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Two melted cubes and a sugar spot
                                leather cusp to arm...

From clear enclosure I **** it down
                                tasty, not my charm.
IrieSide Aug 27
Flex your philosophy
under the influence
Oh weak hearted,
don’t you know that life is meaningless?
will you find value,
or just pretend?

To love is to know,
To love is to live

In time you will find
what this perplexing
truly means
Hg Jul 19
take me back to the first high
to the first time
that she and i

touched and sparked euphoria
with indica
and glassy eyes

take more hits to revisit
before we split
to separate lives

take me backwards reverse time
to my first love
to my first high
Ben Jr Apr 2017
Love is ecstasy,
That feeling inside me,
Like THC,

Love is a beautiful heart break,
That text back,
After a one night stand,

Love is a free fall,
That late night good bye,
That makes you come back for more,

Love is a necessity,
The glowing Halo,
That made me,
Egeria Litha Jul 2016
Smokin' THC not ***, nor DMT
with an EMT on the PCH
and I'm feeling GREAT
Oh Lord, I won't get the answer tonight
Because the question needs to be right
Not Why, but to know HOW

And that's why I took for a drive...

Smokin' THC not MET, nor OXY
in NYC on a balcony with company
and I've known people to hurt their bodies
and that's why I took for a drive...
So long!
I really got so far
so far from them addicts
Oh Lord, I won't get the answer tonight
Because the question needs to be right
I need to know how...all this time...
searching for why
always been wrong, so long, so far gone

To search for why is what grips the sand
But how will get me to understand
How to Love, and I drive for love

Smokin' THC on the M.I.C.
treated VIP like an MVP
cause I'm singing for Love
Oh Lord, give me the answer tonight
Ganesha, give me a smart place to run
Oh sky, Give me the strength to fly
This is my new song
Nora Feb 2016
I am a mermaid but you can’t see it
I have no fins but I gleam and glisten
Under streams and showerheads
My skin glows, it’s soft to the touch
Caressed by the water
Oh so shiny and slippery
against the light
I’m usually granted no such embrace
For only water kisses the skin and holds the soul --
Air, so light and plentiful, is but the touch of a finger
I am greater than what I seem
I traverse rough seas
I captivate, I navigate
In the porcelain tub
And I am a mermaid -- but you can’t see it
Pokkuri Feb 2015
Boredom strikes once again,
I have the right number to call.
Feeling lonely and empty,
I have the right number to call.
Need that confidence boost,
to talk to now girl of my dreams,
I have the right number to call.

The relief is blown off my shoulders,
within 3 or 4 drags of this lost wand.
Then she takes care of me making sure, that there is no discomfort.
No, not anymore.

Such a beautiful plant is open to criticism,
however for me it is a freedom, a release.
An escape from a world I don't want
to particularly be in.

A release that helps **** this anxiety which haunts me.
A release that helps me when I get ****** of random rapes/murders both international and local.
This plant is an escape, your either with
it. Or against it.
I personally  understand and respect for both sides
I smoke a lot (Not everyday)
Sam Barger Jul 2014
Resting in soil.
Fed by water.
Raised by light.
I sit and wait for my birth.
Care for me like I'm one of your own.
Sadie Apr 2014
In a room full of people as the ****** bar music swells,
I find myself drawn to your sparkling eyes
and how your smile is the brightest light in the room.
I find myself laughing when you do because your happiness is mine.
Or maybe it’s the alcohol that’s coursing through my veins
that makes me reach for your hand and rub against your thigh.
Or maybe it’s the THC in my brain that loosens my lips
and let’s a gentle “I  love you” slip out.  
And when your hand tightens around mine
the muscles around my lips shape a smile
and the pace of my heartbeat quickens
and I couldn’t be happier sitting in a ***** bar
with a half empty beer and your heartstrings tied to mine.

— The End —