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10.5k · Mar 2014
Blank mind, cloudy vision
the satisfying crack of collision
from an elbow swung, or punch thrown
and in my ears, a buzzing drone

I breath deeply, and start to think
of how I was pushed, to the brink
I really do regret it now
I'd fix it but, I don't know how

But it feels so good, at the time
but the mind doing it, isn't mine
It's not the nice sweet child
with polite voice, and manners mild

But which am I and which is me?
Which one of those am I going to be?
The child, who's weak yet nice?
Or the monster, nobody crosses twice?
9.0k · Jan 2014
The Lonely Wordsmith
My words fall upon deaf ears
I might be blinded by my love for you
but you are deafened by your love him
I write you poem after poem after poem
and you are his after just a few words

I could tell you in ten words,
what he couldn't in a thousand
and I could write a thousand words for you
in the time he could barely say ten

but you are his, and he is yours
and I just sit here, an observer
You are my muse and perhaps it is for the best...

that I sit here, the lonely wordsmith
until the day I give up and become just another lost soul
wishing things were different

and so here I am, the lonely wordsmith
writing yet another poem you will never care to read
8.2k · Sep 2014
I wish you were here
I wish you were here I could put my arm around you
Making you blush, the way you do
I wish I could stare into your eyes
More beautiful than any sunrise
I wish our lips, could once again meet
In a kiss full of passion, of love, of heat
I wish that you would be here with me
Because when I close my eyes, it's still you I see.
7.9k · Dec 2015
A poem for my princess.
With your perfect smile, and beautiful voice,
you my love, are my favourite choice.
With your laugh so cute, and words so kind,
you my princess, are on my mind.
With your gorgeous eyes and wit so clever,
you babydoll, are my forever.
This is just a slight edit of my last poem.
6.8k · Feb 2014
Treasure that kiss
You know boy, treasure that kiss
and all the others, they'll be pure bliss
For I had one once, a velvet kiss
on her soft, lush lips.

For me there's no more, not one such kiss
And they're one thing I'm sure I'll miss
One thing about which I'll reminisce
So yes boy, treasure that kiss
I thought I knew who this  was too when I while I was writing it. But I only realized afterwards that I was wrong. It isn't meant for him, it is meant for the me of 2013
5.8k · May 2014
When we first met.
I can't remember when we first met
Neither can you, I'm willing to bet.

That weekend I didn't really notice you
Clearly the future wasn't something I knew.

But I do remember believe it or not
The first time I thought you were hot.

We played cards and you gave me a smile
I hope to remember that for a while

I also remember when I finally saw
That you are a girl, without a flaw.

It was early on that New Years eve
But even then I did not believe

That one day you would be the one
and without you I'd be coming undone.

When we met at the beach, I  remember
You'd gotten prettier since December

It was in that park, the day I asked you out
You were at your prettiest without a doubt

Isn't funny how I love you and yet...
I can't remember when we first met
I was always good at remembering dates, and the date is the only thing I can remember about when we first met.
I'm looking forward to hearing your sweet voice, and kissing your soft lips,
I'm look forward to pulling you in close, my arms wrapped around your hips,
I'm looking forward to seeing your smile, and pinning you to my bed,
I'm looking forward to seeing the sight, that I can't get out my head,
I'm looking forward to every moment I'll be spending with you,
and I'm kind of hoping that maybe, you're looking forward to it too
I love you, more than life itself

I love the sound your voice
More than wind in the trees
Your voice is more lovely
Than the sound of any breeze

I love the taste of your lips
Way more than any other taste
The best taste in the world
Is when our lips embrace

I love the radiance of your smile
More than the warmth of the sun
More than I love a glowing fire
I love you, because you are the one.
3.8k · Jan 2014
Love is to hard.
I'm sorry but
I'm gonna let him win
Cause love's too hard
So I give in

So no more poems
not one more song
for now I see
my love was wrong

You know, I loved you once
and we shared a kiss
but now that is gone
for you are his

No more of my poems
and no more competing
Because it's over now
and I've been beaten
3.1k · Apr 2014
Perfect, at least to me
The taste of her lips, the smell of her hair
Her laughter rippling, through the air
The feeling of, her hands in mine
The way her voice, makes everything fine
The things I've now taken time to see
That make her perfect, at least to me
3.0k · Oct 2016
She is my rock.
When I say she's my rock, to the people I meet
For some reason they all, seem to think that that's sweet.
But no she is not, my foundation of stone,
Who supports and holds me, when I feel alone.
She isn't the constant, that keeps me sane
Because it's been a long time, and that girl she did change.

