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The pain of loneliness when you're surrounded by a multitude;
It stings really deep.

When it comes to pouring out your heart, strangers are the best people to talk to. Zero judgment, all ears.
This is a beautiful place to find such "strangers" because people are open minded.
Whatever you're feeling, you're never alone. Talk to someone.
It's well understood sometimes that a problem shared amongst peers sometimes tends to become a topic of discussion, but right here, feel at home. I'm all ears and so are other people.
Brianne Rose Jan 2020
A Lonesome Cry fill the night,
A lone girl sat alone filled with nothing but fright,
Her mind running from a monster only she could know,
No matter how fast she ran she felt so slow.
This thing that never Slept,
This thing that never Eats,
It haunts her during the day,
She's tried everything to make it go away.
Nothing slows this Creature down,
Dragging her into the dark where she feels like she's going to drown.
This being she knows all too well,
Ever since that day...ever since she fell.
This miserable thing that fills her with Self Loathing, and Hate,
She can do nothing against - nothing but wait.
It's name is known to many as an illness,
But the name it's called wasn't born from silliness...
After all:
Depression is no joke
Was thinking about some stuff and this just kinda popped into my head.
sorry it's been a while since i've uploaded, hadda lot of stuff goin on IRL wise.
hope to be back soon :D
Jude Quinn Apr 2019
And I know the world will be a much more beautiful place
when all the cosmonauts come together
and send a single transmission to everyone here:
"You're not alone".
From one lonely spaceman to all others outside lost in the void: you're not alone.
allison Feb 2019
how many times
has someone told you
to turn that frown
¿uʍop ǝpᴉsdn

one too many?

uʍoɹɟ ʇɐɥʇ uɹnʇ
(: uʍop ǝpᴉsdn

if you haven't been told
enough today.
be happy
Aylin Escudero Feb 2019
There are times when I don’t feel enough for this world.

There are times when I feel at my lowest and it’s something... I really can’t control, and people will ask what’s wrong.

I simply don’t know and I wish I could control this emptiness I feel within me. The loneliness washes over me and I feel depressed.


But the times I feel like I’m on top of the world and you can see my contagious smile and you can feel my great energy ... are my favorite days.

Those are the days I’m so happy to feel alive. And how I wish that feeling could last forever.

I wish I could feel this chemical high for the rest of my life.
Alaynah Nov 2018

the only things that never leave your side
the ones that are always there for you
distracting you from the world
as your life passes you by

constantly reminding you
that you don't need anyone else
so why would that be a question

"hey it's us again! the ones that
assure commitment,
anxiety and depression"

you cling to their words
as they've lived up to their promises
of never leaving you alone

"never question our loyalty we'll always be here!
you're wanted, we want you! and that will never be unknown!"

"we're not sure why you don't want us around
you're always saying you want someone to come in your life
and stay a while
we thought coming around when you felt lonely
would at least make you smile!"

I was never scared of the dark until I met anxiety and depression
they lurk in the nights and watch me sleep and then yell "WAKE UP"
to let me know that self guilt and sadness is still in my possession

it's time to go out and find the cure for this stupid disease
the only things that will make them go away, self love & inner peace

it will be a long time before i find it
but i know who will push me
in the right direction

my old friends who said they'd stay by my side!
Remember them? Anxiety & Depression.
We’re a galaxy
Filled with stars
A real life fantasy
That’s what we are
Cosmos, planets, shooting stars
A beautiful world made just for us
Look deep within and you will see
There’s so much more in you and me

I’m your midnight and you’re my aurora
I’m the sea and you’re my coral
We’ll sail across the galaxy
And I’ll pick out the stars just for you
We’ll colour out the sunset
Make it a lovely pink hue
I’ll write your name in the sky
And we’ll bid the end goodbye.

Maybe together,
we’ll finally have forever
© 2018 Alessia Koh All rights reserved
Sometimes, I like to imagine and picture the stars. They are always so beautiful, shining and twinkling above us. Many people say that love is vast and limitless and I agree. Love is also full of wonders and beauties like the galaxy. So everytime we feel sad, remind yourself that there are people who love you. People like your family.
written on 17/9/18 by Alessia
krm Oct 2017
Dear Depression,
I see you. We all see you. You're not very avoidable. Those slivers of light you try to enamor us with. How death seems so delicate when we talk of flowers and restful slumber- for all eternity. What the lights do not show; a grotesque, scaled abomination with a gluttonous appetite for happiness and life. I can't let you gnaw on anymore souls to leave nothing, but sunken eyes and bones. They do not belong to you nor were they yours to take. You're not welcome in the mind's of my friend's and family. Life is welcome in their heart's where joy can still be found. Don't find yourself slithering down our throat's anymore, in the empty stomachs or scars we have. The thoughts we think when you entice us are dangerous. You stole her. You stole him. You stole me. I can't recognize the stoic, numbed faces I gaze upon. You undo any progress ever done.

It's been so long since, I've heard them laugh or flashed a smile I meant. Still, your might looms over as you admire the damage you've caused. Next, feeling the audacity to sneer when we weep. Depression, you're a monster who causes nothing, but suffering. Those tears are not your's to season hopelessness with. You make the covers seem like the most comfortable coffin, you make our skin look as if we've fought thousands of wars. The sun an inconvenience with the days in reverse. We've tried to compromise, you are no friend. Just a foe.
Depression, there are so many things I want to do to you. You break my heart when all your captors don't believe they are worthy of love, but they are the ones I love most. I will break you like, you've broken us. My bare hands would reach into your chest, ripping the lungs out; stomp on them to preventing future sufferers. I would crush your heart in the palms of my hand's- praying for the sickness and terror to end. These innocent people you've robbed of life, love, happiness, opportunity and a soul. Will have their revenge. Your blood covers our skin and we bathe in the warmth of redemption as our thought's belong to us once more. We let the pain held inside escape our sutured lips, begging your soul to ascend back into the abyss never to return. Your bones are mine to assemble a castle for the broken to heal. Your skull resembles a crown honoring those who had given into the temptations of surrendering. We honor them.
R A Lee Mar 2017
She once was a great Oak tree but
She has been cut down
with every lie
You're not smart enough, you're not pretty enough.
She has been cut down.
One branch, two branches,
a slap in the face
another branch splinters another branch breaks.
You're to small now, like a sapling you are not strong.
Leaves begin to turn, her spirit withers like leaves in the winter.
Fists swinging as if they are axes
cutting deep
blood flowing like molasses.
She has been cut down
Down to a stump with nothing left,
but the scars that bear her story and hide her broken heart.
She has been cut down.
Jess Hays Sep 2016
Swirls of hazardous acid
Poured as he ran by drenched in tears
Everyday was someplace complicated
He was an outcast, forced to be here
But he stood out like a king in a spotlight
Everyone was blinded by his beautiful light
Just no one knew...
But I saw you standing there
So I walked up and now I get their ignorance
How're they to understand beauty that's hidden by skin?
He had good intentions when people bothered to notice him. He was sincere, the boy with love in his veins
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