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gGG Sep 2016
Without you, without hopes nor goals
Oh... Just maybe baby, I'll be never more
gGG Sep 2016
Just like poems can be sung
So can stories being told
Here's a little part of our own

I met you online
A newer form of finding love
Something new for the both not thinking,not expecting much , one year pass by Honey moon phase they say the second year more rough more tough so many obstacles coming our way we tried holding on, we felt this was true love and 6 months later
This journey seem to be coming to, to many stops, 3 months later a message on my phone from your part saying
Sorry for this will hurt but this is goodbye ,
Struck by your words  all I said was alright since then I have lived without your love , without you in my life
So from my heart I hope you are doing well I'm sure you are you've found love and as for me if you ever care to wonder I'm on the other side still loving you more then yesterday trying to discover a little something to make me sweeter
gGG Aug 2016
Walking side by side
Our path ahead seemed straight
With no sign  
a detour appeared ahead
Taking you another way
Someone already waiting
On the other side
She held your hand taking
You farther away
She was smart
I should have done the same
Its been a tough a lonley path
I tired turning back
But you're on  the One Way
With no way of coming back
gGG Aug 2016
I  like girls, don't ask why
They are  just so fine
Tasting better then wine
But boy how they whine
But i dont mind
They are so kind  
Although they leave me with no dime
I don't Wanna waste no time
I need One to call mine
Love is no crime
  Aug 2016 gGG
In the softness
of my heart
In the hardness
of my mind
I'm searching
for my hate of
you, but love
is all I find
gGG Aug 2016
Forget her , its all she wants
Dont think about her
She does'nt think of you
Dont worry about Her
She doesent care for u
Dont miss her
She's doing  well without you
She's moved on
So should you
gGG Aug 2016
-it's over
      - her lips I tasted
Was it not me you love?
       - move on
I want you to stay
       -it's not good for you
My friendship I offer
       - it cannot be
But Maybe ...
        -Maybe lets not speak again
These tears keep rolling
Going over our last words
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