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Mirrors can be scary things.
Sometimes they'll tell you that you're something terrifying.
Or that you look great but you're not on the inside.

If you ever look in a mirror and see
something you don't like,
look beyond that.
Look deeper.

everything you see that's unappealing,
it's not true.
It's only the mirror playing tricks.

Everyone is perfectly made,
and you are made a certain way for wonderful reasons.
Don't let your mirror fool you.
It's just jealous of your beauty,
because all it can do is reflect yours.
With the stars in our eyes,
we jumped-
and as we leaped off that
rocky cliff of our past together,
our hearts began to beat
faster and faster.
And while falling,
our star-like eyes grew
bigger and bigger
for each other.
And as we hit the clear,
crystal water in the gorge,
we became a tangled
mess of happiness.
A person's integrity
can be lost
amidst this "prestige" fabricated world.
A person's heart
can turn to stone
amidst these nefarious life forms.
A person's brain
can be turned to mush
amidst these excruciating words.
A person's eyes
can be shown miserably different views
amidst these manipulating debaters.
A person's character
can be ripped to shreds
amidst these sharp dire actions.
A person's sensitivity
can be transformed into nothing
amidst these morbid apathetics.  
A person's worth
can be diminished
amidst these cruel rulers.
A person's dreams
can be crushed
amidst these rich, shiny shoe wearers.
A person's life
can be extinguished
amidst this persecuting society.
Only when someone's life is gone-
is when we try to exterminate the said problems.
Why only take change when someone's gone?
They won't get the help they need
because they're not there.
Why let the rest suffer
when something can be done now?
Her heart is made of something
that is not of this world,
it is supernatural with special powers,
because even though
she's been hurt so many times,
she continues to love
Fireworks and life-
boy aren't they similar?
People spend a **** ton of money on fireworks,
the week of the 4th.
But if you really think about it,
life is the same way.
In life,
we spend money to make ourselves excited to live,
we eat a crap ton of food-
because hello, we ARE American's for Christ's sake.
But at the end of the night,
the fireworks blow up and die
until you set up the others.
And that's just like life...
That's where it is most similar
because you pump yourself full of food,
and medication, and water...
but in the end, you're just gonna die.
as we live our lives,
we are as beautiful and loud
as the fireworks above.
Because our lives are the most beautiful
thing to ever walk this very Earth.
Fireworks and life-
both beautiful AND destructive.
Late Saturday nights,
packed cars and
laughing friends.
Trunk monkeys,
running around
fighting and fending off
the crazy drunks and
druggies of the night.
People screaming and
laughing and
running all over.
Everyone making jokes
and annoying one another,
all of us
making memories that'll
last forever.

Gotta love them
late Saturday nights.
Remember the teenage years, when you think they're all little punks who think they're indestructible... you may be right, but think about all the fun YOU used to have.
Not even in Paradise
could I find someone
as spectacular as you.

You make fairytale gentlemen
look inferior with your sweet gestures
and unconditional compassion.

Superheroes are a thing of the past,
for you are the only one I look to
when danger’s ahead.

Not in my dreams,
nor in the books that I read.
Not even in the movies;
Hollywood couldn’t possibly
capture the greatness of you.

Words once on a page,
have come to life-
but are even better in person.
Our love is to eternize.
It is to become perpetual.
To never end.

We are striving for that day to
develop into a

We cannot wait
for what the future
holds for us.

Our memorable
‘I do’ moment
is what we yearn for.

Family portraits in the
corridor is what we
dream of.

Two rocking chairs, seated together
on the patio in the summertime
is our goal.

Our love is never ending.
I could barely keep my eyes open.
I was so wasted.
So drunk, I forgot my name.
So buzzed, I failed to remember my worth.
So intoxicated, I don’t remember exactly what happened.
All I can recall is the fact that I was so incredibly tanked.
Only, it wasn’t alcohol I was getting high off.
No, it wasn’t *** or ****,
coke, or molly,
beer or whiskey,
tequila or *****…
My mother warned me about all of those.
But she, among other people,
“forgot” to warn me about the living, breathing drugs;
the ones they don’t tell you about in school.
The tan, brown eyed, black haired ones.
The ones with the tender kisses after every hit.
The ones with the charming smiles and the sparkling eyes.
Those are the ones
no one ever mentions.
Although, they are the worst for your health;
emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual…
no one gives you the precaution.
And soon enough,
you find yourself
burned out,
dizzy and
because of this one fatal addiction.
The name of this cruel intoxication?
The Player.
There she sat upon the wall.
Longing for springtime to come,
she wished to blossom into a beautiful bud,
Although, beautiful was not expected to come about.
Nevertheless, she was to bloom,
into a wallflower-
a flourish that was shunned by the most prized beings-
she desired to cut the vines from which she sprouted,
to be erased from the lineage of her loved ones.
She yearned to fall among the soil and the pasture,
to be trampled on by the glorious.
Because at least there,
lying in the fallow,
she would’ve been touched by the legendary.
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