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bebita Mar 2019
I wish i could show I actually love you
But in every way, i could never
Because my meaning of everything is different from yours
I wanna love you but you wont let me
I tried to tell you everyday
That i love you in every possible way
You just don’t see it
You are truly the light in my darkness.
Because even while you’re at work, you make time for me.
No matter what i can see you love me
Ive just hurt you too much
bebita Mar 2019
I probably won’t ever give up on your love
You are light I need in my darkest times
You let me see the beauty in what your love can bring to me
You may be PMB but to me you’re the LOML
We have talked about the future we could have
And I want it all to come true
What we could have is truly endless
You need me and I need you
I ain’t trying to play you
All I wanna do is love you and what we have
You the true meaning of ride or die
Cause you have seen me pass through all these ******
Like they ain’t mean **** to me
And you still saying you love me
Like **** am I blessed?
Got me thinking
Feeling like I ain’t know what’s best for me
bebita Feb 2019
There’s something about u
That makes me fall for u harder and harder
But I’m starting to wonder
How long it’s gonna be until I stop falling
And how many more nights I’m gonna have to stay up
Because u won’t talk to me
I will always know that there’s a barrier between us
But I want u and only u
Tonight we got into another pointless fight
And then u told me u have to go to the emergency room
But when I asked u what happened
U never answered
And that was 2 hours ago
bebita Feb 2019
i’m broken and i know it
there’s things i should have kept inside
but i let myself be vulnerable with you
you gave up on us and me
then turned around and told me i’m amazing
you numbed me when you were around me
i’m a different person when i get home
it reflects through texts
i’ve told you about so much and you just couldn’t add it up
i hurt you and now it feels like you’re hurting me
i’m more hurt at the fact that you gave me up on me
you did fix me the way you wanted to
you got somewhere but then gave up
that’s where you messed up
i loved you endlessly and you just couldn’t even return the favor
i told you i loved you everyday
i loved every moment with you and everything you gave me
bebita Jan 2019
When you start dating someone, they become your all
And give you some kind of motivation
You become happy that this person is in your life
And you are willing to give anything to love this person
But once it becomes known that you have to keep your relationship secret,
Everything becomes worse
Because suddenly you feel like they aren’t happy to make it known that you belong to that person and love them
And that’s all i ever wanted from a person
Suddenly I’m feeling my mind shut down and think of the worst
I told my best friend that i need alone time
But that’s just me isolating myself from the world
And that is the worst thing i can do right now
In the end, i cant cry or cut because it will bring more harm than good
I just wanted to be loved in the right way
bebita Jan 2019
It’s been a while since I’ve done something that made me happy
Writing these poems or whatever you wanna call them
Helps me release my feelings and a little weight off my shoulders
They are my way of journaling and hold some of my secrets
I bring people into my life not knowing if they are gonna benefit me or hurt me
You don’t know who your true friends are until you’re in need of help
You don’t see their true colors in the beginning
There’s nothing i can possibly do to keep many great friends
But also sometimes i need space
That’s how i met my ex boyfriend and knew i was gonna fall in love with him
He listened to me and tried to understand what was going on in my life and mind
I have so much emotional scars from the emotional abuse in my past
bebita Dec 2018
My birthday isn’t a big thing anymore
Like yes i do a dinner but nothing big
I think the one thing i really like about my birthday
Is to have all my friends tell me happy birthday
And well david, that’s my best friend
He plays too much
He said happy birthday to me right at 12 am
I’m doing breakfast with my dad
Then dinner with the family
I’m finally 16
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