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amanita Mar 2017
i have been moving forward for years, never stopping
everything has overwhelmed me and eaten away at my being
but i still moved on
i've hid from my deepest thoughts,
buried them deep inside
kept moving without looking back

but standing here today i see everything that i skipped over,
everything that has festered and crept up behind me
so close that it invades my thoughts
taken over, there's no turning back
this is bad
amanita Mar 2017
how scared you must be
to be exposed to the elements
with all your windows broken in
and all alone
amanita Mar 2017
an itch in your shoulders
that you cannot scratch
you try to ignore it
but it demands
to be heard
amanita Nov 2016
crooks of elbows
backs of knees
where the thighs touch
amanita Oct 2016
The air pierces my skin
My breath fogs up in front of me
as I walk alongside you,
in this hidden pathway
I look at you
you are so beautiful
There is warmth in my cheeks
but it is still cold
amanita May 2016
Like the hands I allowed my cat to scratch
and my unvacuumed floor and unwashed bed sheets,
And the ability to go outside and improve myself
I took you for granted.
im sorry
i made a lot of mistakes
amanita Jan 2016
Drowning in my own head
What do I do?
Losing control
losing control
I fear I've lost myself
No control
no control
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