No for I am Sisyphus, and this much is true,
I'll never make things work with you.
But I am Sisyphus, it's what I do,
And I'm in love, with trying to
I hope I'm wrong. But sometimes it feels like trying to make things work with her, is like Sisyphus pushing his rock up that hill. I'll never succeed, but I've come so close, and  I'm in love with trying
2.7k · Mar 2014
This girl's description needs no hyperbole
Because she is perfect, well at least to me
Her smile is as warm as a summers day
and her sweet laughter, it drives out the gray
I could sit here for hours describing my love
But suffice to say if I hear the word perfect it's her I'll think of
2.7k · Jan 2014
Love's not too hard
Now yes I remember, exactly what I said
Now I'm back, don't let it go to your head
So maybe one more poem, or maybe more
It's one way to stop, my heart being sore.

Don't get me wrong, I happy here
she is nice and fills me with cheer.
But I'm still a wordsmith you're still my muse
The only person for whom I use

The skill of rhetoric and rhyme and song
But I still think, that my love was wrong.
But so was quitting, I don't give in
and there is no way, I'm gonna let him win

So yea, he has got competition
they all have now, that's my mission
Because if my poems aren't enough for you
Then neither is anything they can do
Yea um...the last one may have made it sound like I gave up. But I haven't, at least not yet.
2.6k · Mar 2014
Love seems cliche
Words are just tools, or things to be used
they can make sense of the world, or leave you confused.
Love's just a word, so's beauty, perfection;
they once conveyed meaning of undying affection
but they're now overused, and so seem cliche
what good are words she won't believe anyway?
But say them I shall, just to let her know
that for me love means the same as it did long ago.
2.6k · Nov 2015
My god she's amazing.
My god she's beautiful, with those ever perfect lips,
through which in my dreams my tongue, effortlessly slips.
My god she is so funny, with the way she makes me smile,
her every witty comment, leaves me laughing for a while.
My god she is so perfect, in every single way,
and oh how I wish she knew, that she always makes my day.
2.6k · Jan 2014
Send help
I have fallen in love
and can't get back up
2.4k · Oct 2016
Nihilistic love poem
I don't believe in fate nor in any kind of grand design,
Because if we got what we deserved then theres no way that you'd be mine.
So I won't call you a godsend nor compare you to an angel,
And though your absence burns I won't say that I'm in hell.

But when I close my eyes I see your face
and girl now my heart it starts to race
at rather an impressive pace
as I think of you in all your grace
I think this is another a case
where my heart is ever giving chase
as it beats out with infinite bass
at the thought of you all clad in lace.

But I'll admit that in your dress,
You display infinite finesse
Far gone are the days of my one true love. But I'll embrace this chance, with my new favourite person
2.4k · Mar 2014
Sunbeams through her hair
Sunbeams through her hair
as she reads through her book
oh with her beauty so fair
all of my love, she then took
2.2k · Mar 2014
I look out the window, I walk in the street
I look around at this place, and I feel complete
I walk to the forest, to the sound of birdsong
This is the place I truly belong

I have seen so many of the world's greatest sights
But I belong here, it's my place by rights
I've seen much of the world, from Beijing to Rome
But here's the only place that I'd call my home
New Zealand is where I belong, and the only place that feels like home.
2.1k · Sep 2014
Where did the time go?
Where on earth did all the time go?
The seeds of sleepiness start to grow
Time's constantly passing me by
as I keep asking myself 'why?'
So where has all of the time gone
What's it all been spent upon?
2.1k · Jun 2016
11:11 thoughts
The though of you, dances on my mind,
the way your beauty, is one of a kind,
I'd trade the whole world, just for a moment in time,
one perfect moment, where you would be mine
2.0k · Feb 2015
My suicide note
My best poem'll be my suicide note
the very last thing I ever wrote
a goodbye to those who don't even care
but those I love, because life's unfair.
But this ain't it it's not good enough
but I swear one day I write the right stuff
and it'll be goodbye to the whole world
and so comes the darkness, black wings unfurled
I should have kissed you longer,
I should have made you stay,
I said I would make it work,
I said you wouldn't slip away.

