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forestfaith Aug 2018
i dont want to be part of this.
i dont want to be part of the destruction of myself.
i dont want to be one of them.
i dont want to be me.
i want to be him.
Romans 12:2 yall. amazing verse. Do not conform any longer to the world but be transformed by the renewal of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is-his good, pleasing, and perfect will.
Maude Laurent May 2018
When did we
The world
As it is

The people
Who care
What happens
To us

How many friends
Would die
To save us?

How many people
Would care
If I died?

When did we
Ever realize
How words can hurt?

Did we ever realize that?

I regret to say most have not

They don't know how it feels...
Bullying is bad for everyone... No Bullying, realize that everyone is equal to you and we are people too...
eve Jan 2018
Real words, real thoughts, real references,
What I mention is the truth,
Never to be left questioned or misinterpreted.
The form of performance;
Proper and critique,
I'm forced to sit upright; think straight,
Play pretend with my so called "friends"; act like the person I am.
Disclosed and cold,
Isolated, yet engaged,
A person who unremarkably achieves just anything.
I'm one of the ordinary, but self-expression is considered extraordinary.
Ma Cherie Nov 2016
True love could be,
just a brilliant,
& rare,
beautiful mistake,
setting my heart,
setting it all aquake,
& it's nothing that I can fake,
with so much that I've got at stake,

So please be gentle,
cuz' that thing can really break,
so take a chance,
cuz' life's a dance,
& one I am so willing to take,

In every single moment ,
that I am awake,
in a feeling I just can't shake,
in a deep & endless ache,
baby this thing,
it ain't gotta a brake,
& for everybody else's sake,

One day,

I'm just hoping,
just hoping,
that it's just one,
that I,
can finally,

Cherie Nolan © 2016
Idk. Wisdom from life...maybe, maybe I'm wrong,
but I know, it's all subjective. ❤
JDK Aug 2016
is that one day you might miss it.
And just what will that say about your current state of affairs?
gGG Aug 2016
If you marry me, you'd get a  donut
And on our wedding night we would sleep outside and get mosquito bites
I promise everyday i make u feel as if it were the last
I take u to places you have never been
Like my mommies bed
Dont think it to much
I may not have much
Put your hand over this beating heart and imagine growing old by my side
With gray hair and without a tooth to spare but damnn how good we still kisss
Say yes
Darius Jun 2016
A kind of life akin to a nuclear autumn
With frenzied creatures drinking from a demon spring
Steele Sep 2015
Sweet dagger, pierce that midnight beauty,
that walks like cloudless climes and starry skies.
Go now, men, and do your duty.
Steal the schemes of other rhymes.

I am the captain of my ship; I am the master of metre and time.
I've mastered the art of thieving wit.
I've stolen the fame of men long dead
and staked my claim to the fruits of their minds.
I can write words yet unsaid;
But I've not the mind;
I've not the inclination;
I've not the creativity
to write my own lines.

If this rings too close to home,
perhaps you ought to write your own.
More likely though,
you'll just steal mine.
Found one of my poems on another poetry web site today.
This is why sharing my poetry is hard. Some **** is just going to try to use it to get known. Joke's on you, random dude. With a word, I could make you famous.

You sure you want that?
A person's integrity
can be lost
amidst this "prestige" fabricated world.
A person's heart
can turn to stone
amidst these nefarious life forms.
A person's brain
can be turned to mush
amidst these excruciating words.
A person's eyes
can be shown miserably different views
amidst these manipulating debaters.
A person's character
can be ripped to shreds
amidst these sharp dire actions.
A person's sensitivity
can be transformed into nothing
amidst these morbid apathetics.  
A person's worth
can be diminished
amidst these cruel rulers.
A person's dreams
can be crushed
amidst these rich, shiny shoe wearers.
A person's life
can be extinguished
amidst this persecuting society.
Only when someone's life is gone-
is when we try to exterminate the said problems.
Why only take change when someone's gone?
They won't get the help they need
because they're not there.
Why let the rest suffer
when something can be done now?
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