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Lotus May May 29
to know love,
we forsake our sanity,
the control over
our own minds
we take the risk of
losing more than just
parts of our hearts
to know love,
we break ourselves
over and over
only to chase after it
blindly again
despite knowing that
no one will ever
come close to truly
knowing love
Salman reshi Apr 3
You're one of those people who only put footprints behind & leave without a shadow of doubt.

You're one of those people who at first go unnoticed but lately turn into most unforgettable intoxication.
I wonder? How did i let you in? How did i not see this happening?

Sheepishly i guess.

Now you've my heart and I've yours
I hope what we've lasts forever
But i need to know am i wasting my time
Or will our hearts be Jocund and sublime

— The End —