But **** it, now you love him,
and now I'm just a memory
but you must know I love you,
and I long for you and me.
1.9k · Jan 2014
I get ten words?
A million couldn't describe
the beauty in just her eyes.
A ten word poem
1.8k · Mar 2014
This girl
Oh the sunlight as it's shafting through her hair
and her eyes with their beauteous glare
oh the perfect, quiet moments alone
and all those long nights we spend on the phone
These are the things I long for the most
With this girl as beautiful as the heavenly host
1.8k · Jun 2016
I'm distracted by, your cute, cute face,
and the way your words, make my heart race,
when talking to you, I can't help but smile,
you make me happier, than I've been for a while
Your hair is perfect, beyond compare,
and you're so perfect, that it's just not fair,
you're my best friend, you're sweet and smart,
you're funny and kind, and a work of art.
1.8k · May 2014
I was so stupid, why couldn't I see?
That she never, really ever loved me.

I was an idiot, I said 'I love you'
Because I kinda thought, she loved me too

I was so dumb, I was out of my mind
to think I could get her, she's one of a kind

I'm still an idiot, because I'm still in love
With an angel belonging, so far above.

But she never loved me.
I could handle being sworn at, and being told she hated me. But when she said she never loved me, it was too much....As soon as I read that I just threw my phones battery away because I knew just reading messages she sent would too painful
1.7k · May 2014
Turquoise, I smile, a nice green-y blue
Oh how that colour reminds me of you

As I sit here and stare out at the sea
Oh how I wish you'd be here with me
And there never was a girl I loved quite like you,
but I'm sitting here thinking that we are through,
because how I can get back to how things used to be,
when I looked at you, and you smiled me,
and there we were kissing on that New Years eve,
didn't think one day you'd up and leave,
still, if you looked at me and smiled and said
"I love you boy get it into your head"
then I'd open my arms and I'd open my heart
because you my dear are a work of art.
1.6k · Mar 2016
It's more than a crush
Maybe she's not an angel,
but perhaps she's what I need.
And I know that she's not you 'cause,
she's not making my heart bleed.
But she's gorgeous and she's funny and she's one of a kind,
and I just can't seem to get her out of my mind.
I can't say her name, without the hint of a blush,
I know it's not love yet, but it's more than a crush.
1.6k · May 2017
I hate my poetry
I think I hate my poetry,
there's a simple reason why, you see,
most of my words, I know are wrong,
feelings extinguished that live on in song,
of girls I've forgotten, and girls who don't care
so there's no point to there?
How did the night arrive so soon?
Now lone wolf's howling to the moon.
He's pacing on, snow under paw,
dreaming of, just one chance more,
at the thing he wants, his true desire.
Need burns within him, like a fire.
Then there it is, second to none,
that perfect beauty, the rising sun.
Ah extended metaphors, how I hate you
1.5k · Feb 2014
I remember
I remember that night, I remember...
That velvet kiss, on your soft, lush lips
I remember the music, I remember...
My arms, gently wrapped around your hips

I remember this feeling, I remember....
What it is when I see you with him, it's rage
I remember this pain, I remember...
Feeling as though you're crushing my heart in cage

I remember all this, I remember...
Every second I spent with you
But to forget the bad, must I forget
everything that was good too?
1.5k · Jul 2014
I don't deserve to live
Time passes, but memories don't fade
As I look back at the messes I made
How has no one realized, I don't deserve to live?
Even I, want me to die...I've nothing left to give
I've ruined everything that ever went well
Just let me say goodbye, and then I'll go to hell
1.4k · Apr 2015
Sing, Goddess
Sing, Goddess, a poem worthy of my love
As beautiful as Venus, lady of the dove
Sing, Goddess, for my muse has run dry
Yet the muses are immortal, never to die
Sing, Goddess, Erato hear my plea
I need a poem good enough, for my love to see.
1.4k · Mar 2016
Sappy and stupid
Sappy and stupid, that's what love is,
but I'm not anymore, these words are his.
But perhaps I will say, that all thanks to you,
well perhaps maybe sappy, describes me too.
Your giggle is perfect, beyond compare,
and on the subject of perfect, there's your flawless hair.
But beyond all else, there's the way that I feel,
when thinking of you, I know this love's real.
You and I both knew, it was never to last,
but the end came so soon, it was all gone so fast,
you deserved angels, singing your praise,
now I question why I still sing it these days.
But I still look at the moon, and remember your face,
and gentle, warm touch, that made my heart race.
You belong in the poetry, of someone else now,
and I'd stop writing like this, if I only knew how.
But before I am gone, I'll make a closing remark,
I'm still in love with the girl, who I kissed in that park
1.4k · May 2014
The happiest of all
Sometimes I think everyone would be happier...
...if I were dead.
But now the one person who I thought would actually care....
....I think she would be the happiest of all
1.4k · Apr 2014
The dark
I'm not afraid of the dark
I'm afraid when it comes I won't have left my mark
1.3k · Feb 2014
You noticed
I thought you never liked me, never payed me any attention

