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Helina Jun 2020
Let me ask you a question..
Why is it my skin color
That bothers you so much?
The fact that I have melanin
It triggers you enough,
To pull out a gun?
Point it right to my head
And take my life in a split second.

Let me
Ask you a question

As far as I know,
All our insides look the same.
Whether it’s the most evil person in the world,
Or the most kind hearted soul.

We all have the same kinds of stomach, heart, and lung.

So Why?
Why is it my skin color that bothers you so much?
That i look a little different,
than what society has accepted is alright.

What does being racist,
Bring to your table?
Why do you think being any other color but white,
Is being unstable
Why does God
making your skin a little light,
Make you think you have powers
And you rise up above

So Let ME ask you a question,
For the very last time…
Why is it that you live in the 21st century,
But your ideology is still stuck in the 1820s.

Don’t you see?
Go look at the nearest protest in your town
Or go search for a video while inside
It’s every race that’s screaming for justice
We’re all standing by each other's side
Our so called leader threatens us with force
But like those many signs say,
It’s “No justice, no peace” for us all

So many innocent lives taken,
Linching was way back then,
But they’ve brought it back in a legalized version
You swore you would respect
the humanity of those whom you encounter
But here you are stepping and looking down on somebody’s father
While he screams “I can’t breath” louder and louder
Then we go out seeking Justice
During a whole pandemic
Risking our own lives
For those who were wrongfully shot,
But get left on the street dead
For 12 hours just for showing love

A father shouldn’t have to fear for his life
A mother shouldn’t have to teach her child
How to stay safe,
While doing the most peaceful things in their town
Nobody should be scared to go on a jog
Or be frightened by the police
Just because their skin color is black

“Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend”
Said Martin Luther King once
So we will stand here to make a difference
To make it be and stay love over hate.
Helina Feb 2020
The paths I take keep tearing me apart
They tell me to choose wise,
but they're all the same at first sight
Sweet, until they get what they want
Nothing real, all fun and games
No one to really love
Keep falling for the wrong guys,
Even though there's many other once waiting in line
Helina Feb 2020
I never have words to express my fear
my true passion, or stand up for myself
They all fly away coming to the tip of my tongue
Words said screaming out loud,
but feels like one of those dreams, that the words just pass through the crowd

The thunder in my head roaring,
but lightning just not striking out

I'm not proud,
I'm never pleased with what i do
I know i'm not good enough for this world
but at least i'm trying to

I hold my head up high,
I would say to keep my crown up,
But which one?
The one they gave me for being the worst daughter in their eyes?
the one for being stupid?
The one for being the most hurt and wounded?
Or for the one for being the greatest faker alive?
Faking a smile,
Faking happiness, just so everyone else can be satisfied.
Helina Aug 2019
You know it's funny how we still judge,
we know nobody chose for their scars.
Nobody wanted a mark.
Nobody gets a say in how they're made to look like,
but we still have this imprint in our head,
That we have to meet the requirements of what meets the eyes.
Society isn't even wise,
Just maybe,
There might be a little hope for the new generation
maybe we will stop to criticize.
Helina Aug 2019
I'm done done with this world,
I wish I could go back to the days with bright skies
The sun rising from the east,
No gray clouds, just days full of opportunities
I wish i could go back to when there was no rain,
Rewind the time train back to when I was five.
Go back home to Grandma the only one that didn't give me pain.
The only one who told me i could get somewhere.
The only one who listened when i had something to say.
The only one that looked after me, when they left me to chase after money.

Today is such a bore,
Rainy, gray clouds surrounding my door.
Can't go outside, without the thunder hitting me straight on.
Always waiting for me to come out, but no thank you,
I rather stay here dreaming about what i could be doing.
Helina May 2019
I wonder if you miss me holding your hands,
Wonder if you kept the letters I wrote for when we were apart.
Do I still cross your mind?
Does your heart race when you see me walking down?
Or were all the memories gone the day I said goodbye.
Even though I let you go for the good,
Every little thing still brings you up on my mind.
Helina May 2019
I fell head over heals,
when you only replied sometimes
I would ask what you want,
but i'm scared you'll never come back
Even just the attention you are giving now
is enough for me to come running back,
After a whole day of me telling i'm everyone I was done with your ***
There's nothing else that makes me happier than when I see your name pop up
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