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A Simillacrum Jul 2018
Have you ever clicked that button and seen the next page?
For those missing it there, here, I'll explain.
For just seven US dollars and fifty US cents
a month you can subscribe to this event
and receive two disconcerting things.

First of all, the page itself says you'll be favored by the staff.
Secondly, you'll have more influence than those who don't pay
to influence the trends, which means, control of what is seen.

If you're confused, let me use a modern analogy. More online games than ever use this method of operation, free to play on one side, the other pay to win.

This keeps the total number of overall players high, and with these two sides in the same environment, it's only a matter of time before the desperate give in to this disparity and express piety with cash else completely fizzle out.

That's exactly what we have here. If paying expressly means you immediately mean more to this environment than those who don't, what the hell is the point of this at all, Elliot?

Why not bite the bullet and fully implement a pay-wall?
That way everyone who gives you money can be left alone in peace and harmony to ****** their ***** and/or their *****.

This might work with a game which contains intrinsic rules and values, but to use money to decide the fate of art is the same **** that's been going on for centuries.

Notice to the newer names on this site:

You are a commodity.
You are a $

And if you air a grievance, the names who give their money will jump to the defense.

Can't you just be happy and not complain?

The poetry they use their sunshine to boost,

says the same thing.

Cover that ***** with pitch and flick the match.

Nail in my head, from my creator.
You gave me life,

Show. Me. How. To live.
Amma Oct 2017
The awful moment comes into your heart to crush your innocence, struggling to escape from the suspicions.Your internal wounds refused to fly away to find another shelter because they couldn’t forget
The details of yours sins
The details of their tricks .

one day ,
you'll find the hope
you'll find the soul
Alyssa Nena Jul 2017
Walking in a space of time
loving love with zero threats
no two worlds together
knows two worlds apart
walking together
short steps apart
don’t forget your heart.
kissing each other
your hand fits well with mine
moving together
time slows down in every part
love together
you made my heart jump from the start
staring apart
standing eye to eye
Loving you by my side.
living at night
feeling a fight
loving the sight
love you during the night.
Time of space in walking.
G Nov 2015
Hold on to me
Don't let go
I can't hold myself anymore
Depression *****
brandon nagley Sep 2015

Ernesto L. Gonzales
Aka "DedPoet";
A prayer up to heaven
As the angel's awaiteth and knoweth.


Thou hath blessed us all
With thy beauty and difference;
Not like the rest, one of the great's, the best
A man, a king, an angel amongst the innocent.


This is not thine death
This is thy new birth;
Put thy faith in god, not creature's nor human facade's
For seraph's and cherub's awaiteth thee,in the creator's church.


This is for thee, one of mine dearest supporter's
Thou art a friend, though didst not talk much;
I still felt thine pen, thine hand of gratitude
Thine family is blessed, to hath known a being of beatitude.


Thy word's shalt liveth on, thither the great paradise
Thou shalt not be forgotten, thou art worth more in ourn eye's;
As thy life, is not worth material money nor gem's
Thy life is priceless, because it's from God, awaiting thee friend.


Ernesto L. Gonzales, a Godsend to Hellopoetry
Ernesto L. Gonzales, half divine messenger, part mortal breed;
Ernesto L. Gonzales, I thanketh thee for all thou hath done
Ernesto L. Gonzales, Jehovah's eternal poet, a chosen one.

May god bless you and your family ernesto, as remember poet friend Ernest, what a doctor said isn't always a death sentence, only Christ and god the father is your doctor, Christ heals ernesto all!!! Though if he does take you friend, may your soul rest in heaven, may the angel's bless you on your journey, and may you continue to speak your poetry in soul and spirit form,
May God bless you dedpoet, and have faith,
Your friend.
Brandon Cory Nagley...

©Brandon Nagley
©Lonesome poets poetry
©Ernesto L. Gonzales[aka DedPoet) dedication
Dhaye Margaux May 2015
That girl is always waiting
To read words from you
To see your heart and spirit
Yes, she's your number one supporter
That girl is your number one fan
That girl will always be
Your baby girl
She is and forever will be. <3
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