But now I realize all the things you notice
the things that I don't really see
like the way my leg shakes when I'm nervous
you keep on pointing it out to me

and now I know you like me, because you noticed
1.3k · Nov 2015
I miss you
I miss you, and that's all that I can say,
I don't understand why I still feel this way,
it's been so long, it's been more than a year,
yet life without you's still my greatest fear.

But you are happy, so I'll leave you be,
you deserve to be happy, and there's no need for me.
1.3k · Dec 2015
New Years Kiss
The hug that felt like everything, would really be alright.
The kiss that without a doubt, had easily made my night.
The girl that I am falling for, without a single fear.
The relationship I'm wishing for, is drawing ever near.
1.2k · Aug 2016
It's recently occurred to me
It has recently occurred to me,
that you're fast becoming all I see,
and when I close my eyes at night,
it's your smiling face, that fills my sight.
I hear your voice even when you're gone,
still feel your touch, when your hands move on,
and I would love for you to be,
just lying here right next to me.
I want you more than words can say,
for you I'd wait forever and a day.
1.2k · Aug 2016
There is a girl
There is a girl, on whom I've grown sweet,
the most gorgeous girl, I ever did meet ,
with beauty beyond, such false compare,
at which I must try not to stare.

Her lips press so soft against mine,
and for a moment everything feels fine,
along my chest, her fingertips trace,
quickly causing my heart to race,

and all I know, is simply this,
there's nothing I want, more than her kiss.
1.2k · Apr 2014
The worst part
The worst part is that for such a  long time I didn't want to rest
Because I didn't want dreams, the real world was the best
I didn't want to play video games, I didn't need a distraction.
But now I do, the real world is ****, and I want some satisfaction
1.2k · Apr 2014
I miss you
I haven't seen you in awhile my dear
And now there's something I've come to fear
That I don't remember the smell of your hair
But at least I'd recognize that smile anywhere
And I might not remember the taste of your lips
But I still want my arms around your hips
But your laugh, now that is unforgettable
And every moment we're together, is un-regrettable
Oh I miss you with every fibre of my being
And I'm jealous of those friends, whom you keep on seeing.
1.2k · Jan 2014
Such a simple word
to convey a world of sadness
1.2k · Jan 2014
Nobody's Perfect
She says she's a nobody,
But nobody's perfect,
sounds right
1.2k · Feb 2014
You noticed too late
But now I realize all the things you notice
the things that I don't really see
like the way my leg shakes when I'm nervous
you keep on pointing it out to me

Now there is one thing this says to me
That you still pay atention to what I do
so you probably know that what I want to be
is where he is, sitting next to you

So now that I know you like me too
and you've always known that I'm in love
so I've just got one question for you
what is it that you're so scared of?

Is it something to do with him?
are you wondering how are you gonna explain it?
you won't have to cause even he can't be that dim
but there is something I must admit

I know you would never leave him
and I know I will never get you
and love is something in which I'd rather swim,
drown so I know what I've got to do

I've got to leave, and say goodbye
I'll find someone else, someone who
won't bring back memories or make me cry
because she is going to be nothing like you

I write this not because I am filled with hate
But simply because you noticed too late
1.2k · Jan 2017
When all is gone
When all is gone,
that matters now,
one last poem,
survives somehow.
And so you read,
and so it goes,
explaining this,
in rhyme or prose;
My dear sweet love,
I love you still,
with all my heart,
I always will.
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