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Helina  Oct 2018
Helina Oct 2018
You've been gone for four months, but it still feels like a dream
I know we weren't related
But you were like the brother, that was there to give me hope with the master pieces you created

I still can't believe it, that you're really gone forever
You'll never leave my playlist
Because you're the reason why I still exist
X, your words will always be in my soul
I'll praise you everyday
And scream your songs till my lungs give out
But there's still something I can't get out of my head
While you were still with us,
I wish I thanked you
For the gift you gave us all
May your legendary name be praised, and be known forever
I connected through his music. He gave me so much hope, and i was crushed the day i found out he was gone. It still doesn't seem real to me that i'll never get to see his eyes. It has been 4 months, but still feels like yesterday. I remember him everyday, and always will. R.I.P❤️☹️
Aaron LaLux Oct 2018
Watching Trending videos on YouTube,
2 of the top ten videos are dead,
which means I’m watching ghosts,
having deja vu see it seems I’ve seen this scene before,

Rest In Peace Mac Miller,
Resit In Pease Xxxtentacion,
this spirits have be writing frantically,
going for gold or at least an honorable mention,

want to be anything except forgotten,
skin is fresh but core is rotten,
scent of cologne watching Post Malone,
give an interview on Jimmy Fallon,

seems we’ve fallen,
and our idols are a sign of where we’re at,
war never stopped it just changed forms,
from Germany to Vietnam to Iraq,

as the sun sets over San Francisco Bay,
I watch the colors run,
indifferent to the cause and the effect,
nothing’s perfect but the sky always looks so beautiful,

as I gaze out this bedroom window,
in a house I do not own,
just touched down from Australia,
back in The Bay for another round,

taking a moment to reflect,
in my feelings as the sun sets,
and it feels like we’ve seen it all,
even though we know we haven’t seen anything yet,

watching Trending videos on YouTube,
2 of the top ten videos are dead,
which means I’m watching ghosts,
having deja vu see it seems I’ve seen this scene before…

∆ LaLux ∆
Lyn-Purcell  Jun 2018
Lyn-Purcell Jun 2018
Yes, you had your demons
As well as controversy
But the fact your life was taken
young, it is a tragedy
I don't know who you are
I don't know you personally
But, goodbye xxxtentacion
I pray you rest in peace
It's always sad when someone so young loses their life. And for what? Such trivial material things? Things that have no value when it comes to human life! He was only 20, ******. 20!
I'm gonna be honest, I'd never heard of xxxtentacion until today. I don't listen to today's music. And I've been off Rap for a very long time. But to know he died at 20 seriously hurts.  I can only imagine what his loved ones and his fans are feeling right now.
I read some of his lyrics and man, I understand. Many of them I relate to
I hope they find and arrest those responsible.
Rest in peace, Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy
Yours sincerely, Lyn
everly  Jun 2018
gn xxxtentacion
everly Jun 2018
all your demons have finally died
my love..
i’m so sad..
Najwan R M Jun 2018
Young 20 year old, eyes low and sad
they wondered why he chose music
it became his passion, it was all he had.
He turned to near-death experiences to lessons
and become stronger inside and out.
His songs?
Like tunnels, deeper and deeper
hitting you hard like heavy bricks
inspiration swelled in our chest
and us, your fans screamed
June 18th came along and you have ripped away,
that bullet that hit you tore holes in our hearts.
Who could we turn to for depression help now?
Who would fill our hearts and minds now?
With fresh tears in our eyes and sadness swelled in our chests,
we put your music on and listen to build new inspiration
and show people your vision
Gone but never forgotten, I forever love you
Julio Lopez Mar 2018
I don't feel the
I don't feel the
I don't feel the pain no more
I don't feel the need to lie no more
I can not take this no more
Drank in my cup I need some more
Whatever liquor, I don't care
Just pour, pour, pour some more
Drinking till I end up on the floor
Pain in my eyes
Homie they don't lie
Praying to a nobody in the sky
Deadbeat God tell me why
You created a world where evil thrives
And not one where the good outshines
Ohh tell me why
You let all these innocent children die
I'm on the ropes
I'm pouring out my soul
I feel so alone.
I'm searching for hope.
King Pencasso Jul 2018
I woke this morning feeling good & ready to start my day
Washed up, got dressed, then got on my knees to pray
Asked God to look after everyone I love, to keep em safe
And to make today a great beautiful day
As I proceed with my daily activities, I start getting this bad feeling
Like something was about to occur, either a tragedy or another senseless killing
But as soon as I’m enjoying myself as always, something tells me to check my phone
I open Instagram only to see the saddest news, another King knocked from the throne
Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy has been pronounced dead, gunned down in his car
As soon as I’m healed from depression, here comes another unexpected scar
A guidance to many, hated by many, but his message recognized by a large few
And the same ones who hated were now the ones showing love, what’s new?
Trapped in this cold world, you were the light that overshadowed the darkness
This world needed a new direction of guidance & you were the one to spark it
Lost your life in a senseless way but your music & message will live eternally
Only thing is that your bright side will now shine over the madness
Still an empty place in the hearts of the family that your music was the answer to their sadness
Long live a King on a mission to save himself as well as those who’ve followed his lead
Rest in Paradise & thank you for giving those such as myself the faith to believe

☆ Poetic Venxm ☆
Destiny  Aug 2018
Destiny Aug 2018

As I sit here and watch the rain drop from my window pane
I’m listening to the voices in my head
Look and thinking about all this depression and anxiety
U know when they say u a teen u go through these little phases

But what I’m feeling and going through is not phases
I tried drugs to numb the pain I tried cutting myself to escape
Even tried killing my self to escape theses voices in my head and the monster who keeps comin for me

Nothing worked I even tried talkin bout it I sent signs too ppl that I was goin thru hell
And that the monster was coming to get me
I don’t know what else too do maybe everyone is blindfolded frm this beast

Or maybe they just don’t care about my wellbeing
Which ever the wind blows
Listening to Xxxtentacion and how everybody loved him
But no one look at the signs he was giving out
They only saw music that they can listen to not the pain he was going thru

Maybe that’s wat I’m doing with these poems I’m writing but no one sees the pain and the message
Only see the poetry maybe that’s wat they want to see
Who knows

As I sit here and think about life all I see is a big blurry picture
Only thing is clear is the monster who’s been waiting on me
The monster no one can see only I
The monster who’s taking over my life
And making it it’s own
The monster who pushed ppl way thinking they life everybody else
The monster who controls everything
The monster who talks too me
The monster who take theses thoughts and lock them in my head
The monster no one sees but me

The monster is u
Your the monster
Your the monster because u act like u don’t see me
You act like u can’t hear me
But u hear every word and thought that goes thru my head
Your the reason I’m like this
Your the reason I feel like this
Or is it the other monster
Get out my head
Both of y’all the reason
Y’all the reason for all of this
Y’all the reason for everything
Y’all the reason I act like this
Y’all the reason I do this
Y’all the reason I’m like this
Y’all the reason can’t sleep only can think bout death
Y’all the reason in every nightmare I die
Because that’s wat y’all want
But once I’m gone ain’t no comin bck
Thanks to the monsters
Who been controlling me
Cheyenne Smith Sep 2019
Sometimes people can **** up
People judge but they don’t know the close-up
X was murdered when he was barely a grown up.

He had many incredible dreams
To one day break it into the extremes
But now he’ll never live to relive the sun beams.

Unfortunately, he had to pay the biggest price
Losing him feels like my heart is solid ice
May X’s soul rest in paradise.
A poem after the death of my boyfriend’s favourite artist.

— The End —