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Feb 2015
Boredom strikes once again,
I have the right number to call.
Feeling lonely and empty,
I have the right number to call.
Need that confidence boost,
to talk to now girl of my dreams,
I have the right number to call.

The relief is blown off my shoulders,
within 3 or 4 drags of this lost wand.
Then she takes care of me making sure, that there is no discomfort.
No, not anymore.

Such a beautiful plant is open to criticism,
however for me it is a freedom, a release.
An escape from a world I don't want
to particularly be in.

A release that helps **** this anxiety which haunts me.
A release that helps me when I get ****** of random rapes/murders both international and local.
This plant is an escape, your either with
it. Or against it.
I personally  understand and respect for both sides
I smoke a lot (Not everyday)
Written by
Pokkuri  Somewhere
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