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Ellowyn Rose Jan 12
I find joy in pain
Pain in my actions
Actions after my decisions
Decisions I didn’t want to make
Making up my mind
When I didn’t want to
I didn’t want to choose
Choose between you
You or my tears
Tears that flooded my smile
My smile
That followed after your voice
The voice
That gave me joy
In pain
Ellowyn Rose Jan 12
When I was younger
All that mattered
We’re problems so little
Ones that made you think about life
Think about life
In my small, closed eyes
I had no pain, no real suffering
No troubles that got me thinking
About my sanity
I watched the time pass
And I tried to hold it still
And dreamt of the happy life
I would have some day
One without worries
One where everyone knew how to speak
A world with no hate
A world with real respect
A world where nobody put you down
Because of how you dressed
Or how you showed you truly
Ellowyn Rose Jan 11
We always look at the moon
admiring its light
holding hands with one another
wishing upon a star
that lies around the aura of the moon's brightness

we seem to seek out
only what makes us happier
instead of appreciating
the dark side
sprinkled with inverted light
we don't appreciate
the beautiful disaster
that showed us
how to grow
with the pain
Ellowyn Rose Jan 11
Welcome to my world
Of tragic memories
Where green grass gets gold
And the tulips blossoms never Blume
Welcome to my world
Full of waiting and thinking
Full of my darkest secrets
I keep in a black notebook
Hidden away
From eyes who wish to see my tragedies
Welcome to my world
Wondering and finding
thinking about humanity
Welcome to my world
Full of carbon dioxide
Species dying off
And and the oceans that rise so high
I can barely see
The cold sun
R i s e
Ellowyn Rose Jan 10
And after the words you’ve said
to knock me down
and cast a spear at my heart
I run back to you
as the pain
is my familiarity.
Ellowyn Rose Jan 10
The salty, warm wind
Fills the quiet forest below
I taste the sweet scent of rusting earth
Beneath my cold, cold toes
An ocean of freedom
A desert of hope
Such a peaceful place
For a white rose to grow

but its thorns show its fear
Of the dark side I now know
The one you must only be patient
To ever experience grow
For I recently realized
That a sweet, warm forest
Can grow bitterly cold

— The End —