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Nabi Oct 2023
I scrolled through your phone
deeper and deeper
into the list of people
you may or may not know,
like a claw sinking fiercer
by the second
into my insides creating holes
that gnaw at every bit of my confidence—
I couldn’t stop.
I could see blood.
It’s spilt everywhere.
From my hair
To my thighs
To your hands filled with lies.
There is blood everywhere
And it tasted like salt from each tear
When I had to ask myself
Is there someone better?
probably a poem on insecurity and self-hatred,,, or jealousy and toxicity in a relationship idk
Nabi Sep 2023
i met you on my best days
and lost you on my worsts
the in-betweens have gone
quickly as they come

a few sweet exchanges
and far too many hinges
yet, we tried to be still
with every turn of wheel

you lost me once
and you’ll lose me again

but that wouldn’t matter

you knew i was done
long before it was over
Nabi Sep 2023
Falling sound asleep
Your fingers tickle me
I look at you with glassy eyes
You look at me with fire

Soft murmurs carry me
Up into the clouds
And so myself starts to wonder—
Could this really be love?
playing mine by the 1975 while i watch you doze off into your dreams
Nabi Sep 2023
i never knew i could write a love poem
until you walked by my side,
past 2 am
keeping an eye out
for drunken goons
while you maintained
your distance

and, perhaps,
you holding back
the urge to share another story
With a silly smile
at a corner store
just adds to why
i thought i could write this one

Because, you see,
I have been used to writing lines
along the streams of tears
And had known no voice
other than shame and fear
Until you held my hand
lightly that night

It was as if i could write a love poem
in a breeze
Penned with every letter of your name
As you walked by my side,
past 3 am
Slowly hoping for you
to close the distance.
i was sure i could no longer write a love poem, until we had that night
Nabi Dec 2022
a girl in her teens
promised the world
the biggest of dreams
she'd build a skyscraper
farthest from ground
her name in each paper
fills all ears a buzzing sound

but she was just a girl in her teens

in a world that  knows no promises
and owes no one their dreams
the tallest of skyscrapers are already built

by a man born farthest the ground
who owns the papers
who makes all sounds
Nabi Nov 2021
whatever happens
however things go
i can only see your best
i can only see your growth
Nabi Aug 2021
Love is patient.
By the time I learned how to ride a bike, my friends were already riding skateboards and motorcycles.

Love is kind.
But before I learned it, I lost my balance a few times and had to tend some scars after hitting a rock and the rough asphalt.

It does not envy, it does not boast.
I was envy. It always seemed as if everyone else got whatever it was I could not have. I could not boast because I had nothing.

It is not rude.
If I had the chance to spit on my father's grave, I would.

It is not self-seeking.
I won't think of her like that, but somewhere along the way, she has forgotten herself.

It is not easily angered.
I could spare the old lady for walking a bit slower than the rest of us in the station.

It keeps no record of wrongs.
But I will remember that painful wait.

Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.
Sleeping with someone else's boyfriend sounds pretty horrible, especially if you enjoyed it.

It always protects.
Not a single soul could ever come close and get the chance to hurt me.

It always trusts.
It has been broken one too many times.

Always hopes.
You might think that once the damage is done, everything shatters. Everything won't.

A single breath is all you need to remind yourself you persevere.
You always have.
And so, you always will.
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