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Jay M Apr 2019
She's fallen from grace,
Her mind's all over the place,
How can she keep running this endless race?

Fantasize the happiness,
Put aside the loneliness;
Making the same mistakes again,
Don't know where she belongs...

Broken inside, with no place to go,
Dried out her eyes,
Open yours;
The feelings she hides,
Falling behind,
Every moment; remind, relive, repeat,
Lost in the silence,
Lost inside,
The land inside...

Dark and damp,
Awaiting a savior,
Someone, reach to her...
Is there anybody out there...?

No, not even the remains of the family,
Torn apart...

She cries tonight,
Wondering what she can do;
Another pill,
Another drink,
Another fake smile,
She lives her worst nightmares...

She cries, she lies,
She's on memories that she once knew,
Then there's another empty bottle on the floor,
Not hers...

Every night, just one more night,
She tries so hard to go on..

Dried eyes, there's nothing more she can do...
The daughter that they hardly knew...
Once so innocent,
Now so far gone...

- Emily M
April 2nd, 2019
Trying to tap telegrams
On the back of my iphone
In a faux leather seat
In the back of my mothers car.
Anyone will tell you I have a
For the contrary
And there’s strangely no argument,
Where I got it from.
The seat belt sits uncomfortably across my throat,
Stopping my words,
A space formerly only occupied by her gaze,
Though my future career may benefit,
My current psyche does not.
Kewayne Wadley Nov 2016
Mid way up the mountain, I turned around.
A solace breezed through the clouds, now older.
This sudden amnesia covered in snow.
This reoccurring season, was I ever changed.
Now grown with age.
The jagged edge between my fingers.
I grew self conscious.
An utter of silence hushed in the wind.
I sought rescue without proper justification.
The sights from here were breathtaking.
Watching breath turn to frost.
The cabin seemed so small from here.
Elevated peeping down on a snow covered roof.
All things considered I sought escape.
Confined to a small place with the blaze of an fireplace.
Quite funny how somethings change.
The sloping feel of emotion.
Feet scattering through ice regaining balance.
I was naked before the whole world.
Standing there before the mountain let out a hard cough.
Was I still the same.

Slipping off the ledge,
Holding on while watching a field of snow rush towards me.
I suppose the only reasonable thing to do.
Is let go.

This avalanche was you
Kati Davis Jul 2016
when my ocean of personality comes
crashing into your town
will you rebuild and stay
or pack up and find a new ocean to settle with.
can you deal with my personality?
Pauline Morris May 2016
Start of the day
I'm already in the sway
Standing on the edge
Of my life's little ledge
Standing here debating
My life I'm rating
Should I stay and fight
Just for another agonizing night
Or should I take flight
Open up my arms, let the air rush by
As I fall into the sky
Yes it's just the morning
But my mind's already storming
Woke up this morning with a feeling of dread
as twisted thoughts swirled through my head
maybe a thought or memory, can be triggered by
something we fear, a place maybe a person.
A large crowd, it felt as though I was rooted to
the ground, a sudden awareness of my heart racing
around like hands from a clock.

Over powered by a tight throat its feels like
I might have a lump in my throat I can't get
enough air into my lungs I feel sick feeling
faint just wish it would end there nothing to live
for my life is finished. Stopped "living."

Things can get better you're see the doctors
and nurses will come to your aid theirs help
out there come what may it gets worse before
its gets better. Sit on the word recovery
powerful say it out loud again I will recover
I promise you. things will look brighter
and the sun will shine with a new tomorrow

— The End —