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Salman reshi Apr 17
I've tried fire and rain
Nothing can cure these wounds and pain

Holding her hands i want to die in her arms
I'm so much in love with her and her charms

My heart desires you but i can't get you
O my beloved O my sweetheart

Come make this heart understand
You aren't mine you aren't mine
Salman reshi Apr 6
I know you'll leave me ....
Why not wait a little longer?
Does it have to be now?
#wait #love #leave #unconditonal #loveisnotdead #waitisgood #yours #forever
Salman reshi Apr 3
You're one of those people who only put footprints behind & leave without a shadow of doubt.

You're one of those people who at first go unnoticed but lately turn into most unforgettable intoxication.
I wonder? How did i let you in? How did i not see this happening?

Sheepishly i guess.

Now you've my heart and I've yours
I hope what we've lasts forever
But i need to know am i wasting my time
Or will our hearts be Jocund and sublime
Salman reshi Apr 2
And Then I Met Her

It was our first meet
When i saw her
My heart skipped a beat

I was on one side of the road
And She on the other
Everything was in my favor
and yes that weather.

As, i got close to her She got blushed.
Her cheeks turned red as Petals of a flower.
Her relishing antics, her blushing cheeks
And her cute expression.
I couldn't take my eyes off for the session.

She drove me crazy
She was looking beautiful like daisy.

Starring at each other's eyes was making a beautiful sound.
And made me feel as if there was no one around.

The way she put her hand on the chin.
I'm falling fa you, i said with a grin.

I noticed that smile on her face.
And i was thinking her to embrace.

She's an Ocean, her eyes deep sea-blue
I failed reading those as she left no clue.
It's all about first meet, what we call it as First date.
Salman reshi Mar 27

I used to sleep with the lights on
Thinking about her till dawn

I Used to remember her after listening a sad song
Knowing! She doesn't care about Me. I Wasn't wrong ?

I used to re_read our old conversations
Knowing! She changes her friends after every stations

She left Me lonely , upset and Sad
She was happy in her life ! I was mad

I wanted someone who would listen to Me
Deep down! I was scared to show the "Real Me".

I wanted someone to hold on Me
Make me happy and stand by Me

But there was no One
Who would accept Me as "ME".

— The End —