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Dave Robertson Apr 2022
word worrier
word wanderer
caught impossible
thought entirely
lexicographer extraordinaire
except for those I’m dumb on
like Floccinaucinihilipilification
which could mean
anythang x
Juliana Apr 2021





Poetic T May 2020
If spelling was a marathon,
       you tripped over on

the first step..
Dam you spell check...
Poetic T Jun 2019
Life is a poem
Of metaphors
     And accidental
Speling mistakes.

But what is life if we don't learn.
Genesee Jun 2018
If you didn't know her very well then you would
think she's just another stereotypical girl
that's where you're mistaken in so many ways
here is how I view this mysterious girl
with a small and petite frame
any dress she wears fits her like a glove
soft and snug as she slips on a red dress that did her justice
highlighting every curve
Don't even get me started on how this girl honestly doesn't need any makeup
for her beauty is internal
radiant, loving and beautiful are the three words I think of immediately
when her name is spoken aloud
the way I'd describe the color of her eyes is mesmerizing.
from afar,  you'd think that they were a regular brown color.
''It isn't until you get the chance to actually talk to her. Then you realize how oh so wrong you were''
Alluring dark brown eyes
Outlined by long, full eyelashes, and above are her arched eyebrows.
she had long voluminous dark hair that was the color of the midnight sky
which framed her face perfectly
Although on some days, it could appear unkept
or messy, but it didn't matter. To me, she was beautiful no matter how her hair looked.''
she didn't need to dye it any other color
for it's a reflection of her Latin roots
her personality is like a little kid at heart
she's so spontaneous
wanting to travel and experience new things and meet new people
It's so exciting to see that the little things that make her happy
For example, the way she sings at the top of her lungs
When her favorite song comes on the radio
Gets that certain glint in her eyes
I honestly can't decide if that glint reflects playfulness or adventure
either way, I love it
Her thirst for knowledge
Wanting to know different things
Sometimes she tends to let her mind wander
going from one subject to the next one
But if something really captures her interest
then she’ll do everything in her power to know anything and everything about the subject

The way she loves someone is truly like no other
It’s not about the gifts or the gesture's
the staying up until sunrise
to make something heartfelt or write a paragraph
it all depends on how long you’ve known her and two other factors
and you’ll be able to tell if she loves you and cares
look at her actions they speak more volumes than words do

last but certainly not least is how much she thrives off of her alone time
It’s nothing personal
But she loves having time to herself
time to recharge so to speak
from the world around her
Can you guess who this is about ????
Cana Apr 2018
A shiny loose tooth
Is something people can lose
Vice Versa? NO!
How is this so difficult for people to get?
Loose has two O’s and you LOSE one of them.
Jayantee Khare Jul 2017
Appreciate people
pronouncing wrong,
They might
avid readers.
Appreciate people
spelling mistakes,
They might
good listeners.
Reading developes vocabulary
Listening developes pronunciation and diction...
Francie Lynch Jul 2017
I once believed spelling was important.
But that's just stupit.
I should apologize, but please, new age or not, it's like listening to a mosquito in the bedroom in the middle of the night, the crying of a baby on a plane, the all too familiar sound of ***** into a toilet... spelling...
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