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G Oct 2017
Too many times,
Too many tears,
Too many people,
Too many memories.
When will it end?
When will we be able to leave our houses without the fear of our clothing being sexualized?
When will they realize this isn’t ok?

What does it take?
How many tears,
How much pain,
How many people,
How much fear?

This is for all of those who have gone through ****** abuse of any form.
Us girls need to stand together and speak up.
We need to support each other and never **** shame.
At the end of the day, each one of us knows someone who has experienced ****** abuse or ****.
Me too.
  May 2016 G
Love is such a weird thing.
It makes you cry, laugh, scream, hate.
Love controls all.
To love is to control your emotions, your family, your life.

Love and hate are very similar in some ways.
The emotions caused by both are thrown around
causing so much trouble in a lot of people's lives.
To love is to want and need.

Pain is also like love.
It's what comes with it.
A big package that nobody signs up for willingly.
To love is to have a ticking time bomb in your pocket.

To have pain
is to have hate
is to be in love.

How could such a small word
have such a big meaning?

So, what is love?
Is it pain?
Or is it something most of us have not experienced yet?
Making us quick to judge those who have.
G Mar 2016
She stared at the six little pills in her hand

one to be skinny
one to be pretty
one to be smart
one to be funny
one to be happy
one to be perfect.

She took them one by one,
feeling them slip down her throat.

at last, she finally felt

little did she know,
none of these things mattered anymore
for these things she once wanted
now were the things that killed her.
G Mar 2016
If only I told you before it was too late.
i regret it so much.
G Jan 2016
Please don't leave me alone
with all of my thoughts.
I'm scared of myself
  Dec 2015 G
Mama says I'm skinny
I cry as I throw up tonight's dinner
Mama says I'm beautiful
I paint endless layers to hide my true face
Mama says I'm smart
I have a mental breakdown in the bathroom during school because I failed a quiz
Mama says I'm perfect
But how can I be perfect if all I feel is pain
How can I be perfect if I can count every flaw
How can I be perfect with so many imperfections
There's no such thing as perfect
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