleep well,
and in your dreams I hope you dwell,
on the things that give you a reason to smile,
and that you get many in the next little while.
I hope you wake up, to a perfect day,
and find such beauty reflected, by those eyes of blue-grey.
I should have known that our forever,
was just another lie you'd spun,
but somehow you had me thinking,
that you could have been the one.
You had me dreaming of your face,
each and every single night,
my head told me it was wrong,
and now my heart tells me I was right.
Your voice is the most beautiful sound
And with I know, it's true love I've found
Your eyes are perfect, an unplaceable shade
And my dear sweetheart, I'm so glad you've stayed
I know I'm not perfect, not like your lips are
I love my angel, you're my shining star
Get up, stop crying
I don't care if you feel like dying.
Tears won't win them back
Won't restore the things you lack
So don't waste your time being sad
You've new opportunities, so just be glad
Serious, it's okay. I know things ****, but they get better. Trust me
The longest walk, down the road not taken,
with the most beautiful girl, unless I'm mistaken,
in the hot summer sun, that you always outshine,
oh what a perfect dream, in which you are mine.
With your perfect smile, and beautiful voice,
you my love, are my favourite choice.
With your laugh so cute, and words so kind,
you my princess, are on my mind.
With your gorgeous eyes and wit so clever,
you babydoll, are my forever.
This is just a slight edit of my last poem.
Within my poetry my words are elegant
but talking to you it becomes evident
that you make my words a savage mess
I keep saying the wrong things I guess
I don't mean to hurt, to mess up, to annoy,
my once strengthening words now seem to destroy
but I swear my intentions were the best
I really do care, you're different to the rest
Around you my words seem to fail
but I still hope our friendship prevails
Not all of the words are the ones I wanted to say, but...It's close enough
Just such a simple kiss,
and now I feel like this,
and I'm wanting more,
and it's you I adore,
but I'm going on,
and I'm starting to fawn.
What's got into me?
You're now all I see.
It was a simple kiss,
and now I feel like this...
Now as all the scars start to fade
I wonder will the memories made?
I liked that weekend, at the time
'cause I was happy and she was mine.
But now I regret it, for one big reason
and doing it again, would feel like treason
I held her hand, I tasted her lips
I put my arms around her hips
Yet now there's something I want more
Because the prettiest girl I ever saw
Isn't the one who's hand I was holding
but the one who's glare was most scolding.
Look at me my love and don't look away
Don't let the world lead you astray
I'll keep you safe as long as you are mine
So stay with me and you'll be fine
Safe from the endless, black abyss
Safe here with me, for another kiss
No idea why I even wrote this...
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